Test Discussion Episode 47: Open World - Bottled D.C.

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Jesk, May 10, 2024.

  1. Jesk Developer

    Brainiac has attacked Washington, D.C. to hit the Hall of Justice and the Hall of Doom in one fell stroke! Buildings have been bottled, civilians have been possessed, and there are spiders everywhere!

    This thread is a place for comments, criticisms, issues, and any other feedback related to the upcoming Episode 47 Open World - Bottled D.C.

    Happy playing!

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  2. Stranger Committed Player

    Is it intended that the collections are back to "Need before Greed" System?
    In the recent episode every player gets an collection in the group.
  3. Iconic Simulation YouTuber

    I can't even run the bounty to get a feel for it.

    The hits for damage I do on the boss, don't register because players are running speed hackers in the open world.

    They can't get the marks from the test vendor, so they decide to speed hack in the test open world to get marks quick.

    Because of those issues, I wasn't able to complete the mission and just decided to log out.

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  4. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Thats hilariously sad.
  5. RTX Well-Known Player

    Before people attack the developers,

    I believe that i have to clarify or explain this and give people some background information.

    First of all, there are not "Speedhackers" there is only 1 which is me. Why is that? Well, with each update addresses/offsets change and there are only 3 people who know how to do it.

    That means that only those 3 could speedhack on test-server, however those people only share their hacks for live-servers (different addresses) you won´t see more.

    "Why you doing it then?" You might ask.

    For that there are multiple answers/reasons,

    1. This way we can give them information about what could happen, if people would speedhack on live-servers and how it would impact other people.
    2. For a reason like NPC´s are no more movable for example, in past they could have been pushed around by hackers/glitches making people unable to find the mission etc.
    3. As testers we tend to only farm this bountys in the test-period we have, while there are aspects which require alot more feedback and testing, like the alert/raids or let it just be feats you can obtain by visiting specific areas in the new zone or checking if collision is done everywhere etc.
    4. Most people are fine with it, they understand the "testing aspect" behind it.

    And now the background information:
    I´ve done that for years and even had a chat with developers like TLantern or JackFrost (who called it advanced testing).
    And i also wrote, i believe it been Mepps in pm about what i´m going to do on live-servers to lessen the amount of speedhackers ruining the fun for other people, i sadly can´t tell how thats done otherwise bad actors could use the knowledge. However if you go back a few years in time, people should have noticed that there are far less or close to no speedhackers using any hack menu in public zones, if they´re in private zones like instances, i cant do anything...since i don´t see.

    Another thing people have to understand is, the way weapon delays work, would require a whole rework to stop this, also a Anti-Cheat solution won´t do much, i mean that even big companys had to expierence who put in millions if not billions in Anti-Cheat like Valorant with Vanguard. And is it hacker free? Sadly, no.

    Apart from all that, i´m sorry about some people not getting the mission done, we figured this happening aswell after running it multiple times that way. Where we switched to only going to ~40% bounty boss HP left, so that everyone still gets it. We mostly been 8 people in group and more and couldn´t invite that´s why it didn´t counted, we also checked what happens if heroes and only 1 villian fighting the bounty and how much damage the 1 villian would have to do, to make it count.

    The conclusion is that the required damage might need to be reduced. Atleast here it spawns again, in Cursed Gotham when killing Gorgon to fast, it doesn´t respawn anymore. (Had a break from the game in that testing time, otherwise i would have told them).

    At the end, try seeing the 3 aspects i mentioned of why it even can be beneficial. And again, i understand that and probably would have been pissed aswell when not beeing able to complete it, shouldn´t happen anymore.
  6. Wanning Comet Committed Player

    I too tried to run the bounty and found that you were just nuking it with a no-delay hack, I watched you kill the boss in three seconds and then just logged off because it was pointless to try to run it.

