Dev Discussion Episode 43: The Source Wall Raid

Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Quixotic, Apr 14, 2022.

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  1. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Yes, the One Who Laughs one needed to happen since its a guaranteed wipe (depending on where exactly the orbital/meteor spawns).

    Difficulty wise it is a tricky raid on the first run while players figure out mechanics/positioning but with a competent group it is a little on the easier side for runs thereafter. Hopefully elite plus turns it up a few notches. I would say it is similar in difficulty currently to CTe.
  2. Quixotic Developer

    While looking at something else, I noticed that One Who Laughs wasn't using his Callous Anger attack - an Elite tank swap mechanic. That has been fixed so he should start using it once that released in a hotfixed. Will hopefully help make his Elite fight a bit more interesting.

    Change of plans: gonna hold that tank swap to be part of Elite Plus instead of adding it to Elite this late.

    - Quixotic
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  3. zNot Loyal Player

    Thanks! By the way the raid is soo good! especially the last and first bossfight on elite! The others are very funn aswell!! Best elite raid ive played since metal part 1!
  4. Stranger Well-Known Player

    I was already wondering... I could've sworn that i saw some "Test Server Hotfix" with a Tank Swap Mechanic description. But never saw one in the Elite raid. That explains it... :D
  5. BloodIust Active Player

    Exactly wat is a tank swap mechanic?
  6. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Is proma supposed to stop back to back? We even got 3x in a row tonight in elite.
  7. Quixotic Developer

    If you mean her Eternal Anguish AoE, then it is possible for her to do those back to back. She does those on a health threshold, so the more you damage her the quicker she does those.

    - Quixotic
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  8. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    That made me feel good on the inside. I do have strong ST damage. I was too spot with a sorcery pet build then an electric and a prec gadgets. 3 dps only and a great buff troll.
  9. AzraelR Committed Player

    I don't know if anyone has already commented about this.
    I was playing the raid and at the end of it appear the 3 versions (Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman) of Death Metal, during the cutscene.
    But after the cutscene the character models appear like the originals.
    I took a screenshot to show that and post here but unfortunately i lost the screenshot
    Anyway, take a look devs. I think it's a something simple to fix.
  10. AzraelR Committed Player

    I missed the part that those NPCs (Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman) just transformed after cutscene :p
    my bad. It's not a bug. I was trolled by devs hehe :p
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  11. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Just a question regarding the elite version.

    The Drowned (from second boss) and the Dark Minion adds (from third boss) - are their reflection abilities working as intended?
  12. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Posting cuz I’m pretty sure this shouldn’t have happened. 3rd boss elite, with less than 5% health, pulled the group into him and stunned us in the pink circle. 2 of us made it out. Thinking that’s one of the overlapping mechanics?
  13. Stranger Well-Known Player

    In Perpetua's Fight we had only 1 Titan spawning in 2nd add phase.
    The 2nd seemed to be insvisible, bcs Lex attacked the air.
  14. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Other ideas for Elite Plus:

    Second boss:

    Have Dawnbreaker's Orbitals track and follow group members for a time, in a similar way to the axes from Grail in FGSE.

    The Drowned's Reflection Shield will KO a player that hits it with a weapon/powerset ability. Orbital should still work.

    Add spawns (probably 3 or 4) after each Dark Knight is defeated, including Source Titans and Apex Predator adds.

    Third boss:

    Have the tentacles as a protection shield. OWL will target you with a skull icon and prepare a powerful attack. To stop this, you have to go to a tentacle and be constrained by it. After the attack, group members will then need to free you. If you don't get to a tentacle in time it is a KO. This won't affect a tank. This may affect 1-3 players at a time. It would be recommended for this not to KO tentacles as it will lead to inevitable KO's for players.

    The tank swap mechanic that has already been mentioned.

    Some of the adds may skull and use a reflection ability (as is already the case). If they aren't stunned before and a player damages the reflection they will likely be KO'd.

    Fourth boss:

    Perpetua will have an enrage timer if you don't pass the adds phases in time. There will be a time limit on how long you have to pass the adds phase. If you take too long the whole boss room will erupt with Source Eruptions and wipe the group.

    All bosses:

    Source Eruption AOEs will be bigger, perhaps even half the boss room. In this case there will be a slight delay before they go off in case players are far in one side of the room and need to move to the other side fast.
  15. Stranger Well-Known Player

  16. Stranger Well-Known Player

    If you get hit by Source Wall (or Eye Beam) while stunned and u get lowered damage, does this still count as "failure" for the feat? (Perpetual Relief Elite)
  17. Quixotic Developer

    If damage from the giant planet strikes or source eruptions from the cracks or giant Perpetua eyebeams is being reduced because of One Who Laugh's Chain Pull, Contagious Laughter, or Dark Impale, then it does not fail the Perpetual Relief feats. And I just extended the duration of that protection by a couple of seconds for the next hotfix.

    But if you get hit after that protection is gone, it will fail the feat. You'll need to chose carefully when to breakout or when to wait another second or two.

    I'll also look into adding that protection to Red Death's Speed-Forced Inertia stun.

    - Quixotic
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  18. Yaiba Committed Player

    Few questions regarding get your soul (?) feat:

    . During the ghost phase, if the group damage is good, you will skip this entirely, and that leaves the souls on the map, effectively ruin the feat (happened to my group), is that working as intended?
    . You can get targeted by beam which forces you to block for few seconds, and makes the feat a little bit rng. In elite you only have 10 seconds for the feat, how can you do that? It's possible but still
  19. Quixotic Developer

    1. Sometimes to complete a feat, you need to slow or hold your dps to buy time to finish whatever the feat requires.
    2. Hmm...interesting point. I'll give that some thought.
    - Quixotic
  20. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Two words. Rhymes with Schmass Schmensity. :cool:
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