Episode Spotlight - Episode 31: Deluge

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  1. Ryll Committed Player

    So quit?
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    i want new content.
  3. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    I think Deluge has been one of the most spotlighted DLC's so far. I had some ideas in mind to improve these. I hope the Devs can take and implant some ideas in some fashion to make these feel more rewarding, so instead of players wanting not to log in, they will log in and get what they want out of it. Some thoughts and suggestions below:
    • Unclamped version of the spotlighted episode for the duration of the bonus week. So players can breeze through more easily, instead of it feeling like a chore with pug groups making it harder to complete with specific raids and mechanics. This is probably going to make it more possible to get in.
    • New drops. That will go a long way in making players running those. You can do like enhanced item for elite\elite+ and a regular item for normal.
    • Discount on ALL vendor rewards, not just gear. The rewards are expensive, and while over time they are bought with source marks, I think it will be nice to put a discount on them to encourage running the spotlight content. Gear is mostly useless for most players, and most probably already have the feat. You can even add a higher discount for members specifically as a benefit for members.
    • I think the 2x Source Marks isn't as rewarding as it should be because It's much better to have it on all content (Bonus Source Marks week) rather than be forced to run a specific dlc. So the reward has to be worth it and enticing.
    • Fun suggestion: Have Rip Hunter say something when you log in on the start of the bonus week. About going back in time and replaying an event (basically the spotlighted dlc) and reward you with a gift as a headstart. The gift could be relevant to any bonus week too, but It will be like "Hey, we are really happy to see you decided to join and play this week. Here's a gift of appreciation from us and we hope you will enjoy this bonus week." Also, it doesn't need to be a new item. Even resources for stuff like arts, allies and augments.
    Hopefully some of these can be implanted in some way or inspire some new things going ahead. :)
    Feel free to add some ideas to it, anyone who comes across my post.
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  4. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Good ideas ⭐️
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  5. Ice Lynx Dedicated Player

    These are great suggestions, though I'm not sure about unclamping the content.

    As for Rip Hunter, I'd like to add that would be nice to see him and/or his time sphere used for announcing the current bonus and perhaps hinting at the next bonus (unlikely). So that at any time players could go and check up on him to see what's currently active since a lot of players don't or can't check social media for news.
    However, it might be difficult or straight impossible to implement.
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  6. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Yeah, it can go both ways with the unclamping, if they can even make a version of it - it might take a one time work to get it done for all the dlc's they usually spotlight, and then again when they start spotlighting newer dlc's entering the omnibus.

    Also, this is such a great idea. Any way to really get this information out in the game would be useful. You know how sometimes we can get a grant but it was not mentioned on forums or anywhere else? so if Rip Hunter tells you about it, the information will spread around quickly. And it will confuse players less too if It's intended or not.

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  7. Ice Lynx Dedicated Player

    I'm down for more ways to keep oneself updated.
    Problem with the suggestion is, the voice lines and/or text would need to be coded in a way so it would appear on prompt at a certain time and that means it still would have to be maintained manually to avoid being outdated and misleading. Just like posting news on the forums (and we know how it often goes) but with a lot more hassle. Which is why I don't think it's entirely plausible, but hey, wishful thinking.
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  8. Draze New Player

    even if you don't want to give 2x art exp AND you don't want to say. the very least you can do is add purple nth metal drops from world mobs and nth metal caches. the game is over a decade old, and it requires 1.6 mil to get to 200. this is the only "rpg" where the exp drops you get are the same from level 1 to max. imagine trying to get max level in any game and still getting 10-100 exp at the ENDGAME LOL
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    let him cook
  10. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Can play the episode if the servers blew up.

    Who knows if they blew up, because the devs have gone back to silent mode.
  11. Miranda31 Well-Known Player

    Well I haven't yet tried the raids :oops: but I've done lots of open world feats, the solo, duo and alert. The solo and duo were a piece of cake, even with pug team-ups in the duo. I've also done them on a few alts. I just don't have the Steelworks or Sentinels feats yet, the latter because rng only sent me there once.

