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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by El Cucuy, Apr 4, 2023.

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  1. El Cucuy Developer

    Welcome one and all to the official thread for Episode 45 rewards feedback and bugs. We will be checking in and fixing bugs as often as possible. Thank you for taking the time to help us test our upcoming episode and we look forward to seeing you in Dakota City!

    New Rewards
    • New Currencies: Meta Clinic IDs and Encrypted Schematics
    • New Style Sets: Bright Booster and Shadow Bender
    • New Adaptive Augments: Mutagen Injectors
    • Dilustel Armorweave of Omnipotence
    • New feats for Style Sets, Augments, Generator Mods, Base Items, and the OP item
    Known Issues
    • Several Adaptive Augments abilities are not functional yet.
  2. Iconic Simulation Loyal Player

    • Dilustel Armorweave of Omnipotence (Inspired by Major Force)
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  3. iEddyGaming Active Player

    In case, anybody wants to view the vendor styles.
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  4. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Can we step away from crafting generator mods, please? It would be nice if we can switch to the modular fortification system. At least the x.0 mods are not higher than the previous episode's x.4 mods.
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  5. Achikah Committed Player

    Hi there! Wanted to leave a comment about the base items from Episode 45:

    I can't speak to actual placement of these items given I'm not on the test server myself and haven't had a chance to play around, but from the screens/previews of everything I've seen, this is a much needed haul for a lot of decorators. Tech stuff is always useful in almost any base, and the variety and sheer numbers of this drop is wonderful.

    We've been asking for a proper tech divider/barrier for sometime and having not only that, but one with transparency is really phenomenal.

    All the sign, Subway/City/Burger, will be amazing for the cityscape planners- keep those coming! On top of that, PLEASE more freestanding signs like the Lincoln High one. Yes, the actual signage might not for every, or even most, situations, but anything freestanding has a lot of clipping potential and given we really only have the Shipyard sign as a freestanding option for divider clips, it's nice to add another one to the list!

    Also, for more advanced builds, the light play/god rays from the UV Spotlights will be extremely useful to create a lot new atmospheric combinations and ambiance.

    Thank you so much for the generous haul and looking forward to crafting some new stuff once it goes live!
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  6. Zoe· YouTuber

    They added a huge amount of base items that I have never seen in any other episodes. *Bows Down*
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  7. Jaden Law Well-Known Player

    (Waiting for Base items showcase):oops:
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  8. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    Any footage? Now im curious to see
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  9. Zoe· YouTuber

    Posted some screenshots in the crafters server; currency is not available on test yet, so hopefully I can show them soon!
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  10. ROOTE Active Player

    Regarding Dilustel Armorweave of Omnipotence: is there going to be a leg piece in the same material as the op chest so that it appears as one continuous suit (like Major Force)? Or is there an existing mat we'll be able to use on other leg pieces to achieve the same finish?
  11. Pingvinozavr Dedicated Player

    Ever since introduction of Omnibus, 2 out of 3 released episodes provided augments with % stat increase for all content(regardless if it was related to episode or not) - "Statistical Recalibration" which was unlocked on augment from the start. Is it intended that new adaptive augments does not have that perk?
  12. Limey Committed Player

    In the same light as the Infernal Kahndaq, where we received the Kahndaqi Diety OP head piece, and post-launch received 3 more Kahndaqi Diety styles, I'm hoping that either at launch or post launch, we'll get Dilustel Pants, Dilustel Gloves and maybe.. Dilustel Hair?
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  13. ROOTE Active Player

    That would be a fine option, achieves the same end!
  14. Mr.W Committed Player

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  15. Zoe· YouTuber

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  16. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Devs, why in the world did you go back to having two episode currencies? This was a terrible idea to begin with (which you were smart enough to stop doing for the last three episodes), now you've started it again. It's a totally unnecessary, and frankly stupid system.
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  17. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Because we are going back to an episode with an open world boss rotation. That much should be obvious.
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  18. KlarkKent Well-Known Player

    I did a couple cycles in open world and I'm assuming open world bosses are not dropping exp for OP piece. So here is my suggestion; what about making them drop OP piece exp? Just like 31st Century open world bosses. Another incentive for players to keep chasing bosses.
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  19. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I like the vendor items associated with the bountys. This is sadly not working as i suppose it should, since you want players to keep doing them. With the current system in place, the bountys will be spammed again and then ignored. The mountain of marks that was built up by spamming them will be used up over several weeks without engaging a bounty once.

    Also, with such important items like currencies tied to bountys, they MUST be fun. I havent tested any so far and i wont do it on test, but this is going to be a hit or miss when it comes to this episode. :)
  20. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"


    The Elite Face, Neck and Rings can be purchased from Officer Stone despite not having any renown earned. They will be unequippable in your inventory. The text description was you had not earned enough renown, after running the duo which granted 50 renown I was able to equip all 3 pieces. Can you clarify how much renown will be required to equip and if it is intended to be able to purchase them without having renown? as with regular elite gear the buy button will be greyed out
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