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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Quixotic, Apr 4, 2023.

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  1. Quixotic Developer

    Welcome to the feedback thread for the Episode 45 Raid, The Terrorium: The Terrorium is where Desaad conducts his nightmarish experiments and you're there to fight him on his turf.

    This is the place for your feedback and constructive thoughts on this raid.
    Thanks for your comments and opinions!
    - Quixotic

    Known Issues:
    • Some boss mechanics are In Progress
    • Feats are not in
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  2. BumblingB I got better.

    This raid... Is simple. Like, REALLY simple.
    The portal to leave the raid doesn't appear.

    The biggest complaint, and this one is very important, REMOVE THE FLASHING LIGHT ON THE SECOND BOSS! There is no reason to add that in there. It was triggering my migraines and someone in the group said they were feeling like seizure from their epilepsy. This is NOT good. Please remove it. Transitions of color is fine, it's the flashing lights that are the problem.
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  3. iEddyGaming Active Player

    Agreed with BumblingB. It has been over 20 minutes since we finished that run and my head is still spinning. Please get rid of the flashing/flickering animation and switch to smooth transition.

    Raid is simple, hopefully will encounter more advanced mechanics in Elite and Elite+. Fingers crossed. ;)
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  4. Korlick Loyal Player

    Ah...yes, i can see what you mean about the flashing transition, thats gonna be an issue for lots of players.

    As for the simplicity of the raid, take into consideration that some mechanics are not finished. Gonna have to wait and see how it is when its fully finished and then E and E+ versions.
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  5. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Ontop of my previous Feedback

    • Npcs spawning from the boom tubes take too long to be targetable
    • the downtime between boss encounters is too long, players are standing around for upwards of 1min just waiting for the instance to progress
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  6. zNot Loyal Player

    Thank you for this piece of content, i hope this wont be another 10 minute elite raid - day one with previous episode stats type of thing.

    The regular is really simple and it being a arena style map already makes it further simple i hope for elite that there are more Minibosses/adds that we fight during each bossfight or else its way too straight forward,this can very easyily endup as one of the quickest and easyiest raid of all time.
  7. Canadian Justice Committed Player

    While I understand the desire to make an environment as visually pleasing as possible... the strobe effect in particular is a most curious design choice. And the bright rippling effect that occurs is concerning to me as well.

    I'm one of those players that is sensitive to visual effects and even audio in the case of certain powers. During Origin Crisis, I was left with one raid I could comfortably play. The Paradox tunnels were crippling. By the end of the first tunnel, I'd have an aura washing over my eyes. If we finished the raid, I'd be in agony and be fighting the effect of a migraine for days. Thankfully, changes were eventually made.

    I can't be certain without spending some time in there myself but watching iEddy's video has me concerned. There's no second raid this time around, so this one has to be something that is not illness inducing, be it migraines, seizures or just general queasiness.

    My suggestion:

    Remove the awful strobe effect. Reduce the brightness of the ripple that normally occurs on the side walls to 25% (or whatever) and use the full brightness ripple to signal the colour shifting.
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  8. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    Inducing seizures is an interesting way to add difficulty. I want them to electrocute me through my controller. That'd be cool.
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  9. Proxystar #Perception

    I'm personally surprised too see as many people are as visually sensitive, personally the strobing effect had no impact on me at all whatsoever, in fact I personally found it fun and cool lol.

    That said I appreciate we're all diverse in respect to the impact of optical strobing, Perhaps a compromise, I think just making it a smooth transition takes a too much away from the sought after experience, but it could be toned back a bit and perhaps doesnt need to flash as much in the transition as it does?

    Those are my thoughts on that.
  10. Light Bender92 Well-Known Player

    While the strobe affect didn’t bother me at all, I’m not so attached to it that I’m going to argue to keep it. Multiple people have already had grievances with it so just remove the affect, or have a way to toggle it off somehow.

    Why are we waiting 20 minutes in between bosses for things to spawn(exaggerating obviously)? Speed up the time it takes the instance to progress, it felt like we were sitting there way too long.

    Other than that I don’t really have any other feedback perse but man is this raid VERY lackluster. When we first spawned in I thought it looked pretty cool and was excited to explore, but realizing we’d just be in a blue box the entire time was hugely disappointing, especially when the wait time between dlcs has been so long. It honestly is unacceptable how little was put into this dlc and as a community we should demand more.
  11. Siramez Well-Known Player

    Feedback from the first run:


    - Flashing lights is a no no
    - Map can be dizzy/confusing
    - Map is too small, a size like Source Wall raid would be perfect instead.
    - Two adds per wave, should increase in waves instead
    - Bosses dont feel a threat at all, just aggro and let dps burn without the need for blocking, dodging, etc.
    - I see other areas like the rocky one and fire planet, why not use them for playable areas? would be interesting
    - Waiting times between adds and bosses is too long

    Cant comment on mechanics since there are missing mechanics that is in progress.
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  12. Eve YouTuber

    Sharing a video from today's run, @Siramez was our tank ;)
    I don't have any major complaints, and I want to test it with all the proper mechanics before giving my full opinion
  13. iEddyGaming Active Player

