Dev Discussion Episode 44: Heart of Isis Artifact

Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Ranmaru, Oct 26, 2022.

  1. Ranmaru Developer

    Howdy everyone, Ranmaru here with the newest Episode 44 artifact: The Heart of Isis.

    The Heart of Isis is a modification ability based off of the Word of Power iconic ability where the players move through all the letters of Shazam granting unique abilities and attacks. Below I'll outline each of the abilities what they do.

    Wisdom of Solomon
    [Supercharge] - 1000
    Solomon knows exactly what you need and provides a buff based on role
    • Controller
      • Increased Vitalization
    • Healer
      • Increased Critical Heal Chance
    • Tank
      • Increased Defense
      • Increased HP
    • DPS
      • Increased Might & Precision
    Strength of Hercules
    [Supercharge] - 1000
    Unleash the Strength of Hercules by rushing towards your target and dealing it heavy damage

    • DPS
      • Damage over time effect
    • Controller
      • Weaker Damage over time effect & Defense down debuff
    • Healer
      • No longer lunges you forward & HoT to all nearby allies
    Stamina of Atlas
    100 power cost
    Endure with the Stamina of Atlas by gaining a temporary damage reduction Shield
    • DPS
      • 70% mitigation shield using Might & Precision for scaling
    • Healer
      • 50% mitigation shield for yourself and 3 targets along with a HoT to shielded allies
    • Tank
      • 50% mitigation shield
    • Controller
      • 70% mitigation shield for yourself 1 lowest HP target with a PoT to the shielded target
    Power of Zeus
    [Supercharge] - 1000
    Shock all surrounding enemies with the power of Zeus then teleport backwards

    • DPS
      • increased might based on targets hit
    • Controller
      • Debuff enemies basic attack damage
    • Tank
      • Heal yourself based on damage done when casting Courage of Achilles
    • Healer
      • Heal nearby allies based on damage done when casting Courage of Achilles
    Courage of Achilles
    [Supercharge] - 1000
    Unleash a damaging cone on enemies and inspire all group members' secondary stats for 10s
    Increased Vitalization
    Increased Restoration
    Increased Defense

    Speed of Mercury
    100 power cost
    Gain the Speed of Mercury, moving nearly the same speed in combat as out of combat
    Grants 20% increased movespeed & 20% Powercost Reduction for 10s

    [Supercharge] - 1000
    Call forth lightning to damage and knock down nearby enemies. The summoned lightning heals you and grants 7 group members a buff based on your role.
    [Power Interactions] Electrify
    • Controller
      • 20% increased Incoming Power
    • Healer
      • 20% increased incoming Healing
    • Tank
      • Max HP to allies based off of your HP
    • Damage
      • 10% increased Critical damage 8% increased Crit Chance.

  2. Boss Dark Side Well-Known Player

    I'm not a sweaty try hard, so I will not speak to all that. But, it IS a lot off fun to use, IMO.
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  3. Mr.W Committed Player

    Hey Ranmura :)

    Was it just a typo not adding the tank pull & stun for strength of Hercules? I understand that was a LOT to write.
  4. YummyFishsticks New Player

    Could we get an artifact that buffs stats and heals while giving us the body type of shazam for a bit?
  5. Mr.W Committed Player

    I noticed that the strength of Hercules still lunges healers doesn't give any heals

    & I haven't noticed Zeus giving any heals even after being cycled past the Achilles.
  6. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    I don't know if this is the case on the live server (because there were additional internal patches on the live server), but on the test server if you use the "Heart of Isis" and "Pied Pieper"s Flute" artifacts together, then you will get a bug like in my video:

  7. PsychoCinco New Player

    Level 200 Heart of Isis and still only getting buffed for 10% instead of 20 , also not getting any buffs to precision
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  8. sylenthyll New Player

    Does the Shazam! supercharge show up for everyone? It doesn't for me, and I've been using Word of Power since before I got the artifact. Or do you need a certain level or CR to gain access to it? Does the artifact have to be upgraded to a certain level? I do have the pied piper flute as well but it hasn't caused any problems for me - probably because I don't have access to the Shazam! supercharge. Is the supercharge itself for subbed members only? Do artifacts have to be equipped in a certain order in the slots? I also have the tetrahedon artifact equipped, if that matters.
  9. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    I have Heart of Isis on two characters (ranks 119 and 110) and both have Word of Power unlocked. Every time I start the game with one of those characters (or switch to him), the SHAZAM! ability is missing from their loadout (and using the armory doesn't restore it - I have to manually drag it back into the loadout every time). Why doesn't it stick in place?
  10. PsychoCinco New Player

    Make sure when imprinting your armory you have the letter s . If u have it imprinted with any other letter it wont fall into place when switching armory
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  11. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    D'oh! It's that simple? Thanks, I'll keep an eye on that. :)