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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by BeanCan, May 10, 2024.

  1. BeanCan Developer

    Welcome to the feedback thread for the Episode 47 Raid, hall of Justice. Brainiac is attacking the Hall of Justice to gather intel on the Justice League. Help Superman liberate the Hall of Justice and push back Brainiac's Forces!

    This is the place to leave any feedback for this raid.
    Thanks for commenting and providing your opinions!
    - BeanCan
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  2. Stranger Committed Player

    Having issues to Q into the new raids.
    "Failed to Update Queue" Happened even after requeueing 5-6 times.
  3. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Similar to my feedback on the other raid, this one took the same group 11 minutes to complete on regular difficulty too, so this may be something you want to look into.

    Overall visually good looking and I like the choice of characters used as bosses.

    I am not sure if this is still possible to get tweaked, but the lighting in the starting area of this raid could use a slight dim. When loading in from a darker area of the game, it can be quite unpleasant on the eyes.

    Besides that, I have currently no complaits on the overall layout for this raid on regular difficulty.
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  4. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Bug Report
    This is for the Elite version.

    On the Oraclebot fight, the floor graphic has a very bad habit of not appearing during the 360 degree orb attack:

    When this happens, the entire group reports not seeing the floor graphic.

    You just have to hope you get lucky and happen to be on the right side of the room when it happens.

    This bug wiped the group multiple times.
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  5. KlarkKent Creator League

    Hall of Justice Elite feedback

    Hawkgirl cone spike deals damage beyond red cone range. Blocking it does not protect from getting KOed and sometimes it does. Idk if theres a gear check.

    Hawkgirl's spike cone was invisible for some players time to time.

    Martian Manhunter does his ground slam too sudden. He raises his fist right before that slam but its too quick. Dont think it needs a tell but theres that. People just need to stay max range. Also he sometimes teleport and do the slam right away. No reaction time. Instant death.

    DoT from Pyro add phase is too much. Not even 2 healers able to keep group alive. We are forced to move opposite side of where MM is to avoid DoT which I dont think the intend of the mechanic.

    Hawkgirl carries his spin dmg with a lunge. Instant death or huge health dip on tank.

    Lassoing(artifact) the healer drone and pyro adds is problematic. Are we allowed to do that? It was too cheesy on test server. Idk if cheesyness in same acceptable range as Cursed Themyscira Elite plus ghosts.
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  6. KlarkKent Creator League

    Hall of Justice Elite feedback

    First boss:

    • Objects in room making things harder for tank. Pulling or juggling adds in certain angles was problematic.
    Oracle fight:

    • Sometimes ground does not turn to Red and Blue colors . This happened quite a lot in our attempts. Causing many deaths.
    • Oracle was going after the 2nd most hated player on team after shes done with the AOE blast attack. (The one where we cleanse our charges) Almost no window for tank to get agro right away.
    Last boss:
    • Not a single team member including tanks were surviving to shoot Martian Manhunter with flamethrower. He just melts down anyone who steps on his AoE range. Shatter damage is just too much. I wonder if Shatter is ticking double or numbers are overtuned. Or new episode augment perks planned for this mechanic.
    • Healer drones are able to heal KOed bosses even when they are CCed/juggled by tank. Is this intended?
    • The round table in middle of the room is blocking line of sight. It blocks heals and power coming from healer and controller. I also wasnt able to hit bosses with my taunt when that table was in between me and boss.
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  7. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I havent tried the raid myself yet.

    How many adds are present at the same time and are they CCable by Troll/Tank?

    If its not more than two adds at the same time and they are not CCable, or when there are more than two but they are easily CCable, I'd say its fine to keep Lasso art as is.

    If its more than two adds at a time and they are not CCable, its an advantage that is unfair and should be changed accordingly in my opinion.
  8. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    This is for Elite.

    As mentioned in a previous post, Martian Manhunter's Shatter damage is overtuned:

    It appears that in order to stop the effect, you have to kill the add, turn the cog, and activate the power. The longest anyone ever lasted on our repeated attempts was to barely turn the cog. No on ever had a chance of actually using it.

    The positioning of the Brainiac Pyro bots can be problematic. Sometimes they appear on the opposite side of the room and you only have seconds to kill them. They can also spawn right beside and OHKO you.
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  9. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    This is for the Elite version.

