Episode Spotlight: Justice League Dark!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, May 20, 2020.

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  1. MrGainey Level 30

    Wait so the target audience for this update is for people who haven't been around in 3-4 months o_O
  2. Bladechaos Dedicated Player

    Lol target audience is to reel in the people who have been enjoying a free version of the game us legendary member pay a monthly fee for as if haveing 85 percent of the content free wasnt enough. And as far as forced stat clamping lol yeah horrid idea way to take all my so and cr and artifact bounus away from us paid players so it makes this burden of 100s of 1000s of carries and make it worse lol stat clap would only work is if you where able to choose a stat clamp dungeon or the regular version in the que. Lol what's the point in becomeing up if it dosent matter lol yeah force stat clamp and dcuo will die its the eternal grind for power that keeps old players around lol oh why your at it nerf superman to in the comics you know make him just jump real high and have less then hot breath and can only lift 500 pounds. And just slightly better than normal vision lets see how sales go
  3. Bladechaos Dedicated Player

    Whats the point in double rewards in a stat clamp to get style feats and such if you'll just be getting clamped no how lol might as well just take so out of the game lol and make cr the only qualifier for power.....suks to be the players who have been around for a decade and grinded all those feats huh
  4. Hurtyman Active Player

    A few thoughts:

    1. This is the exact opposite of Double Lex Coins week. I don't think too many of us are getting up at the butt crack of dawn to run as much JLD content as they can like a lot of us did today.

    2. Nobody's warming up to stat clamping old content. How dare you even think about taking away our ability to one or two shot a formerly unstoppable foe like we just gave them an embolism? How dare you, sir?

    3. No discounts on style items? I suppose we should all be grateful for you knocking a whole four Source Marks off of the chest and leg pieces, but no sale on the style items?

    4. This is thin gruel if you're expecting people to run Shattered Gotham again. I can hear you saying, "But wahhh! Hurty! it has the cool jump puzzles." People put up with jump puzzles at best, and it was bad writing.
  5. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    Speaking of "over the top outrage" lol

    Hope you are having a better day today.
  6. Zamara Dedicated Player

    Something that would be cool to add to this kind of events if there's going to be more of them would be a warp button in the map like we have for seasonals and the on going event version of the episodes.
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  7. leap513 New Player

    my confusion is it sets advance to cr255 at half off.....but in games its still charging the full amount....on pc servers. is there a catch im missing?
  8. Kylewilkins New Player

    Why do I have to do the Scarlet Speedster solo to get into Gotham Metal?
  9. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Because it's part of the story.
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  10. UnbreakableII Well-Known Player

    Sorry, I didn't understand your comment.
    You mean:

    As if having only 5 percent of the content free was not enough.

    This is what you meant, correct?
  11. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    At the moment, it's more like 85%. Or are you not counting open episodes? I believe that is what he means.
  12. UnbreakableII Well-Known Player

    It is not 85% with all the goodwill in the world.
    Free players don't have access to money or to repair their own armor, they don't have the base Dispenser (no white mods in their sockets, very important item for the final game), they don't use trinkets, they don't have episodes for the deeds, does not have all the Legends PVE characters.
    Raids and alerts forget.
    All that the free player has is Metropolis and Gotham up to level 30 and some more despicable cr instance. In total the free has not even 150 of the more than 500sp of the game available to it and reaches less than 100cr where the game is practically at 310 cr.
    Where does the free player complete about 85% of the game?

    If we analyze everything that the free does not have (TC keys, daily vault (3k nth metal piece), inventory, more characters, trade and infinite money, dlc's) it is not even 5%. I am starting to find 5% a very nice number .
  13. Scarlet Mysty Loyal Player

    Genuinely one of the funniest moments on the forums in a long time. I'm literally still laughing as I type this.

    Good one :D
  14. Kylewilkins New Player

    Why do I have to do the Scarlet Speedster solo to get into Gotham Metal?
  15. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    You forgot one other thing that free players don't have... they don't have a subscription. Want all that other stuff, then pay for it. Simple as that.
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  16. Daposhon New Player

    I feel this bonus week was a waste of time. Mainly for paying members. Half off the character creation was great but the people with active paying memberships were left in the dark yet again. I believe for future bonus weeks (or bonus weekends when we get back to that) that paying members should have more incentives especially since they are paying monthly for the game. The target audience for this bonus week is very small and knowing that the majority of people need source marks in addition to other currencies just didn’t make sense to cut off the bonus source marks to a certain CR. For future bonus weeks if you are going to have a spotlight don’t restrict the source marks. I will not create another character just to get source marks. It’s already a lot to level up a character with artifacts, augments, skill points, and armor. A bonus week spotlight idea would be to put the spotlight on older content like Hand of fate, War of Light, paradox, etc not something so recent. We need skill points to be stronger as well and there are plenty of old feats that people will need to get that most people don’t have especially if they are using the character leveling token to skip their characters up.
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  17. Gabr2001 New Player

    How about adding the Batman HELLBAT armor and Superman Unbound armor to the game as new gear styles..!!
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