    Your "advanced testing" should be done in the pvp phase to avoid ruining the chance to test for people that don't want to hack. I'm not sure what you mean by there being fewer speed hackers recently than in the past, but there are a ton more hackers now than there were years ago. I took a 7 year break and have only been back for about 2 but I barely encountered any hackers on PC when I played 7 years ago, now it's quite common to find them in public areas or even in raids, they definitely didn't advertise carries in survival mode or elite feats like they have been doing in the past year in lfg openly. I would also argue that early in the testing cycle you should be looking at completing things normally with minimum or near minimum CR and then go move on to testing the various dlc gear and content for exploits once you figure out that the content actually works as intended before you get bored and decide to speed hack to speed up your mark farm and then complain that the content is too easy with max dlc gear.
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  7. BumblingB I got better.

    You are not fooling anyone throwing around names to developers who are no longer part of the company. You are using a 3rd party software to alter your gameplay experience and ruining for others who actually want to test.
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  8. RTX Well-Known Player

    Yeah, doing it in PvP phase would probably be the better way.

    The amount of speedhackers basicly been a comparison from ~4 years ago to now, 7 years ago one of those hack creators making their menus public just started to share, which caused the massive explosion of people able to do it. None of them could create it themself.

    We did run it normaly before, without any flaws. And none of those who run with me complained about content beeing to easy, that´s another section of players.

    Hows telling the truth "fooling anyone". Also as far as that goes, we been farming it that way with around 20-30 people which been ok with it, due to them knowing same as everyone else that farming it the normal way, would cost them atleast 1 week of testing and there it´s not my fault that people tend to wanna gear up as quick as possible even on test-server even without me. We talking about test-server here, its not live-server where gameplay experience sits on first place.

    And again, i understand that people are pissed about hackers in general who ruin the expierence for players on live-servers, but you would attack the wrong person if we be honest here, simply since i don´t do that on live-servers and even try to get things fixed and give feedback to make it less vulnerable if there are hackers. And that´s not fooling, it´s all written in the forums.

    If i would have bad intentions, then i would go and make things public as those people i mentioned. Plus, i wouldn´t talk open about it on the forums.

    And since there are new developers, who might don´t know what´s been done in past. They can simply talk and tell me that they don´t appreciate that type of testing and i won´t do it anymore, cause at the end its spending my time on it, i don´t really have a personal benefit from it, apart from the faster farm which most others get aswell when doing it, to have more time testing the important aspects before it hits live.
  9. BumblingB I got better.

    I'm sorry, but you are not helping anyone. You having people join you doesn't make you a saint. A player can't test something if they cheat to start.

    They don't give the gear and marks at the start because they want players to test it at entry. What your "service" is providing is inaccurate results, since players can buy the max gear and give feedback that doesn't help anyone.

    If you did it once to see if the boss broke, you might be able to argue your point, but doing a service over and over doesn't help your case at all. Especially for the new devs that you think are helping. Which you are not.
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  10. RTX Well-Known Player

    While there is truth in that, we also could look at it from the other way around. If people dont run content with higher or maxed euipment like "elite" how to tell if that might be to hard? If we say its easy cause people have max equipment, then it should be considered within the feedback, plus you always can go back to lower gear and equipment.

    From my perspective the best solution would be, giving testers the ability to buy max equipment from the start without having to run long lasting farms, which again only result in people having less time to run instances giving more feedback on which level it should sit.

    Based on that it means that we technically should always mention with which equipment we run something, which would be a good thing to do in my opinion.

    Anyways i will only do it in PvP, as Wanning Comet suggested and the problem should be solved for now.
  11. BumblingB I got better.

    You can have your own opinion, but that is not how the devs want it. The game is played with entry to the DLC gear so it is more open for players, not just the high end. If everything was available right away and everything was smashed with best gear, all the balancing response will be, "it's too easy" "there is no health" and we get overtuned content that will turn away the casual and new players.

    You should not be doing it at all.
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  12. Spood Boost Well-Known Player

    The developers update the test server later to include the current marks so players can then gear up and test things out.

    The initial part of the testing phase is done like this so that the developers can get some sort of picture of the leveling experience.

