Dev Discussion Episode 43: New Apokolips Duo

Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Millbarge, Apr 14, 2022.

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  1. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Try body blocking Mad Harriet in the middle with pets, henchmen etc. she might still wiggle out but sometimes she doesn’t. It helps big time if she spawns before Lashina but it’s not necessary. And obviously, save pers (preferably ST turrets), orbitals, SC’s, allies, etc for her.
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  2. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    Is Brimstone broken? He's sometimes one shots me while I'm blocking after update anyone else?
  3. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    And yes at full health he one shots while holding block
  4. BumblingB I got better.

    The Brimstone fight is still by far not friendly at all. I've experienced a few bugs where I've received full damage even when blocking. I don't know if it's server or internet hiccup, but yeah... not fun. This encounter needs an adjustment.

    Do the feat in normal. I was able to get it yesterday. Burn the bosses until she comes out, saving orbitals, SCs, and allies. Then when she pops, unload everything on her and when she goes down, the other two don't teleport and stay on you. So unless RNG hates you and the green pool spawns under one of them, you shouldn't have to worry about losing the feat. We also got the speed feat this run too.
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  5. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    I just wanted to say that I love whoever made the furies the first boss. Going
    toe-to-toe with Stompa and Lashina and actually winning feels incredibly cathartic after years of Happiness Home and Darkseid’s War Factory. Not so tough without your inflated raid npc stats, are you?! :D

    So yeah, thank you for this happiness that you have brought me. :)
  6. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    How am I supposed to avoid the eruptions if they cover half the entire room? Very cheap death just now because I rolled out of one into another one. In normal no less. Maybe normal could spawn fewer eruptions so there’s less overlapping?
  7. FreezyPop Well-Known Player

    Question: did you happen to be burning him particularly fast in that instance? It feels like, when I can burn him to the second block phase before he stands up from the first, he spawns a lot more eruptions. I’m wondering if there is overlap because of that (like, he’s stacking a mechanic for eruptions for a standing phase he never got to).
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  8. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    I wasn’t really paying attention to how fast we were burning him, but I can start to do so if that would help. Cheers for the tip!
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  9. Stranger Committed Player

    Is it intended that you get the same amount of marks in Elite as in Normal?
  10. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    And today I have a volcano erupt under me when Brimstone is about to explode! This is easily the cheapest nastiest mechanic I’ve seen in a duo in a long time. Think I’m going to skip this until I have both augments leveled because there is absolutely no way to avoid being hit reliably. They catch you mid-animation, trap you by spawning in clusters, or stop you avoiding something else.
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  11. ALB Dedicated Player

    The entire episode is cheap mechanics disguised as difficulty
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  12. JackFrost Developer

    We made some slight adjustments specifically to the Brimstone fight recently to try and make it feel a little more fair. Have y'all noticed it feeling better, or do you feel it still needs work? Cheers!
  13. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    Is there anyway you can look at the 1st fight the feat involves keeping them out of the green from the Father Box but one of the adds mainly Mad Harriet always jumps into it.
  14. Balistical Ice Loyal Player

    Dark father still sometimes causing you not to be able to break out of a stun for a couple seconds. Brimstone elite sometimes still does a locked stun as well. The eruptions have horrible timing and spawn under your character as hes about to explode. Sometimes his hand flamethrower, multiple eruption aoes and the adds block breaking you all are an rng chaos fest and the mechanics are not good. Sorry to say.

    Also, with Dark Fathers omega pistol beam? Is it intended that you only have literally a SPLIT SECOND to lunge him before you take the damage he does? Most of the time I cant lunge him fast enough without taking the hit? Are we suppose to take the hit? Are we suppose to be rewarded by not taking the hit because we correctly lunged him? The window to lunge him and not take any damage is insanely small
  15. Proxystar #Perception

    You know what, I was coming in here to give general feedback and saw this post from you so thought Id just use it as a lead in to this post/feedback but having run this elite duo at least a few times a day since release, because I feel sorry for the people stuck in there and also helping league mates, I have to say this duo can be summarised in 2 words.


    Particularly the Brimstone fight.

    Firstly the way Brimstone controls you with his hand grips is just absolutely and utterly over the top and excessive, I don't know why it's thought any players honestly enjoy that nonsense... I spend more time breaking out than I've had hot dinners in my entire life and I'm not exaggerating, every second moment he's controlling me, at times you'll break only to be immediately controlled again with no rest and then to top it off he's overlaying the mechanics you end up with 6 volcanos slapped around you in every direction and a cone attack at times, while also trying to break out and roll.

