Episode Spotlight: Metal Part I

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jun 24, 2020.

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager



    This week, the bonuses are going back to Episode 35: Metal Part I! Revisit this stunning episode for double the rewards at half the cost.

    This week – from Thursday, June 25, 2020, through Wednesday, July 1, 2020 – all players will enjoy:
    • DOUBLE Dark Metal Coins when completing instanced or mission content in Metal Part I.
    • 50% discount on Metal Part I gear at the episode vendors.
    Dark Metal Coins are used primarily to purchase gear and rewards from the Metal Part I vendors. Characters must be combat rating 264 or higher to play the episode and participate in the bonus week.

    PLEASE NOTE: The episode spotlight will begin this Thursday with daily server restarts and will last through Wednesday to daily server restarts on next Thursday morning.
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  2. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    I have a question:
    50% discount on Metal Part I gear at the episode vendors or at the Mechanical Supply Officer (universal vendor in your HQ).
    I thought only gear that can be bought with Source Marks appears at the Mechanical Supply Officer Vendor?
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  3. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Will there be bonus weeks after Bonus Week Fourteen: Episode Spotlight Metal Part II? I notice nothing's listed after Wonderverse starts.
  4. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    ...yup, my fault.
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  5. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    Ah no problem I was just confused ^^
  6. MrStoob Well-Known Player

    Maybe I'll open Robin's Present sooner than expected. :)
  7. Mermaid Dedicated Player

    As someone who was not active at all during the launch of Metal Part 1 & 2, this is much needed! Thank you!
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  8. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Ah nice, thank you!

    Maybe I'll finally get any last vendor style rewards that came from bonus weeks during the episode.
  9. Brit Loyal Player

    In the future, might it be possible to turn on the Event version of the episode's content during these Episode Spotlights.

    A combination of many characters having exhausted it and no longer needing anything, and other characters that don't meet the minimum threshold to join in, means that while rewards are more attainable, there is still a vary narrow window of characters whom will actually participate, so it doesn't improve the chance for queues nearly as much as it could with the Event version being turned back on.
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  10. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    At least we can actually earn some currency this time. Turning on the event modes would throw a bone for people who can’t finish that solo and are cut off from open world though.
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  11. House Atreides New Player

    Please consider turning on the event! It feels really bad as a new player to have zero bonus all week just because I dont want to force my cr to jump up 100+. Please don't make bonuses that only apply to the top 15% of cr players.
  12. Rubiq New Player

    Yeah, kinda a bummer the event mode isn't active. I was looking forward to checking Metal 1 & 2 out, but I've only been playing for a month now and am just now 160. I'm not complaining though, I still have tons to do being new and I understand that this event is more to give the max levels more to do, which I'll appreciate in a month or so :).
  13. Mirai Well-Known Player

    Bleah. A Metal Part II event would be great, but I can't get into the Metal Part I zone because of the intro mission.
  14. MrStoob Well-Known Player

    Booo. 'How to Destroy the Multiverse' isn't included in the discounts.
  15. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Turning on event modes is a great idea. We have an issue with having two event modes on at once for now, but we may be able to sort that out in the future.
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  16. Mirai Well-Known Player

    Isn't Doomed Metropolis also an event zone?
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  17. Redwingsrock New Player

    Yeah, i can't beat that stupid mission either.
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  18. Magnificent Loyal Player

    It is but it's considered part of the "base" game (it never changes and isn't listed in the Events section). I think what Mepps is talking about is having more than one DLC's content being an event at one time.
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  19. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    to beat that mission just go around him doing 1 or 2 attacks then move,i usually go clockwize,for the last boss just attack and move ,attack and move,rinse and repeat
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  20. Redwingsrock New Player

    I did that against mirror master and was happy i finally beat him. Had no problem with the adds. Then i got frustrated on the last boss. So, follow the same tactic on both bosses? Thanks I'll try it.
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