Episode Spotlight: Justice League Dark!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, May 20, 2020.

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  1. AncientSpirit Active Player


    I've never bought a "Skip to" so when I saw the $25 price tag I had sticker shock. Actually, I thought the 50% savings simply hadn't kicked in yet and came to the forum to post this as a bug. Until I saw this comment. People pay FIFTY dollars normally to skip content? Wow. At the 50% "discount" price of $25, still too rich for my blood. Like Proxystar says, at $10 each you might have tempted me to advance one or two characters who are lagging behind my mains. But $25? No way.
  2. ZuroXtheDragon Active Player

    The 3rd point...
    OH MY GOD!!!
    That would be an awesome thing. Atleast i have a chance to get the best aura in the game the OG Nimbus <3
    And not for 5 Billion ingame cash. XD
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  3. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    I'm all for forced stat clamping anywhere in the game if it's optional. It's only in specific situations that I'm for for forced forced stat clamping, such as, obviously any Event, or LPVE.

    But if you simply add a stat clamp option to more or less everything in the On Duty menu, that would be great. Obviously, all members of the party would have to click the on option for it to be on.

    Option. Doing instances by facerolling, if that's the choice of EVERYONE in the group, should still also be an option, IMO.

    We have all this fantastic content in the game by now. It's a criminal crying shame that new players are more or less encouraged to level as quickly as possible, and can jump to endgame simply by being carried all the way by high-CRs, missing either most of the content at all, or rushing through and past it as quickly as possible without ever doing instances at level.

    Anything that could open up more than the endgame and Events to all players and give us reasons to visit old content (quarks? Or I'm fine with just giving up CR-relevancy entirely) would be wonderful.

    This game is fun to actually play. Consistently experiencing most of the game simply as someone who is carried until they get to endgame teaches new players nothing about how to play. And new players miss out on the experience -- the fun! -- of instances without being carried by high CRs.
  4. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Could you perhaps do me the favor of helping me understand how a sale "extorts" anyone? Buying a CR jump is totally optional.

    Offering someone something more cheaply and forcing people to buy something seem like two entirely different things to me. What am I missing?

    Digressively: Mepps, you know what might be a great Bonus Week? A week in which Seals of Preservation drop, oh, at least once a day for every toon. Or more.

    Seals of Completion could also be rare drops that aren't ultra-rare/invisible.

    This would help relieve some financial burden on players during This Special Time and would be a generous kindness from Dimensional Ink.
  5. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    I may be wrong, but I think Mepps was actually being dryly sarcastic, as is frequently his wont.

    But as I wrote above, I don't see anything wrong with optional stat clamping. Offering people a choice seems to me to have little, if any, downside.
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  6. Proxystar #Perception

  7. SuperSpirit Level 30

    I really enjoyed the extra stuff thanks it made playing more fun I even used some replay badges :cool:
  8. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    Yes how dare people give their opinions in a thread where Mepps specifically asked feedback lol. Your multiple threads about the same stuff in a completely different part of the forum is sure to be lost in the wash now.... who is being over the top again?
  9. Magician Dedicated Player

    Is this working as intended?

    I went through all this week's Dailies in Chaos Gotham on my CR 304 character and did not receive a single Daemonhedron?
  10. Rainnifer Committed Player

    Daemohedrons are no longer a currency, they've been removed since the episode is older and it's now just Source Marks. Anyone with Daemohedrons left over have the option to buy source marks with them from the vendor. You won't get source marks either from the content aside from the occasional one in the loot drops since you are out of relevancy for the content.
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  11. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    you're outside credit. you'll only get rewards if you're within the credit range for the content.
  12. TymeBlast Well-Known Player

    I totally get it... Although its not meant for everyone with higher CR but it gives everyone a chance to help those who are not at the higher CR get gear, boost their CR and who knows maybe even a feat or 2.

    Often times all of us higher people forget the ones that need the most help obtaining gear or perks. I am glad that at least someone is benefiting from the double marks obtained. Granted, it really doesn't help my 304 toon out, but hey at least I can roll off to another alt and run some content or stay on my 304 and help someone else out. Some have forgotten how hard it is to get gear or personal base perks due to the cost of the purchasing the orbital strikes, supply drops etc.

    Not everyone is comfortable running the higher CR content since it does raise your stats up but really doesn't help if you only have 15 CR gear and get hit several times or run out of power / health quickly. Besides Dimensional Ink really didn't have to do anything during this time of well........... social despair.
    I appreciate what they have done for ALL of us. But we also have to try to help the others get where we are sitting at also. This makes for a better game play and who knows you might even meet someone you want to run with and gain another league member.

