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  1. Badname392023 Well-Known Player

    EU just beat round 30 congrats
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  2. Beast Nero Level 30

    i dont think 25+ checkpoints are intended to work... if EU beat it withouth checkpoints, then you should try as well :)
  3. Shattered Psychosis Well-Known Player

    Not doing 4-5 hours of cancer straight to get an early crown. SM checkpoints never worked that way, and I'm not doing it that way unless it's confirmed by the developers to be intended to basically be limited to 1-2 attempts a day going through consumables on R25 and repair bots every attempt. I'm going to do R25 just to get my base item tomorrow but after that I'm waiting.
  4. IonHero Well-Known Player

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  5. TheLorax Devoted Player

  6. NotObsidianChill Committed Player


    Just like every other healer will be if they expect to beat 28+
  7. IonHero Well-Known Player

    When Dcuoblogguide has a blank power, it's Water
  8. Caesar's Lion Dedicated Player

    Awesome achievement beating Rd 30.

    From limited personal experience, Stratos is a ridiculously good tank, & there was a lot of love for Elusian on the EU server because he presents as a decent guy, no big ego, etc, just a phenomenol player who doesn't have to shout about it. Not run into Aliin or Happy but think it's fairly obvious they must be outstanding players also.

    The OP is 1 of my League mates & it's very unfortunate at that level this checkpoint issue has happened.

    All in all, outstanding achievement by these players on EU server, both the round 30 group, & DK's group, who I'm sure will get it done.
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  9. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    Congrats to the EU group for knocking out Round 30 :) !

    Seems like there are going to be quite a few Gold Crowns given out this SM. lol..
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  10. Al Bundy Active Player

    Video or it didn’t happen ;)
  11. Caesar's Lion Dedicated Player

    I know you're probably jk, but by all accounts it was streamed live.

    Quite a cool way to do it as puts a stop to any questions of validity.
  12. Snow OwI Loyal Player

    I'm So glad its not me,would have died of boredom halfway lol
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  13. Elusian Loyal Player

    Thanks for the shoutout. Do you have the feat_id for the round 25 one? I don't know how to find these things and its clear you know census :)

    Personally wasnt expecting to beat it that night and saw it more of a marks run that I could stream for fun. Good feeling to be wrong.

    Thanks. Mepps gonna have some work incoming :D - I see at least 3 more groups (+ extra people) on EU to beat it in the next days. This SM doesnt matter so much about the boss damage. It can exceed the tanks health as much as they want. To quote someone from the group:
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  14. Happy® New Player

    When i saw livestream i knew this sm will be easy ! Good leagues like select few legacy success we were beating highest rounds sm with cr scale and as legacy this is our second sm we finish without sc scale there will be always a way to beat this four men sm's actually im kind a upset because people who never play sm with cr scale they think like woow we beat r30 we are really good thats the sad part they never know how hard was cr scale sm compare this one
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  15. Beast Nero Level 30

    to be honest... wasnt expecting it to be finished in few days already... but ye, when there is just 1 boss i ques it is easier...

    8 ppl with 2 bosses a lot more things can go wrong... next SM must be alot harder... look at his maniac players, just beating anything coming along... maybe make tanks stand on the spot :D that would Fxxx up the group hard, punish a tank trying to run away lol... just joking, or am i? :)
  16. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    Yeah, I believe around 4 or 5 other groups (with a mix of players from each group) on US will knock R30 out as well. I unfortunately have less time to dedicate uninterrupted to SM, so the Round 30 mark for me won't be broken until probably later this week or weekend. In the end though, you guys definitely have claim to being world's first at finishing this SM man :) . You are right too about the kite tanking tactic. I wonder if making Survival Mode more like a raid with multiple mechanics in fights instead of it essentially being Tank and Spank would help up the difficulty. I also would love for it to go back to being a 8-man as it allows for more unique group make ups. All that being said though, I'm still excited and grateful that the developers brought it back for those of us who enjoy the challenge of perfecting play and team work.
  17. Happy® New Player

    what do you meaning about You are right too about the kite tanking tactic mate?
  18. Crash Allen Dedicated Player

    Wait... so that's not the theme of this SM? @_@
  19. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    I was responding to Eulsian's comment regarding kite/lunge tanking.
  20. IonHero Well-Known Player

    Sure here's all the current SM feats. (If you hadn't completed it, I wouldn't have them all)
    Round 1
    Round 5
    Round 10
    Round 15
    Round 20
    Round 25
    Round 30
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