Episode Spotlight: Justice League Dark!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, May 20, 2020.

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  1. Rainnifer Committed Player

    One thing I've been noticing from this community lowkey is that once they get a taste of something they only want more and more and more, there's no satisfaction. I've been wondering how everyone is going to be once these bonus weeks actually end cause right now it sounds like they wont be able to live without any bonuses.
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  2. NotStanLee Well-Known Player

    Time to ween these beggars off bonus weeks. I'll run two alts at that level in JLD, plus my usual 7 at 300+ content and some of those for JLD feats. One upvote here.
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  3. Awsome Well-Known Player

    I love the idea of a weekly (or bi-weekly) “episode spotlight”. I have been pushing for something like this for a long time! There is a lot of amazing content in this game that is straight up getting ignored, and putting a “spotlight” on each episode (or grouped content) is great.

    That said.... This is the ABSOLUTE WORST way of going about this. The vast majority of the population is either too high or too low for this content, so it doesn’t work for them. Those that are in that range can get a bonus, but since it is not relevant to the current end game, most who are in that range will just as quickly pass through it.

    A way (I feel) to do this properly is the second chapter in my manifesto that you can find below in my signature, entitled Make Old Content Relevant. But here is a brief TL;DR synopsis.

    1. Create a Syndication Currency (my name, but a special spotlight currency)
    2. Spotlight an episode (or a group of content for raids prior to episodes, or smaller episodes)
    3. Clamp anyone who is above max CR down to the Max relevant CR. Clamp anyone who is below minimum to the minimum. If you are in range you do not get clamped.
    4. Add gear that allows for customizability that is at current max level (battle tank gear, or buff/debuff troll.) or special base items or old difficult to get collection pieces (etc)
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  4. Bladechaos Dedicated Player

    Lol yet another week focused on free to play players and advancing them only lol with character skips jld is gonna be scrap with 99 percent of people queuing unable to even repair or careing because they got 2 week lockouts plenty of time to fail for fun . lol so now you guys have made queing jld even harder for us paid players and are giveinh double rewards to only those we are carrying cause anyone smart won't try to run it the rquired level and all these free accounts just spend those source marks on chroma and not gear lol bunch of pretty hollow free to plays is all youve created. Lol as a paid player shouldnt we get a present for carrying all these raids of burden? Lol nah let's give it to the free players already getting free stuff cause they are being carried by people like me
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  5. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    I fully agree that it would be great and that there are plenty of ways to make old content relevant again. That's not this week is my point. I'm sure any of that would take time and planning and reprogramming whatever whatever. Hopefully it happens. My point right now is it's a bonus week that they don't have to give us, just like all these past and forthcoming weeks, and people are straight up angry about it like they're losing something. I'm just honestly confused.
  6. Bladechaos Dedicated Player

    Lol I mean cr 280s with 100 sp and level 20 artifacts no money to repair base level augs and no sockets or generator mods and huge incentive for these squishes to que . and no insentive for us higher paid players to carry them .......yeah jld episode is not even worth doing this week and I'm a 305 healer with 316 sp lol . seems like all 12 of the bounus weeks was fir the free players . shouldnt makeing the game we pay for free and extending it without notice to us subscribers be enough for them? Where the free seal of completion to us paid players to make carries easier or something to mark our paid loyalty during this hard time . anything gonna be just for us? Even a public thanks would be nice
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  7. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    There was a members bonus week. And then stabilizer week had a lot of bonus stuff for members. I don't remember what the members bonus week had but it was something and the stabilizers were a lot more than non legendaries got.
  8. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    I think it was a discount on the marketplace.

    And you are right that they dont have to give us any bonuses. Only problem with that thought is that they already promised everyone multiple bonus weeks and even laid out a template for them going weeks into the future. So they created the expectations that people have. They would look pretty bad cancelling all of that and saying "we dont have to give you anything". I dont blame some for their opinions on this one, it is pretty bad. Like I said though, my issue is the cr skips and how they are handled. I make more than enough source marks in the content that's available to me. Although I do still get where everyone is coming from with relevancy. I'm just done beating that horse because it's not gonna change
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  9. SilkyPawz Bunny

    Hi Mepps, My feedback, I have liked most of the bonus weeks where the majority of players benefited from these events. This one is a total miss because very few people will benefit from this bonus week, reason people coming back to the game, example we helped an old league mate level because everyone wants to run at end level content with their friends, league mates ect.. so very few people will earn anything with this DLC specific bonus week or want to spend any money on this week bonus.

    You should have if certain DLC specific events or bonuses

    1. DLC Specific vendor discounts meaning all items for example Atlantis & JLD 40 to 50% all gear an styles an collection
    2. Artifacts Weekend make all artifact specific items on sale 30 to 40% of artifacts at Constantine, Catalyst, Marketplace, ect
    3. Have Retro Booster Week, bring back for 1 week Boosters from the past starting with the Original Booster Bundle
    4. DLC Specific Increased Purple Gear Drop Week, some people I know still missing purple gear for feats
    5. Update Rare Vendor an have a Discounted Week or Weekend for the rare Vendor.
    6. Style Sharing update that an have a discount on style sharing replay pricing
    7. Reduced Pricing on Raid resets for Certain DLC Specific Content
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  10. Phobos New Player

    Well i myself am not happy with this bonus week and after i run my raids for the week which will take a day or 2 at most i will switch to my xbox and play bf5, as there is nothing for me to grind for cuz all my alts are 302 or higher that are active. and pvp is very lack luster anymore. not going to reset for regular marks so... guess thats that.
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  11. Brit Loyal Player

    I see what they're going for here. I think the purpose of trying to funnel people into the same older content is a good thing. However, in this current pitch, I don't think it's going to accomplish what we had hoped. For me? Characters are either at the Birds of Prey level, or significantly lower than JLD. I entirely miss it just through luck and happenstance.