    You are ruining other peoples testing through an act of selfishness and taking it to PVP phase doesn't excuse your behavior, you should just stop what you're doing and test properly.
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  13. RTX Well-Known Player


    The wall fade out distance is to short at 2 spots, 1 where you would be able to get out of the map. In general speaking, having objects like this wall with an individual collision is hurting the performance, better would be having collision and meshes seperate while collision should be 1 for the whole map, except for dynamic/rigid objects.

    spot 1:

    location 1:

    spot 2:

    location 2:

    In certain areas the NPC´s are close to water places, where if we in combat mode and try to swim only 1 movement direction will work, maybe increasing the collision height will do the job (easiest) without touching the real issue. Plus, the NPC´s won´t look like Jesus anymore walking on water. There also is an issue with the water splash effect if walking to north* correction, seem to also happen in other directions, probably same issue as with the superspeed trail bug, don´t wanna hook the game for now due to crash possibility(upload of that data):


    Now the smaller issues i´ve found (floating flowers):

    Collection nodes and exo material spots are placed in a pattern pretty liniar to each axis, which should vary a little more otherwise people won´t feel the need of using radar enhancers or scanners.
  14. RTX Well-Known Player

    Yea, i think i stop that and focus on the other stuff, like back in the days.
  15. Iconic Simulation YouTuber

    I understand your reasoning, I do not agree with it.

    When you do something wrong against the ToS and affect other players, it's still wrong.
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  16. RTX Well-Known Player

    There is another issue with the Colony Brainiac Tumblers. Those spawn really quick and stay the whole time, which cause massive fps drops even on higher end hardware. I believe the best method is making them spawn after you killed the first wave. This otherwise won´t run smooth on PS.


    Another thing is that you can block kill them with "deadly block" (white foot mod), specificly when rolling around and then block they try a constant lunge.
  17. RTX Well-Known Player

    And those people wouldn´t agree with you, but they´re not wasting their time coming on the forums for telling you that:

    "When you do something wrong against the ToS and affect other players, it's still wrong" You do know that the live-server TOS doesnt apply for test-server do you?

    Or do you know what software testing means? Do you believe Microsoft, Google, Apple etc. would be where they are if there wouldn´t have been software testers, reverse engineering and/or testing security holes etc.

    It´s even the opposite of what you think, people who are able to are mostly welcome in advanced testing, only companys who doesn´t wanna improve their product wouldn´t allow that.

    The only aspects which wouldn´t be allowed are breaking the copyright and/or damaging their system with your actions, obviously.
    Also remember that they owe you nothing on test-server. And specificly not providing you final product expierence.

    Ask your lawyer, he will explain it to you. I continue testing, and giving them feedback.
  18. kallader Committed Player

    Hacker kill the spider boss nonstop...Should give the mark free for the set because peoples are using bot killing the spider boss nonstop to grind mark to get the equipment so peoples outside the group cannot finish the task they kill him too fast so your participation do not count :(
  19. Iconic Simulation YouTuber

    Bounty Suggestions:

    1. Please consider limiting how many times the Bounty goes into his healing phase.

    I was with another 2 players and it was like little to no progress in taking down his HP, when the 10-20 bots would come out and 2 could easily get his HP back to 50%. He would do this every. single. time. he got down to 35% HP, please put a limit to this.

    2. Please consider lifting his red projectile marker up more from the ground.

    The red marker becomes hidden under the dirt overlay of the ground, thus making it almost impossible to see if he is planning the attack. Thanks.

    - Iconic
  20. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Have you tried getting someone to troll and throw a healing debuff on the bounty?
    I get that its annoying without it, but it would actually give trolls another reason to be considered outside of raids and elite alerts. The impact of Troll debuffs on bountys is already criminally underrated, so it would also make the fight go over faster due to defense debuffs.
    I often see phases of 20+ players farming bountys and not a single players switches to Troll, although it would boost the damage by 15% for everyone even if the Troll isnt in any group.
    That being said, healing of a Bounty with a heal debuff applied should be almost not noticeable to show the player direct impact of their actions if they choose to go down that path.