    I agree with your advice about the alert, although I haven't done all the settings yet. First time (Magic Shop) we had 4 dps's. After a few "almost there" wipes, I switched to controller for a time - not much use because I don't have the arts#, but it was enough to cue someone to switch to tank and with a new 4th we got through. The second time was JSA - I was with a group that had obviously done it before, tank/healer/2 dps and we ripped through in no time.

    # I do now - at 120 at least
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  12. Grip Committed Player

    Yup, when given the proper respect, the alert and duo are a dream. These days, the alert needs a randomized chance at a tougher bonus boss that drops rarer loot. That way, players who dip after seeing a map without their needed iconic feat would consider staying. Otherwise, the runs are generally pain-free and nostalgic.

    lol Deluge rng... the gift that keeps on taking :) In Sentnels, I'd guess a smart player like yourself (maybe with the help of shield or breakout immunity) can solo the feat easily IF your partner doesn't unload WWIII on the boss before you have the chance. Steelworks imho is a little more teamy, though. I haven't entered either location on my latest toon sadly.

    No raids yet?? Whatcha waiting for... Polkadot Man...? Haha I put in some decent time Fri afternoon and did a few, including a fairly smooth SpinR q run believe it or not. Thanks for sharing, I'm glad you're not a Deluge-hater, and congrats on the troll arts (good call!).
  13. Miranda31 Well-Known Player

    No, I actually like the content so far, although I tend to like all the Atlantean stuff - maybe I should have given myself water powers, lol. This morning (that's early evening to you) the alert was marred by a childish spat between two players (over nothing much, as such things usually are). Then 2x through Threat Below, I had to do it twice because I got mind controlled a bit too often the first time! I'll probably try Spindrift in a day or two, but it's a busy week so we'll see. Originally I'd hoped to finish the Enhanced Conqueror set before I did the raids but I've only got half of it right now.
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  14. Miranda31 Well-Known Player

    Adding: (1) I wasted time today trying to work out if Conqueror's Motes still existed and if so, where they could be found. I have two plans for pieces I don't have (head & chest). Need waist to drop as well. But I gather crafting with these motes in particular is obsolete. Guess I'll archive those plans and sell any that drop with the regular gear. (2) Most runs of TTBr the players didn't combine to attack the tentacles, and I found them quite tough to beat solo within the countdown. People were pretty good humoured about the mind control part though, which was good.
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  15. Metallix Active Player

    Man I miss the good old days where we could just join any instance and one shot everything and helping all the newbie players it really made us feel op as an end game player but I have to agree that stat clamp ruined that and it also made half of their players leave now it takes hours just to Q up any instance they mainly focused on the new ones all the other one's are dying out no one wants to run them anymore sadly only way to actually get a good group is by playing with your friends or your league mates
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  16. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    It's not such the clamp as to why ppl are not queuing up older content it's 100% the augments. Augments give things like 8% precision and 40% defense at max for both. When they make content especially open world they scale the enemies to everyone having max augments for the episode. Now the problem remains that when u enter these once they are old early end game. this is where the player base gets slapped if the whole group doesn't have augments and then u have to worry about everyones experience as a player for mechanics. Truthfully only 3 to 10% of players know how to keep their rotation at peak performance while doing mechanics. There is a few ways to solve the clamp take all the augments out of the game rebalance the content to account for no augments. Or keep augments and lift the skill point tree cap take it right out of the game to truly immerse the progression system in the skill point tree and hold complete player retention. Or get rid of both and it solves the clamp entirely
  17. jjm New Player

    Ttbe is pretty easy with 1 heal 7 dps. 1st boss just kill big tentacles before they expire and nearly 1 shot every1 and second boss just stay behind where staro is when u go into room. U don't have to even close vents. Just block his spam. Also carry some quicklime canisters with u incase teammates step on starros and get mind controlled
  18. Too Many Toons Dedicated Player

    welp, another Deluge week come and gone..30 more alert runs..0 progress (again) on RNG bosses feat.

    Have never seen...Grundy, Brother Blood.
  19. Too Many Toons Dedicated Player