    Ways to improve upon it?

    Something like this could work really well if it were accompanied directly with one of those CR boosts, where everybody basically gets a CR relevant character, that way everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of the event. However, I do not think throwing around CR boosts as gifts would be appropriate to do as often as we normally do the Episode Currency boosts.

    I think the better solution, which Mepps even mentioned as something they didn't have enough time to do, would be to turn the Event mode back on while the bonus takes place. That greatly increases the number of players who can participate, which speeds up the queues. It also makes it appeal to a lot more players who otherwise might not be able to take advantage of it.

    I think if you want to motivate people to bring characters that have surpassed an Episode to go back into lower level content, then the best approach (which ironically doesn't work with JLD Episode because JLD was the best designed of the bunch) would be to double the Omnipotence Item drops.

    If Metal I saw double (or x10) chance for collectinos to drop. If Metal II or Birds of Prey saw double chance for Monitor Energies and Canary Cries, those would be bonuses that I would play. JLD actually made the OP item very reasonably attainable, so that it took a lot of grinding, but could be done with only a single character and without spending hundreds of millions on the broker. So again, less than ideal here, but something to think about for the future.
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  12. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Since on these forums there is no vace to vace verbal interaction, one has to base assupmtions about others on what they write and how they write. Not how they mean it or what they think by doing so. Seeing posts like "this sucks nothing for me" for example nicely shows what I ment by incentives being taken for granted and abscence of them making people feel like they have been stripped of something. That's what my first part was all about.

    As for the relevancy thing, it is controversial but don't you see that it has some kind of sense? Removing relevancy entirely or even to an extent would up the prices for a) catalysts b) quarks c) old vendor gear in general. They have source mark packages on the marketplace, people start jumping into old content every double xp event to get catalysts which, as you know, are also on the marketplace.
    Simply removing something because some don't like it doesn't mean they will simply keep everything else the same. Everything that is right now being monetized is caretully (more or less) intertwined with the content that is relevant to us.
    Noone in their right mind would purchase source marks if they could simply just run like 10+ raids in an hour for 200 marks.

    The relevancy is also important for newer players to go through the episodes in order, to experience the content (which is basically what new players usually are interested in). I haven't seen a really new player yet who's just interested in getting to CR308 with 500SP and doesn't care about anything else.

    As for your last part, well that may be true for some, but I don't believe everyone is just so passionate about the game that they simply want more players. If they were so passionate why not asking for some more streamlined SP process, for better tutorials, why no more frequent outcries for engaging content for new players where they can learn the mechanics of this game, why are so many leagues recruiting for 400+sp?
    Events like these are just as good or bad as anything that came before to encourage newer players to hop into the game. But it maybe encourage ones that are just casually playing to finally catch up to maybe fill some empty spots in the endgame.

    If everyone is just so passionate about the game as you say, I think that users like in Post #1, #8, #16, #22, #27 really haven't got the memo, or they just don't thave the communicative skills to voice constructive cricicism that shows that they are indeed oh so passionate about the game and that they want that new players can properly catch up to play with them.
    I usually only think about these kind of things when it comes to human behaviour in jobs, interactions with higher ups and stuff like that because that's what I got payed for so far. But I assure you, the internet doesn't change how people think. Posts like the ones I mentioned (and comments I heared ingame so far) are litereally 1:1 copies of what workers at my company said when I first started there and there were incentives and everything like all the time (even though in fine print it always stated that these things are no guarantee and subject to change). People do start taking things for granted and it's natural. I just have the opinion that there are more issues and topics the devs can look at.
  13. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    I've got 4 toons over 301; it's just way too late for JLD. Even my CR skip seasonal-alt, from the anniversary gift, is also past this episode -- just from doing the vault.

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  14. MrStoob Well-Known Player

    An episode's relevance is pretty much dictated by its unique currency. So not only would I not get any unique currency, I also won't receive any source marks for this event.

    The only reason I currently have to go to Chaos Gotham is to earn Otherworldly Essence on the off-chance of an aura to sell.

    For those of us who actively support the game via our bank accounts, this is a kick in the nuts.

    Can't wait for the double marks Classic content event, or half price Powergirl vendor event...
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  15. Walvine Well-Known Player

    Justice league dark has !!daemohedron currency expired months ago , so its only marks and gold for a ny in relevencd but if you have adaptive aug maxed you can still get more marks from extra loot options .
    Im sure allot players had powered leveled way beyond cr285 during this open episode extention ,but im suspicious that a end game survival mode event is coming some time soon too .
  16. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    1. Eliminate CR Relevancy, or scale cr down for higher people. Make it worth while.

    2. Half off CR skip? Bad idea. We've already got every Jack and Jill running around not knowing their powers, roles, or mechanics.

    Gotta say, I've been impressed thus far, with bonus weeks, so I can understand that we've gotta have at least one that isn't impressive.
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  17. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    I have to say it's an epic fail, I just rolled out a new character for I can try the new improve Brainiac Ship. While still doing the intro levels, I managed to hit t2 level while still doing the intro game. I was at T2 doing missions 15-30 where you become a JL Member. So leveling up isn't an issue. Those source marks would benefit for main frames and artifacts for we can build our characters up and make them stronger.

    I would rather see a bonus for artifacts to help build up artifacts for newer characters.
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  18. Doc.Doom15 Committed Player


    Don't agree with #1 & #4 but for the rest: ^^^
  19. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    Its a good opportunity to go back for feats if you don't have them all and if you still need gear from the dark venders the 50% discount is nice.
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  20. Enemy Ace Well-Known Player

    Eight hours for THIS?
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