Test Discussion Episode 44: Heart of Isis Artifact

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Ranmaru, Oct 12, 2022.

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  1. Mr.W Committed Player

    I have to do some more testing when its not so late, but this artifact seems really fun to me :)

    I can't lie though I may be even more excited to try the support role updates when they roll around lol.
  2. Siramez Well-Known Player

    imagine considering tac swapping meta just to test the new artifact.... its quite disappointing what the tac swapping meta have done to players.
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  3. Siramez Well-Known Player

    i think there should be a DPS effect included here too, maybe something like doubling the bleed effect from hercules? or longer bleed duration.
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  4. L T Devoted Player

    Right now I'm seeing on test:

    S -- > costs 1000 Supercharge
    H -- > costs 1000, returns 120 supercharge
    A -- > costs 0, returns 120 supercharge
    Z -- > costs 1000, returns 120 supercharge
    A -- > costs 1000, returns 200 supercharge, then returns 120 supercharge.
    M -- > costs 0 supercharge
    ! -- > costs 1000 supercharge

    The total abilities cost 5000 supercharge, but they return 680 supercharge for a net total cost of 4320 Supercharge.

    I'm not sure the supercharge back is intended. It's kinda cool though.
  5. CodedKills Well-Known Player

    Is the artifact intended to not proc eye of Gemini when the ability cost supercharge? If it’s intended, changing it to work with EoG would make it more useful. The meta today doesn’t suggest wasting supercharge unless you pop it with an EoG.
  6. Raizen Reaper New Player

    We need the fourth artifact slot!
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  7. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

    For the testing could you clarify the seconds that you're intending the buffs to last?

    Also I have to say it's a great thing it doesn't interact with EOG, props to you for having thought about that.

    The way I'm envisioning this after testing it for a first time I think it'll be more useful for healers more than anything but will have to see!
  8. GermanM Committed Player

    Minor detail
    You can say I like to complain, but why would an artifact named after an Egyptian goddess and clearly inspired by that culture have Greek god names in its abilities? that is, shouldn't the names of the skills refer to the Egyptian gods?
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  9. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    The use of the artifact is what matters, but I had wondered this too. Seems like the Staff of Shazam would be a better fit


    But in the end, Isis has similar powers to the Marvel family. She just says “I am Isis” to transform.

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  10. GermanM Committed Player

    All matters, or you will be ok with an artifact called "horse manure"?

    The thing is, if I'm not mistaken, Black Adam's powers come from the Egyptian gods. Shazam has the powers of the Greek gods.
    I know it's not important to a lot of people who just want to be the best in the game, but I think the content needs to be consistent with the universe it represents.

    Im just too fan of mythology to let this pass, guess im weird :(

    "The devil is in the detail´s" like some people said in my land.
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  11. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    Oh yeah, but Shazam gave Adam his power too; so the Staff of Shazam would still be appropriate. The only other thing that would need to be change is edit the text in the artifact description.

    So a new icon for the staff and some edited text. All it would take.


    That would change the order in which the powers are activated, though.

    On the other hand, keep it “Heart of Isis”, and just change the power letter icons to spell out “I am Isis”. It wouldn’t flow as well in the artifact description, though (because her words are not an acronym to my knowledge).
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  12. Retire Well-Known Player

    How does the "general update changes" section apply to the artifact? is the 3s cooldown of moves permanent while the art is equipped? or only for certain letters?
  13. kingofthebeast Active Player

    Is powers are nothing like theirs. If you mean by having super strength speed and flight yes. Other than that isis has nature powers. The original "Andrea Thomas" got her powers from The "amulet of Hatshepsut" and the isis ( Adams eventual wife) is "Adrianna Tomaz" and uses the "amulet of isis". These are not their powers in this artifact. So yeah , probably change to the staff of shazam
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  14. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    If you read over it, she has the strength, stamina, speed, wisdom, courage, flight and her nature powers include lightning. She has additional powers than Shazam, but she has all of the powers of Shazam.
  15. Iconic Simulation Loyal Player

    I know this artifact is meant to give players each power of Shazam without sacrificing loadout slots, but not crazy about having to rotate through powers/burn through precious supercharge to get the one most useful to me in that moment. As a tank, I'd want the Atlas and maybe Hercules powers. Just a thought in a real tanking situation. I wouldn't mind the supercharge loss if gemini/scrap procced it with at least.

    And on a different note, I think the artifact could use a name change. It is heavily Shazam based and the Isis naming doesn't feel like it does it justice.
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  16. Your Save Your New Player

    Maybe I'm in the minority on this as my thoughts on this are soley for the dps role, but if it does proc with eog this seems like a BS way to basically always have eog active 80% of the time. Not barring scrap, SC mod, and the black adam ally that gives 25% more SC build on generators...
  17. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    DPS - Shield formed based on a percentage of Might & Prec (instead of Resto & Dom) 70% mitigation

    I'm a Might DPS so all my extra skill points are in health and none in precision. I'd love to see the math on how big the shield is with 200+ skill points. I know, I know, no one is actually going to do this in real life. But I'm a curious sort.
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  18. Iconic Simulation Loyal Player

    You can already get unlimited supercharge by having a Gemini spam healer.

    But as a tank I can't quite camp in the healers greens to Regen supercharge like the dps, without getting them killed. Sadly most of the community will only focus on this as a dps artifact.

    I'm trying to see how I can reliable and practically use this as a tank artifact. If I can't make it work on test, this will be yet another of the recent artifacts I won't need to level at all on live server.
  19. Juggurnaut Level 30

    I agree with iconic on this. As a tank we need to know what we’re getting when we use our supercharge. Most supercharges that are used by tanks are shields or heals; Dash attack, perfect poise, mass density, pheromone bloom etc. Having a super charge that gives “random” buffs isn’t going to be helpful in most content. I say random because as iconic said, you’ll have to cycle through to get to the one you need. Even the 70% mitigation shield isn’t helpful because it’s not full mitigation. The health and defense bump is nice, but we have a trinket for that. Stunning adds won’t be great with the lighting because it will throw off our CC with our powers or quantum emitters. Feels like a bump of our tank kit has been put into one artifact which seems cool on paper. But each piece of the kit has to be used at a precise time and with this artifact we don’t have that control.

    I do think that the artifact should proc eye of Gemini on the last letter of the super charge. If you do it on the first super, people will tac swap it and just spam the first power. So if you make it so they have to go through all the letters and then Gemini procs on the last letter that has super use I think that would be better.
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  20. kingofthebeast Active Player

    I'm with you but I got a question because I keep seeing people say this ( x move will throw off my cc of adds), how long does it take for a group to kill an add?
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