    First Fight
    We got Red Tornado on our run. The only difference I observed from regular is that Red Tornado's skull attack is a OHKO. That skull can be hard to see since he usually flies out of camera view to perform it.

    It feels like the only way the Sub-Avatar is going to be built is if the group chooses to allow its construction.

    Oracle-Bot Fight
    That floor graphic bug is a deal breaker for this fight. You just have to hope your group gets lucky and everyone is standing at the right places when it happens.

    During the last portion of the fight, two adds spawn and the group is supposed to clear their exostatic charge somehow. If the group fails the mechanic, there is a big boom that wipes the group. It wasn't apparent to me what you were supposed to do or what the conditions for the "big boom" were. Do you need to kill the adds? Do you need to run up to them? Also, those adds like to lunge across the room. So if you need to stand beside them, the lunging causes issues.

    Justice League Fight
    Two of the three bosses started the fight shielded on our run. The only way to remove the shield was to either separate them from John Stewart or defeat John Stewart. Our group decided to pull Martian Manhunter away from the other two bosses to defeat him first. This strategy never did work very well.

    At about the 45 second mark, the Brainiac Pyro robot would spawn and Martian Manhunter would start his "Shatter" attack. I think the idea is that you need to defeat the robot, interact with it, and use the form change on Martian Manhunter. The group never lived long enough to do that because of the heavy Shatter DoT. The group only had a few seconds to do the mechanic or it would wipe. There were other complications with this mechanic too. Sometimes the robot would be defeated under one a collection of John Stewart hammers making it impossible to interact with it. Sometimes it would spawn on the other side of the room meaning the group wouldn't have enough time to do the mechanic. Sometimes the bot would spawn right behind the group and one-shot a couple of members. Sometimes the person interacting with the robot would get Mind controlled at that moment.

    Other notes:
    • Martian Manhunter and I think John Stewart have large AoE ground punch attacks with a large attack radius. These attacks were OHKOs for anyone that wasn't a tank. The range of this attack was also unclear meaning the group had to stay at max range from these bosses. If you were in range, there wasn't enough time to block the attack.
    • That Healer bot is really nasty. It can heal a defeated Martian Manhunter from 0% to ~80% health very quickly. Martian Manhunter will then get back up and start attacking again.
    • Green Arrow will do red-circle AoE attacks from off-screen. I'm assuming they are OHKOs.
    • Hawkgirl would sometimes just stop attacking for a while. Eventually it would be followed by an "Aerial annihilation."
    • As Klark notes above, some of Hawgirl's attacks have some issues.
    As is, the Shatter mechanic makes this fight feel overtuned for base Elite content.
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  10. KlarkKent Creator League

    Pyro adds are CCable. Sometimes one pyro add spawn sometimes two. When there are two pyro adds, they can be at two different spots or at same spot together. Its random. Thing what pushed us to use lasso artifact was Martian Manhunter's Shatter DoT. It was too much. Even for tanks. So we just used Lasso artifact to pull pyro adds away from Manhunter so the tank who is busy with Manhunter can quickly get away from him. This tactic will change when devs adjust the Shatter DoT.

    Healer drone is also CCable but it keeps healing the KOed boss. I'm wondering if this is intended.
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  11. Warped Discord Moderator

    Agreed with Klark’s and Penryn’s feedback/reports above. I think the Elite raid is fine as is if the adjustments above are taken into consideration, but something definitely needs to be done about the range of Martian Manhunter’s Shatter DoT or reduce the intensity of the DoT damage if it’s range is intended to cover a good 80-85% of the room.
  12. BeanCan Developer

    For Martian Manhunter's "Shatter" DoT, a fix for this is coming soon. The fix includes a damage reduction to the ability as well as an increase for the time between the spawn of the Brainiac Pyro bot and the start of Martian Manhunter's attack. Also, the combat log should have been displaying "Telepathic Assault" as the ability's name instead of "shatter", so that name will be corrected with this upcoming fix.

