Dev Discussion Episode 44: Rock of Eternity (Raid)

Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Quixotic, Oct 26, 2022.

  1. DamageControlPS Active Player

    I do get you and I just find it silly, 10% first of all is a guess at best no statistic tracker will prove that’s it’s only 10% of people play e+, and even so in that logic that means minorities should be looked at last and left to the side?

    I never said we get e+ feats also we are still missing some feats from last episodes e+ feats still trying to get them but only so much of one raid you can so most of people I play with are waiting for e+ to come out to get to do it
    Finish the feats or content or not it’s the actually content that matters to us.

    Your first message was clearly shooting down the idea of e+ and now your second message was about changing e+. Make up your mind what you want from it, or better yet don’t play it if you don’t like it, like I don’t
    Okay legends pve or other game modes the game has to offer. But that doesn’t change the fact I have a right to get content that was promised by the devs.

    Anyway main reason I’m here is e+ news, sorry for the sidetrack and let’s agree to disagree and leave it at that.
  2. Time Stone Active Player

    C'mon, we both know without statistics...

    I get it, that's what you want. I'm the opposite. I've spent lot of time in regural and elite versions to get all feats, renown, etc. And now I need to spend even much more there if I want the coming feats or styles. It's the same raid but much harder. The previous 5 stages raids failed with reason, now we are at 2, just skipped 4 stages. In my opinion the old way, 1 regular, 1 elite was perfect.

    Yes, I don't like e+ at all. If it was up to me, I would end it. But some poeple wants it, like you do. That's why I suggested the sm alternative (in another thread earlier). I'm open any changes to reach a compromise, is that so bad?

    You're right, this is not the right place to discuss this(sorry). I hope we can continue one day in the right thread. Best luck in e+.
  3. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

    I don’t ever run it but I know some people do. And the whole elite mods could use an overhaul but that’s another issue.
    I’m just saying that’s something should be looked into, a solution to a raid problem shouldn’t have to be on the players end.
  4. zNot Loyal Player

    Alltough e+ is for a very small minority i will say the issue is that elite for this episode has been super easy maybe the easyiest dlc of elite that i can think of but in general i dont think we need e+ iF the devs would just fix the broken meta and make elite raids harder and save themselves time in the long run instead of having to work on e+ For challenge purposes every episode surely takes alot of ressources away from them that could be used instead for the above mentioned problems
  5. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    One more quality of life improvement for this raid:

    For first boss (Felix Faust), please can you make his Necrotic Aura MUCH more visible than it is currently? It is currently the most deadly mechanic as well as the least visible, the only way I know I'm being hit by it is because I play the game with the combat log (damage in) visible and can see when I'm being hit by someone else's Necrotic Aura.

    For all versions of the raid.

    Hopefully then whoever has the aura and doesn't play the game with their combat log open will be more aware that they have it.
  6. DamageControlPS Active Player

    Absolute madness, this is meant to be developer discussions but so far it’s only been players replying to each other! No timeline on Elite plus nor a simple reply from any devs just to even update on the matter! What’s going on surely one of the developers can spare 20 seconds of their day!
  7. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Regarding elite plus:

    Considering there are only two bosses, and considering what mechanics were there to start off with, the difficulty would be about right for the regular elite version in my opinion. It is an improvement on the other versions of the raid, especially the Black Alice fight which is quite fun at certain points. But I do think this is more regular elite difficulty than elite plus difficulty (my own opinion).

    I would personally have liked to have seen more with both bosses, especially the add phases with Felix Faust. The Monstrosity sub bosses from the alert would have been perfect, at least during the Felix parts of the fight.

    I also wish that more people got Fateful Contempt than just the one player. (Minimum 4 people) Especially later in the fight after Black Alice gets both Shazam and Doctor Fate's powers.

    The globe mechanic is quite nice also, probably one of the most fun aspects of the Black Alice fight as timing becomes important. Mix of damage check and watching visual tells to block at certain moments.

    I wish the purple pools were more widespread, at the moment they are quite easy to avoid and they should put more stress on the group to evade, again especially later in the fight. (for Black Alice again)

    Nothing much more to add at this stage.
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  8. KlarkKent Well-Known Player

    Elite Plus feeback:

    Im aware that fast burn mixing up Black Alice's voicelines and some of her attacks. Sometimes she is using cage voice line sometimes she dont in Elite Plus. Is this intended or not? People getting caged out of nowheere right before/during Globe's one shot. This is breaking our block and gets us killed. Tank immunity is the answer but when we get caged in moments like that its becoming RNG heavy.

    Another attack is her Shazam one shot. 90% of the time she supposed to do that one shot right after bouncing electric balls(not the purple ones). In Elite plus, she holds that one shot and randomly does between her attacks. Is this intended?
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  9. Canadian Justice Committed Player

    Micro Map... going to need some sort of detailed explanation.

    Longest time to breakout was 3 seconds, often times even less. We've tried absolutely no pets, no form changes, lucky underwear, rubbing your lucky troll, all the bingo hall tricks. Nothing helps.

