Episode Spotlight: Birds of Prey & 5X Stabilizers

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    They're back and still battling the chaos out in Metropolis. Revisit Episode 37: Birds of Prey for double the rewards at half the cost.

    This week – from Thursday, September 17, 2020, through Wednesday, September 23, 2020 – players will enjoy:
    • DOUBLE LexCoins when completing instanced or mission content in Birds of Prey.
    • 50% discount on Birds of Prey gear at vendors.
    LexCoins are used primarily to purchase gear and rewards from the Birds of Prey vendors. Characters must be combat rating 287 or higher to play the episode and participate in the bonus week.


    To make this bonus week even sweeter, rewards in the daily Stabilizer event are quintupled! When you complete the event, you will get five times as many Stabilizer Fragments than you normally do. The event rewards different amounts based on your access level, so that ends up looking like this:
    • Members
      • Standard Reward: 6 Stabilizer Fragments
      • 5X BONUS Reward: 30 Stabilizer Fragments (two complete Stabilizers)
    • Premium Access Level
      • Standard Reward: 4 Stabilizer Fragments
      • 5X BONUS Reward: 20 Stabilizer Fragments (one and one-third complete Stabilizers)
    • Free Players
      • Standard Reward: 3 Stabilizer Fragments
      • 5X BONUS Reward: 15 Stabilizer Fragments (one complete Stabilizer)
    Remember, it takes 15 Stabilizer Fragments to form one Stabilizer, which can then be used to open any existing Time Capsule. The event can be completed once per day. Need a refresher on what's in which capsule? Check out our Time Capsule guide!

    The standard Stabilizer Fragment rewards will go directly to your currency tab (as usual) and will be delivered in the loot window as two items: the regular cache of Stabilizer Fragments that you always receive and a bonus cache of Stabilizer Fragments with the appropriate bonus amount.

    PLEASE NOTE: The episode spotlight and 5x stabilizers will begin this Thursday with daily server restarts and will last through Wednesday to daily server restarts on next Thursday morning.
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  2. Proxystar #Perception

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  3. Irvynnge Dedicated Player

    blimey! nice one on the stabilizers there, guys. cheers.
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  4. The Jeff Well-Known Player

    Thank you. This is awesome.
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  5. Earth742 Well-Known Player

    i am most grateful for this!
    THANK YOU!!!

    To my fellow players of all account levels: i advise stockpiling the Stabilizers and wait to use them, as the next BONUS WEEK is very likely one or both of the following: A New TIME CAPSULE/RESURGENCE MEGA CAPSULE (far too soon, IMHO) and/or A QUARKS BONUS WEEK. I am hoping it is only the latter of the two.

    My One Regret, is that despite recent Bonus Week's benefits, i was thankfully able to narrow the CR-gap, i still have no CR287+s. I have at best brought a couple CR255s up to 265-270. I cannot realistically get the Marks i need to get either of them to 287 in a week.
  6. Brit Loyal Player

    While I do not ask for these Episode Spotlights to necessarily be made an Open Episode, I do very much wish that the Event tier was re-opened during these Open Episode events.

    It feels like a shame when none of your characters fall within that CR range. BoP is another example (just like Metal II) where I have 5 characters who have finished everything, and the others are too low to venture in.

    I truly do think these Episode Spotlights are a really cool idea with a huge potential to be great. This is just one small improvement to help them be great, but be great for even more players.
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  7. Kanniu Well-Known Player

    Ummmm..... probably not, the next week is actually very like to be new rewards for Wonderverse so what you would ideally want to do is to save up SC and EA if you want the rewards. Oh and don't expect a resurgence capsule anytime soon. Expect one after the next capsule since they usually do resurgence after the release of 2 capsules not 1.
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  8. MrStoob Well-Known Player

    Mmmmm. Stabilisers...
  9. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    I am never truly finished with everything in an epislde until it drops completely out of relevancy. It is well worth it to keep running these episodes, even for just the episode currency. Not only is it a giant boost to your source marks when it drops completely from relevancy, but you can also make hundreds of millions, even a billion, by selling vendor auras when you get close to the mark cap. You will also have more than enough source marks to complete styles for feats, or buy, and sell if thats what you want, all the artifact catalysts you need.

    I definitely agree with you on bringing back the event levels for these. Even with double Than marks this past week, it still took a while to fill out groups for the raids, and the alert que was still very slow
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  10. Reinheld Devoted Player

    My favorite part of this Bonus week? All this stuff is what I'd be running daily anyway, so I'll get to see my kids a few hours this week...woo hoo!

    Be super nice if everything in the vendors got a 50% drop....like the OP components and the materials pack. Meh...dare to dream.
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  11. Reinheld Devoted Player

    Ahem....missed 2 !!

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  12. Dominic Blue Well-Known Player

    Yeah having BoP Event choices would be nice if you just want the double currency without the hassle plus not having huge que wait times. As it is you have to LFG just to get VMF Alert group. I'm gonna cross my fingers that Clocktower and Brimstone are do-able thru PUGs but I doubt it. The worst part with doing old Episodes is you get CR skippers who don't even know the mechanics of these older raids and they que in as support roles they can't even do, sighhhhhh.
  13. Reinheld Devoted Player

    With the fact that they just extended the CR relevancy to include the 320s and 321s I'd guess you will have a good chance of having a few beasts to carry the day. Personally if I were queuing up and didn't have the chops for a real support role, I'd just queue DPS and tag along for the ride where an 8th is needed. Carry...sure? But if there are 7 people waiting to get into the run, sometimes all you need is a body. Reg only of course...Elite queue up is going to be a mess. BTW....1 DLC gone is not exactly 'older raids'. Go queue into TOTD 1st boss if you want to watch not knowing mechanics on an 'older' raid.
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  14. Dominic Blue Well-Known Player

    Yeah "older" content is a subjective opinion. Some players may consider recent content like Metal and BoP way old but seriously they will still give most of us a challenge regardless. The only Elite stuff that doesn't give me trouble as an eight year veteran playing DCUO with my SP and Augments and what have you is DWF and Olympus and that's until we get to Darkseid and Zeus and depending if my group needs the feats. And how many years ago was Halls of Power and Amazon Fury?
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