1. ExcentricGamer24 New Player

    Sorry for making another post, but the original post I made can't even be accessed for some reason so I'm making another one so people can actually know my issue. I'm facing error 0x0036, which says "there was an authentication issue connecting to the world. Please try again". The game just finished downloading so I just wanna know if anyone else is having this issue.
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  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We are working on this. We expect you will be able to get in if you keep trying, and to have a fix for tomorrow.
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  3. Serpantxb1 New Player

    This is going to become a problem into the first month on Xbox one. If you keep getting kicked out and then this error and finally you can log your stuck in another queue of 35 to 40 mins long. It cuts into play and honestly becomes annoying. I'm a long time dcuo pc player and I remember it was troubling then in the beginning but I know 100% this game is worth it so hopefully daybreak you guys only let this last a month and then we're back to awesome times.
  4. Adam Lewis New Player

    You said tomorrow yesterday....
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  5. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We made significant improvements to how frequently that error occurs, and are tracking down what remains.
  6. Adam Lewis New Player

  7. Kai El Well-Known Player

    I keep getting LSOD everytime I leave a safe house. And an error code saying the world is under maintenance.

    That's its. I had all I can take from this game for today. Very disappointing. Paying customer and haven't gotten to play at all today.

    I'm done until a hotfix fixes everything wrong today. To those who are lucky enough to play today, congrats & enjoy. I'm done.
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  8. gitwithagun New Player

    Yeah, my friend keeps disconnecting everytime he leaves an area and gets a loading screen such as the GCPD as well.

    The loading screen goes for awhile then says the world is under maintenance with the error code 0x000E.
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  9. CGthor Active Player

    mine is close to this

    error code 0x0037
    tells me to press A but this does nothing to get the game to launch. have tried over and over again.
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  10. Mantoe Well-Known Player

    The struggle is real on Xbox, this is what PC, PS4, and PS3 run into, I won't say all the time but a good amount of time, but still love the game!
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  11. Shakin Babies New Player

    I just got this to happened to me also right in the middle of a dungeon. Now i cant get back on. this never happened to me on PC
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  12. Ydoncha New Player

    Its happened to me 4 or 5 times over the last few days....last time was last night and just a few minutes ago, although i see the whole world is down now.
  13. Agoraphobic Dad New Player

    So we're screwed until Sat. when the new hardware comes? Is there a "Get my $5 back button"?
  14. turtle13 New Player

  15. wester_what New Player

    Five hours waiting to play a game that I used to jump in and out of on PC with regularity. I understand the issues behind this, but seriously? They had this issue everytime they put DCUO on a new source. Figure it out people! You created a game with an incredible demand. Next time, think, and then open more servers. This isn't brain surgery. Fix the problems so that we can get back to enjoying the game and you can get back to making money. Simple as that. Fed up with the insanity. If it didn't work everytime up till now, it still isn't going to work now.
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  16. GreenKoala New Player

    Well, 12 hours and cannot even try the game out. And here I was about to get the year membership. Hard to do when I cannot even have a taste.
  17. Irmensul Well-Known Player

    0x0021 my code is..wondered of to had anything to do with having the game on both console formats
  18. JohnW New Player

    Is anyone going to fix this error where it locks all of our characters and says 0x0021 it is really annoying me, never had this on pc and I have been a lifetime sub player since launch on there.
  19. JohnW New Player

    ah says world down now
  20. Devans New Player

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