    Just yesterday I was also killed by his fire beam cone, despite not even being in it when it went off.

    I have both augments leveled up as well which is supposed to give a 25% reduction on the eruptions yea? but it feels like it makes absolutely no difference at all, I haven't taken them off but honestly it doesn't feel like this augments works at all.

    Everyone I talk to hates this duo, some refuse to even run it anymore and it's only been what 3 or 4 weeks... this is supposed to be a duo, you know small content... if anything it should be somewhat puggable but this duo is a ******* nightmare, it is massively overtuned in comparison to the previous elite duo.

    Now to stress as well I'm not personally struggling to complete, I get it done easily, but my character has the gear and SP, artifacts to get this done, players in less fortunate positions are having nightmares in here and I can see why, hence this feedback.

    I get that it's elite some of that stuff going down on Brimstone specifically it's just chaotic and completely over top for a duo that is supposed to be the entry level of instanced group content, it's basically tuned to the extent I'd have expected for an elite+ duo, or at least Brimstone fight is.

    Honestly I think you need to chill out with this Brimstone fight, tone it back a little, check those augments, cut some of the control effects back and then see how it feels then.

    Im not asking for it to be a cakewalk either, but when you've got people tossing that duo out because they can't be bothered with it because its sucking the fun out of it then, then it's not in a good place.

    Thanks :)
  16. Chewsy Well-Known Player

    The updates yall have been making to the content is greatly appreciated. The duo and alert especially feel a lot better now than at launch. For the duo, I run it in elite daily and have no issues with it now. As long as people save their orbitals for Brimstone, the duo goes by pretty quickly, and the mechanics feel more fair now. The one thing I will say, however, is that I do change my loadout slightly, right before the Brimstone fight. I have to take off my laggy ST ability (Gravitonic Field) that has a painfully long end animation lag that I can’t cancel, otherwise the lava orbitals will spawn below me and kill me before I can get away. Same problem happens sometimes during the Devastator fight. Oh well, adapt and overcome I suppose. It’s probably more of a reflection on the power than the content, but it still can feel unfair.
  17. Pop a Trinket dey sweatin Dedicated Player

    I really can’t stand this duo. The first boss fight is easy but just feels longer than it needs to be.

    Brimstone fight is pretty easy now as well but there can still be some bad luck involved causing a wipe.

    The last boss fight again is easy as well.
    I have run this duo everyday since release and only once did I group up with someone to run it.
    I usually just blind queue and beat it with whoever I get paired with.

    BUT, I can see why people have trouble with it and I have struggled running it with people as well.
    The only struggles really have come during the brimstone fight or the last boss fight when the adds come out, either running as or with a healer.
    In Brimstone and last boss if you can’t burn the bosses fast enough you gotta get those adds off the healer. More so in brimstone fight.

    In the Brimstone fight there’s just too much crap going on once those adds spawn.
    I think I’m a decent player and now that I’ve gotten some gear it’s a breeze, but for players without gear and who may not be as good I’d imagine this duo is a nightmare. And then even for players that are good enough to beat it, it could just be highly annoying to run.

    Is that the way it should be? I don’t know.
  18. Jcal Dedicated Player

    I'm a bit confused here. I could've sworn something changed with the Elite Brimstone fight where you now received some leeway should you happen to be block broken during the boss' explosion. I know I've been block broken this past week, once or twice, right when the explosion went off and I survived with around half of my health (as a tank).

    Today I was block broken by a Brawling Maniac and there was no such explosion protection. Death, wipe. I'm going to be running my group breakout from now on because the breakout trinket just isn't enough due to it's lengthy cooldown, but even still the immunity provided is rather short and the explosion delay that was added is actually hurting more than it's helping. More time equals greater chance of eating a block break.
  19. Essential Exobyte Dedicated Player

    The second boss fight of not hitting him while he’s down…is this broke?? I run it and no one does damage except for the npc and still can’t get the feat.
  20. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    No pets (including turret pets), no henchmen, no orbitals, no combat allies, only burst damage powers (nothing that does damage over time), no grimorium, no Quislet, no Eye of Gemini, no strategist card. Stop damaging immediately when he starts holding his head. That should get you the feat.
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