    Just my opinion- Not trying to start a verbal bashing. (probably will happen anyways!)

    Thanks Dimensional Ink / Daybreak!
  13. myandria Item Storage


    As Mepps stated, this event is good for the minority, not the majority. However, I also think that it was a bad idea to offer the CR skip for half price; a better idea would have been to activate a better percentage of the JLD catalysts and OP component drops withing JLD open world missions and instanced alters/raids. That would have broadened the player participation spectrum just a little in a good way, especially for players who were not lucky enough to obtain the OP pieces from that content (like myself).

    I also do not understand why JLD was chosen; it isn't THAT old. I would like to know what criteria makes game content "old" in the dev's opinion. Why? Because if the devs think that JLD is old, then we will never see Deluge or Amusement Mile as part of an Episode Spotlight week, as those must be ancient history to them.
  14. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    That's it....2 week ban for trolling.
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  15. nawanda Loyal Player

    • Warning: The DCUO forums are for everyone. Please be respectful, constructive, and kind. Please welcome contrasting views and stay on topic. Do not insult or attack anyone.
    On what planet have I created multiple threads on the same topic?

    You have the reading comprehension skills of a single cell Protozoa. I’m actually annoyed with myself for even spending a minute replying to you.

    At no point did I question anyone’s right to provide feedback. I commented on the over the top outrage evident in much of that feedback.

    And now I’m going to put you on my ignore list, with all the other rabble.
  16. DestiniesThirdEye New Player

    None of my 22 characters fit. However I agree with your logic. They're called bonuses for a reason. Could be nothing at all.
    I do like the 50% off the 255CR advance. The price has been holding be back on just that. Now I'll advance a couple.
    Then those two will fit. Maybe that's the idea.
    In any case it's a bonus which people can find useful if they are willing to work it.
    I also like the idea of giving the ignored characters a chance.
    I find the entire concept interesting and refreshing, alternating focus episodes in bonus weeks like this.
    The limitations also tend to keep the annoying ***-hats out so the rest of us can play without some over-geared moron from butting in to steal the prize just when we're finishing the battle or puzzle. Those people are lazy little cowards who are too stupid to play the game so they resort to stealing from other players.
    I'll be glad to see less of them.
    As for the bonus, be glad they have these weekly bonuses. There are lots of good things about this one. Buck up and figure out how it can work for you.
    Everyone stay safe and remember to have a great day.
  17. MrPlumberman Active Player

    This is by far one of the scariest post I've read in a long time. Images of our characters that we've spent money, time , energy, blood, sweat and tears into forced into clamped content. The idea that development resources would be spent on creating content where our characters are stuck running boring and stale content like legends pve. That would be the nail in the coffin for me.
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  18. DestiniesThirdEye New Player

    Agreed. The steep price is what kept me from advancing any of my characters. Having said that, I feel it also keeps the bad players from instant advancement. You know, the ones who are too stupid to play the game on their own so the have to rush in to steal the prize at the last second after you solve the puzzle or complete the battle. Those jumping beans and speedsters who have no sense of fair play or courtesy to other players. Can you imagine if Bad Behavior Bill or Selfish Sarah could just plunk down a couple of bucks and jump to level 255? These bad behavior players need to get bounced from the game at an early stage. I'm for anything that does that.
    The only thing I can't stand about the game is these bad players.
    I wish there was an automated sensor in the game that sensed when a bad player did something like this and it froze them in place and allowed the offended player to knock them out.
    I've wanted to do that many times.
    Not a duel, just an automated slap down.
    If the high price keeps them from higher levels, so be it.
    Now, having said that, I plan on jumping on that $25 discount price. At least for a couple of players. I have over 34 characters, two legendary accounts and soon to be 3 accounts for my family.
    MEEPS, if you are reading this and can do something about bad player behavior ( the names are usually too complex and they move in and out too fast to get them so reporting can't be done), please do so, it is a huge problem from many angles.
    As for this bonus roll out I like it and I'm looking forward to more of the same with other episodes.
    None of my characters currently fit the CR restriction and perhaps I and my family haven't been in as long as some of the others commenting here but from my perspective it's all good.(except for the bad players)
    Stay safe and remember to have a great day.
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  19. DestiniesThirdEye New Player

    I'm still fairly new at this so maybe you could explain what forced clamping is and why it's bad.
  20. Hraesvelg Always Right

    Stat clamping is like when you run an event version of a raid or a seasonal event. Everyone is set to the same CR/stats and on an equal footing, negating the point of getting better gear, etc, etc.
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