    Although I stand by my previous comment but I think the strobe lighting effect has something to do with room mechanics for Elite and Elite+ ? I can be wrong. But if that's the case and for that reason you guys cannot change the lighting effect, then please make sure there is an elite version of duo and alert because I will be skipping the raid altogether, or I will end up in hospital along with many players. See you there guys! ;)
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  14. Wanning Comet Committed Player

    I am also concerned about the visual effects in this raid. I've never been that photosensitive but I am aware that is fairly common and can be dangerous, afaik, there has never been a seizure warning for DCUO but you will probably want one before people queue into this raid at least. For me the problem was more that certain colors of the cube were unpleasant, when it went orange and yellow and flickered for a bit was the main instance of this happening for me. The blue cube was the easiest on the eyes and I doubt I'd have any real problem with the raid but I doubt the more photosensitive in my league and in game are going to want to run this raid often, if at all. Maybe just tone down the flickers and brightnes on the effects?
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  15. zNot Loyal Player

    Im not sure if you guys are able to change this to the degree that im going to recommend now.

    is it possible to put each boss in their own box except the last boss he will be always in the first room and always accessible to fight.

    And we would enter a teleport to whichever box map we want and defeat those bosses there one by one,those bosses that we dont defeat in their own box map will appear on the first box room bossfight for every 15% or so HP that the always accessible first room Boss losses, the very same way as paradox worked.
  16. LavaSpitter_json New Player

    the raid is cool but not many things that make ur hands sweat when fighting, also, i think this dlc release should be pushed back and maybe add some characters in the raid that are ACTUALLY from statics comic book. for ex. Hotstreak would make a good raid boss and omnifarious, maybe even puff and onyx. grail was alright but insanity clown and steel superman???? what???? we're not in 2011 this is 2023. u wanna grab players attention. get to it better. itll be hard i know, but the reward will be worth it when u actually try.
  17. Raven Roth Committed Player

    did the bosses really have to just be reskins of Clownsanity and Babyface? You have the whole of APOKOLIPS to draw inspo from for unique looking bosses. Icon also should have showed up here

    The arena floating in space aspect could have looked a lot better if we were on a large rock platform (similar to JLD Shattered Gotham) surrounded by blue cubes, with adds spawning from all directions
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  18. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Elite Feedback

    • Is 400 renown intended for the instance? that would be lower than the 600 in previous raids.
    • Nightmare Explosion and Electro-Taser Blast don't appear to be included in Static/Rocket move pool, I had my combat log up as a tank and a dps and never took damage from either during the encounter
    • Besides those above moves nothing was different between normal and elite for this encounter. The damage is certainly valid for Elite, if you let the npcs land haymakers and upercuts on you that is enough to kill you without laz pit
    • It took 36 seconds from when Static/Rocket were defeated to when the next wave of npc's spawned. That is a large enough gap for the group to teleport back to the spawn and repair etc, which isn't typical for raid
    Apokoliptian Nightmares
    • Nightmare Clownsanity will still t-pose after orbitals
    • only active mechanics for clownsanity are the spin-a-roo and the room orbitals
    • Nightmare Babyface seems to be working as it normally would, beam breath, room orbitals, jumps at players, crab lunge etc
    • Nightmare Grail's reflect is working, besides that it is just her boom tube mechanic
    • Nightmare Supergirl freezing breath is not dealing damage to the group
    • Nightmare Steel had no group damage abilities outside of Hammerang which you just ensure you aren't facing him and even then it only dealt 290k dmg to me which would easily be covered by the healer. He two-hand lunge at various group members which lead to him getting out of range of the dps easily, but no risk to chase.
    • Room orbitals are only on first 2 nightmares not last two, if intended
    • another 36 seconds after the defeat of the Nightmares to when the next add waves spawn, there was one instance of a pug leaving the instance because they thought it was over and had to be re-invited back
    • DeSaad's charge can be easily blocked due to having two npcs in Rocket&Static plus the tank, along with whatever else pet npcs from players you can surround DeSaad and his charge will never reach the group. Would need a push back effect at the start of the charge if you intend for him to be able to reach the group consistantly
    • No room orbitals or any room mechanics present during encounter
    • DeSadd is a copy of Subjugated Klarion from Fellowship of the Arcane in terms of move pool so his attacks on the tank at least will be recognized quickly and is mainly just blocking the 1handed moves and lunging his pulse
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  19. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Following up based on the feat list
    • Nightmare parademons are not spawning
    • Parademon Summoners are not spawning
    • Nightmare DeSadd is not spawning
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  20. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Just a general plead. If in doubt based on given feedback, can you release the raid rather overtuned than undertuned? This would allow for a reasonable adjustment when it hits live without stirring up the debate of: "Ofc you did this and that because it was easy, its unfair to make it harder now".

    I would rather have an Elite raid i struggle to beat during week one, than having an elite raid nobody ever struggles to beat and just waits for the E+ version to release in order to get new challenging content.

    Of course getting it right from the beginning on release is optimal but incredibly hard. :)
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