Ever since we can share skill points....

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Zim, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. Jbizzahalla175 New Player

    Yea right now I kinda feel the same way...I only have 17 feats left to get on my main and I'm not really trying for them cause they are boring to get....I only go on my Alts for raids....I'm kinda at the point where I'm getting board and don't really know what to do....I've been at this point before a couple times....hopefully the dlc gets me back into the game...and if I don't like gu36...which I don't like on paper...I might need to take a break...probably well overdue...ill guess ill wait and see....
  2. Umi New Player

    This has actually made it so that my Villain is more viable for top-tier content. I spend more time on her now since I was able to share enough feats to give her a comfortable amount of SPs, but there's still faction-specific stuff to grind out and keep me interested. However, on my Hero alts I had the exact same experience, Zim.
  3. Jbizzahalla175 New Player

    Yea kinda where I'm at right now...it's happened b4 though...
  4. Zernam New Player

    I purposefully didn't unlock those and just went for the real grindy 'kill x' or 'complete x' # of times feats. I want to run the instances and acquire the gear for my alts, that's kinda the point (imo) to having the alt.
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  5. PolishEagle Dedicated Player

    Definately lesd. Had 120 to 150 on three toons, all had collections, briefings feats. Kind of lost purpose. Now I just log onto to one hero or villian based on whose on. It will be better when I get new iconic challenge missions feats, and I will play my dropped alt when the next raid heavy dlc comes out and run some sot or af. I used to have a great system between my main 3 toons. I would get 5 sp on one toon, then focus on the next.
  6. MCAZR New Player

    I haven't purchased any feats despite having plenty of replay badges. I rarely play now as it is but if I do it's on an alt for the sole purpose of getting feats.
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  7. EP Ice Loyal Player

    I agree. I should of done the same thing with that particular alt but I was excited about the whole buying feats thing. I did not make the same mistake with my other two though. :D
  8. Too Many Toons New Player

    most of my toons were samish area on sp. Now I pick one to get a feat on (eg style) & know the others will benefit. Not all my toons will want to have the Psycho look, for eg..but the one that does..gets the feat, rest can reap the rewards.
  9. Dead_Corps New Player

    i will not spend money on replay badges so I still have feats to get plus when I get bored running say fire I can switch to say hardlight.
  10. PhoenixTanker New Player

    At this point DCUO should allow me to share gear on the same account especially for controller :p
  11. Fruity Reaper New Player

    Its not compulsory to buy the feats on alts but I for one and incredibly glad we can do so now, its enabled me to have a tank for the first time in the game and I still use certain chars to do certain feats safe in the knowledge that all will benefit...I also have one with none just in case I ever feel sad and lonely enough to grind them again ;)
  12. The Lone Stranger Devoted Player

    I unlocked Booster Gold Explorations...
    That's it.
    More for the sake of sanity than ease or laziness.
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  13. Paradox Active Player


    It is incredible how many times a primeval demon has spawned when another player is doing the mission and after doing the activation moves away without realizing that a demon has spawned. Also, even if the other person stays and fights the primeval demon, credit can be shared. Done it frequently with league members.
  14. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    Well I find myself not logging in because I know almost everything in the game is going to get turned upside down and they are dragging as far as dropping any of the changes.

    They just announced today GU 36 will drop before weapon mastery, which is opposite of what they said last, which is opposite of what they said before that.
  15. Twilight Man New Player

    I figured that would happen to a lot of people once feat unlocking started so I'm sure you're not alone.
    This is one of many reasons why I do not buy feats.

    ...Unless it's something like 'smash 500 barrels'.
  16. RSL New Player

    oddly enough for DCUO, credit is not quite shared. you have to do the most damage or at least hit a specific amount/percent of damage. if you hit the wrong button [a heal for instance because you switched stances for super-speed flight] and still get a few hits in when others are wailing away you will NOT get credit. with people constantly camping, it means that often enough the person with the mission could be the one who didn't get credit. not everyone there is gonna get credit necessarily.
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  17. Errorcode1058 New Player

    Well it allowed me to make an alt just for the sake of helping other people learn their roles.

    I made a toon, added a few skill points, and after a few instances bought a full set of t1 troll and dps gear as well as a set of t2 gear for each of my roles. Now, when I help a new league mate or random out, I can downgrade my gear at well to scale to the level of the content we are running. This gear was salvaged long ago on my main.

    I only PVP on my primary alt (Earth) and never on my main (HL). I only unlocked my PVP feats, Booster Gold feats, and T5 feats (This new toon will NEVER move up to T5). Want a walk-in? Fine by me. This new toon will save the MOT towards buying a T4 suit I never collected for my main, but under no circumstances will I carry you. If you need OP toons to give you a shortcut, you do not belong in the instance anyway.

    Previously on my main toons helping someone automatically led to carrying them as something simple like a HL POT combo would clear a room before the toon learning the game/instance had a chance to do much of anything.

    We as a community need to take some accountability for the vast number of t5 know nothings. Make an alt. Help, but cease to carry people. If enough of us did this, the quality of players at our content level will eventually improve.
  18. Ch3wtobacco New Player

    its a great thing..smaller leagues can run more efficiently because you don't NEED to recruit that arrogant healer, troller who happens to be good but causes irritation in the league...as far as semi pugging its even better.. nothings better than having MORE options...and with 500 legends points per month I can update my alts with free replay badges...whats not to like? one of the very few actually GOOD things the devs have done.
  19. VariableFire Loyal Player

    Also keep in mind that between lag (small) and people's ability to burst damage, it's really hard to try and share the credit based on damage done alone. The Primeval feat was poorly designed as it practically encourages kill stealing.

    I finally freed myself of those Battle for Earth duos last month. Good lord those suck. Worst part is they taunt me with Shaman drops that I can't use.
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  20. Twilight Man New Player

    Feat point sharing, a feature many people wanted and are happy to have now. It has inspired a whole new wave of possibilities, new convenience requests and alternate characters.

    Hey Twilight Man, what do you think of feat point sharing?...

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