    Thank you for the feedback everyone!
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  13. KlarkKent Creator League

    What about healer drones? Drones are able to revive bosses while being juggled/CCed/stunned. Is this intended? Or do we need to destroy drones each time when they spawn? Is this a DPS check?
  14. Eve Creator League, YouTuber


    Sorry, I had to : P
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  15. Ominous Din Level 30

    The mini-map wasn't showing the hallway edges only the NPCs and players.
  16. ObsidianChill Creator League, Community "Trusted"

    Hall of Justice [Elite Feedback]

    Controlled Justice League Member

    • Brainiac Constructor should not be cc’able. This would force the group to either defeat it or allow it to build and focus on the JL boss to defeat before it builds. This would also tie into elite plus where you could speed up the spawn rate or build speed. Such an interesting mechanic of building the sub avatar should be more of a focus. Single target damage will be very high on live server in comparison to test server. Also make it so Lasso of Truth artifact won’t override the non-crowd control effect as this would just be a cheap way to disregard mechanics.

    Reprogrammed Oracle-Bot

    • As previously mentioned the floor tile colour change does not always line up with the projectile balls, which leads to RNG raid wipes.
    • After I discharge the exostatic at the batteries and Oracle-bot completes the phase and “evaded Reprogrammed Ocrale-Bot’s exostatic blast” and it becomes targetable again there is a damage debuff it is applied for the first 10 seconds it seems. Is this intended or what is causing it? There is no apparent add and I successfully completed removed the exostatic charge but each phase there is always a damage debuff. It also impacts pet damage.
    • How is the Positively Charged Reaver mechanic intended to work? Since it is the exostatic phase I would assume instead of the terminals we have to defeat the corresponding npc while also remaining in its blue/red circle radius around it? Also when the Reavers spawn the graphic that displays on the screen is still “Discharge Exostatic at Batteries!” despite it being tied to the Reavers now. There should be a different prompt to indicate to players the adds need to be defeated or it’s a wipe since the Batteries previously, you just had to stand near. Could you also confirm if defeating them is not the case and you just need to stand within their aoe radius? It appears in one attempt I was within the aoe and did not take exostatic damage but that could have just been a delay or test server issue.

    Controlled Justice League

    • Martian Manhunter’s AOE (ground slam) has no skull and its radius is mid-range for a one-shot, the range should be reduced considering the size of the room and its 360 degree damage. Not a large reduction but at least by 5 meters, considering if a player dies and gets knocked back they are sent to edge of the room each time from the knockback radius
    • Delaying the shatter dot from the Pyro spawn and reducing its damage is needed, as you already mentioned. The phase can happen the same time as the mind control so you would need to block, while not being able to possibly heal and have the dot ticking. Is it intended for 2 to always spawn or 1 Pyro add? It seemed random if it was going to spawn 1 or 2
    • As previously mentioned Hawkgirls spike wave hits past its animation cone. Also some of the damage appears delayed. After the red warning cone is gone, the spike wave animation completed I walked through the area of the attack 2-3 seconds later and took the after effect damage fro Spike Wave 2 hits
    • How is the Healer Drone mechanic intended to work? Does it immediately go to the defeated npc to heal or can it also go the active ones? It appeared to be healing 5% every second of the beam. Also at what health point does the defeated npc revive? Martian Manhunter got back 35% health and did not revive. As soon as the 1st Healer drone was defeated another one spawned immediately started healing Manhunter and he revived at appeared to be 60% health. If that is the level of healing for normal elite that would need to be toned down or the respawn delayed more.
    • It appears after 1 boss is defeated Green Arrow’s room mechanic damage starts and after we defeated a 2nd boss Flash’s room mechanic started, is this intended order?
  17. BeanCan Developer

    That is not intended. I am currently looking into that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  18. BeanCan Developer

    There is a Positively and Negatively Charged Reaver that spawns instead of the batteries. Defeating these reavers should drop Negatively/Positively Charged Batteries that can be used to discharge exostatic. Standing in the AoE fields doesn't discharge exostatic until the Reavers are defeated and their batteries are exposed. As for damage, blue charged players take damage from red fields and vice versa.
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  19. DJ BOSS New Player

    There is the new raid , i seen no bugs or glitches

  20. KlarkKent Creator League

    Bug report

    Players being stuck in a wall after 1st boss cutscene.
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