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  1. Decron New Player

    When I made a character on the US servers, I realised it was on the wrong server, so I went on the EU servers, made a new character and played a little, but when I tried to delete the US character, it deleted, but they stayed on my EU server character roster, and I can't delete it from either servers, as the US one is gone, and since its the wrong server, the EU one won't allow me to delete it.
  2. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Go to Computer > OS C: (or whatever the name of your main drive is) > Users > (your name) > My Documents > My games > DC Universe Online > SaveData
    In there there should be two folders that are just named with a bunch of letters and numbers. Go into both of them and delete the file that has Charactercache written in it. This will force the game to reload the character list in order to get a new one the next time you log in, creating a new character cache list without the character you deleted.

    Don't worry you won't lose any progress, all your game progress is saved on the DCUO servers, not on your computer.
  3. Decron New Player

    It worked, thank you for the help Jafin! \(*v*)/
  4. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    No problem, you're welcome :)
  5. ShizzyZzZzZz New Player

    Hello.(Sorry for my bad English)
    Well. I create new Character and start first mission(escape from brainiac ship) but world shut down when i not complete mission. Now when I can't join to the game, because error - invalid Subscription.
    How i can delete my last character? Character name is - QuanTory
    Thank you for attention. I just despair...

    The problem is resolved :D
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