Error with the disappearance of items sent before the September 4 bug

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by ANDERSAOO, Sep 12, 2019.

  1. ANDERSAOO New Player

    Hello! I ran into such a problem. On September 4, I decided to transfer one item of my character to another character of the same account. My whole bank was full and I decided to do it by mail. When I left the character whom I was sending the letter to go to the character (recipient), I found that all my characters had left. As it turned out then, it was a technical error and all the characters were restored. After that, the item that I mailed just disappeared. He is not anywhere, on any character. I waited a few days and decided to contact support, but they could not help me, because they have no records that I sent this item by mail. Guys, has anyone else encountered such a problem?
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  2. Tolik New Player

    Yes Yes Yes! I noticed this too! I sent a couple of collections, but they did not reach after working on the server. Only I did not contact support.
  3. SnowBars New Player

    lol ... I thought that I was one such loser ..:)
    I mailed a couple of collections that disappeared somewhere ...
    but don’t wait from the support of another, they can never really help .. I know this, therefore I do not appeal to them.
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  4. ANDERSAOO New Player

    Why not contact support? Maybe they will see that many have such a bug and will do something?
  5. ANDERSAOO New Player

    If you compare me and you, then in this situation you are even a winner, because I mailed the rarest item from my inventory ...:(
  6. Miss DC New Player

    Someone from my league spoke about this, but not with me. From now on, you will send things through the bank. But can’t support really do this?
  7. SnowBars New Player

    The collections were expensive, one costing somewhere 20m and the other 50-60m.
  8. ANDERSAOO New Player

    Support did not help. That's what they answered me
    " The developers often look to the forums for feedback on game content and you may rally support from other players there too; which often helps your case with the developers. Unfortunately, in this case, we are not able to assist you due not being able to verify your claim. As we will not be able to assist you, we consider this matter closed. Any update to this ticket will go unanswered. "
  9. Tolik New Player

    I just don’t remember exactly what I sent xD
  10. ANDERSAOO New Player
  11. ANDERSAOO New Player

    Guys, are there any more who have this problem? Write! Maybe we can pay attention to this problem.