    Right now it's looking like burn so you don't even see the nap phase may be the only way. I certainly hope this isn't the case.
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  10. Canadian Justice Committed Player

    Should have mentioned Micro Nap (Elite)
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  11. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Regarding elite plus:

    On the note of this raid feeling more like an elite raid than an elite plus raid.

    Was anything scaled up health or damage wise? Or literally just a few added mechanics?

    Even certain minor mechanics like Felix Faust's Energy Pull, or Memento Mori should hit harder for the group. Overall I think all adds/bosses in this elite plus raid need a health buff as currently it doesn't seem much different from regular elite besides the snipers, globe and Fateful Contempt mechanics. Felix Faust doing a successful counter should hit hard even for a tank and possibly KO in critical situations.

    The snipers in the Felix Faust should have a significant health buff to make it more likely that they will do their skull icon ability and so the group will need to prepare accordingly. This would also make the add feat a little trickier as the group would need to manage their damage accordingly towards the adds.

    Mechanics like the lightning and Necrotic Aura should hit a wider area also, so players have to spread out.
  12. Quixotic Developer

    Some Elite Plus updates for Rock of Eternity
    • Increased health and defense for Bosses
    • During Black Alice fight, anyone in Cage of Anubis will take greatly reduced damage from Globe of Power Magic Blast
    • Felix Faust: Fixed a logic error that could still allow Lazy Blast to hit pets
    • Felix Faust: Added a bit of extra time internally for Micro Nap to succeed - a grace period of sorts to account for performance issues
    • Black Alice will attempt to use Fateful Contempt more often
    - Quixotic
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  13. Quixotic Developer

    I looked at Black Alice's voice line when she does Cage of Anubis and it looks correct. But her original targets can cage other players if they are too close when the original targets breakout and she doesn't say anything when that happens.

    Her Mark of Shazam attack is on a timer. She uses it a few times within a small window and then has a longer cooldown before she uses it again.

    - Quixotic
  14. Quixotic Developer

    I added a bit more to the timer for success to allow some space for server issues. Beyond that possibility, we haven't found anything reproduceable that causes that feat to fail when it shouldn't.

    But I'll keep looking.
    - Quixotic
  15. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I don't understand the mechanic then, because it seems the only way to get the feat is to burn enough to ignore the mechanic. Which I would assume is not intended. We've tried for this feat several times in Elite. We break out. We watch the purple animations. It should work, but doesn't.
  16. Quixotic Developer

    Is this feat only a problem in Elite or is it also just as problematic for the Normal version?

    - Quixotic
  17. Wanning Comet Committed Player

    The feat is a problem in both, but it's more noticeable at the moment in elite if you are pursuing it by breaking out quickly. It seems like the only way to get the feats is to bring so much burn that you either skip the nap phases completely or only get one. In normal, it's fairly common to have enough burn to completely skip the nap phase and both micro nap and well rested will pop at the same time. I imagine it's also difficult to get the feat on normal by breaking out quickly but it pops up rarely because it's easier to burn Faust enough to skip phases.

    I was talking to another player and they said they've gotten the feat several times in elite but every time they've gotten it in elite, they either had no nap phases or 1 nap phase. Something seems to making the time in the naps cumulative for the raid or cumulative per individual instead of an individual count per nap phase.
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  18. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    As Wanning pointed out, in Normal the burn ignores the mechanic because he doesn't actually do it. In Elite, our burn isn't amazing, so we can't ignore the mechanic. So we made sure to break out. We watch for the purple animations. Players are breaking out immediately, but the feat does not pop. Which is why I don't understand the mechanic. It should work, but it's not happening.
  19. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Feedback concerning the elite version post-hot fix:

    Felix Faust's Lazy Blast no longer KO's or works as intended if you aren't in the safe zone after last night's hot fix. It will stun you and take most of your health instead. It is possible if other mechanics occur (such as Necrotic Aura as seen in the video) that are doing damage to you also that you can get KO'd, but for the most part it no longer KO's.

    Lazy Blast should be a KO if you aren't in the safe zone at the time in elite or elite plus. (In elite plus it is still reportedly working as intended)
  20. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Black Alice fight (in elite plus version) post hot fix:

    1. Due to increased pools the pool feat is now extremely RNG. It was somewhat before but now it is ridiculous. Not so much the players not standing in them and taking damage (this aspect is fine), but keeping enemies out of them and being healed. Which leaves two solutions:

    a) Make the Puddle Jumping (Elite Plus) feat so you defeat Black Alice without any group members taking damage from Enchanted Puddles.
    - But remove the part about enemies being healed by the puddles. This is RNG regardless because of Black Alice teleporting around the room.


    b) Reduce the amount of Enchanted Puddles that spawn. Less than post-hotfix, but a little more than pre-hot fix. This may need to happen anyway as if Black Alice happens to teleport into a pool she heals very quickly, prolonging the fight considerably.

    2. Is there any way that Black Alice can not use Fateful Contempt while the globe is active in the fight? Still keep the current frequency of Fateful Contempt as it is while there is no globe active, but no Fateful Contempt AOEs occur at all while Globe of Power is active in the fight. Blocking Magic Blast from the globe and evading the trailing AOEs from Fateful Contempt at the same time don't work well together and may lead to issues.