Episode 41: Week 1

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  1. SPARTAPC New Player

    I was wondering about that to about the aqua-man Allie. I don’t think it’s out yet maybe because of some issues with the passives.
  2. IonHero Committed Player

    Isn't the new cr clamp/boost system confusing for players in tier 3 to 5 content.

    For all tiers, as you begin a tier you have a period of time where you of time where you see no real returns on improving your equipment as you are boosted up CR. At a somewhere between 20-30 CR levels (18-27ish full equipment levels) depending on your tier.

    From tier 3 onward as you approach the end of the content you hit the same problem for 2-12 CR (2-11ish full equipment levels) where you no longer improve in strength
  3. Canadian Justice Committed Player

    Very glad to see Source Marks return to endgame content.
  4. shoegazer Well-Known Player

    +10 CR is a ******* joke
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  5. Reinheld Devil's Advocate


    Thanks for listening to at least some of the community that wanted this. I might even run some old content for 'fun' now that it won't seem like a job.
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  6. Boss Dark Side Well-Known Player

    Excellent! This post is truly appreciated. Thank you for all the work you are putting into this update and the game in general.
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  7. BaelinFishman Well-Known Player

    Look, yall are completely misreading play here. Let me explain, instance completion time should have ZERO relevance on the amount of source marks rewarded, because of 1 very key reason that y'all can in no way account for and that reason is: Completion time is 100% subjective, its not a objective metric in this game and it various from group to group and even the time of day.. If yall go forward with this change it will even further penalize the new newer less experienced player because they don't have experience with the raids/mechanics like the vets do. Also what if someone can't get a good support role or even a support role period or good DPS etc, then people will leave out of irritation and then the instance takes longer. This has been going on since launch.

    Secondly, I abhor being force clamped in Omnibus content. Thats not to say I hate the Omnibus system as a whole I just hate the way yall are forcing this clamping nonsense on people just because the minority of players complain about it. I can't explain this any other way; The long time veterans have run the legacy/classic content to death, more time than we can count. So if we have to run it as a way to get source marks, then we don't want to be clamped to make getting source marks even more of a pita (pain in the ***).

    Please take this feedback to heart.
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  8. Smashbang Wallop Well-Known Player

    I had to LOL at this. Go back and read where they said it will be based on "Expected" completion time. Of course it's not "actual" completion time, or people would choose the easiest raid and sit in there all day for more marks! :rolleyes:
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  9. Solstice Vanguard Well-Known Player

    Keep up the good work!

  10. DrDogg New Player

    I appreciate the changes, and Source Marks were certainly an issue, but for me Source Marks were far from the biggest issue with the content.
    1. Nth Metal seems significantly lowered. I've played every day since the new content dropped and I feel as though I've received a fraction of the Nth Metal I would normally get.

    2. Loot/Gear drops are unfulfilling. Starting at CR 342, I would estimate about 95% of the gear drops I've received from all content has been useless to me. I don't expect to get purple drops every run, but when I do get a purple drop, I expect it to be 298 instead of almost everything being 280. Greens (294) are useless to me, and the rare blue (296) drop is only useful in accessory slots since I have full OP/Elite gear from Ep40. Normally you get a nice rush of new gear at the beginning of a new Ep (even if it's all greens), but that has not been the case with Ep41.

    3. The current Save the Universe raid is far too long. When you add in the lack of Nth Metal and useful gear drops, it just exacerbates the situation even further.

    4. Many of the issues I've stated here are causing a severe lack of progression. In previous content, playing daily felt like I was always moving forward, even if only slightly. Since Ep41 dropped, I have felt like I'm at a near stand still, and that's not fun in a game like this. Why am I going to spend the next 3+ months playing old content and barely moving forward? Something has to give there.

    5. Elite Raid content has been a problem since I started playing this game. I play with a group of four people (all currently CR 342-343) who are fairly skilled at the game, yet we can't finish an Elite Raid unless we shout for experienced players or join a league that we don't really want to affiliate with.

      Either the Save the Universe Elite Raid queue takes forever (we stop the queue at about the 30 minute mark), or the players we get are... lackluster to say the least. This is partially because the requirements to get into an Elite Raid are virtually non-existent. Even if we try an Elite Raid from three or four episodes back, we end up with a tank that's barely at level and who dies instantly, or low CR dps players who can't put out enough damage.

      This system needs to be revamped so that novice or intermediate players understand they can't do the current (or last four) Elite Raids, and it's easier for the skilled, high-CR players to get into these raids without having to shout or join a specific league.
  11. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Big thank you! Resubbing as I type
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  12. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    1. Nth Metal hasn't changed. If you are a member, you're getting +50%.
    2. 41, being a different sort of episode, only increases maximum CR by 5 instead of 10. Gear should be salvaged.
    3. Adjustments to FoS 2 are in tomorrow's hotfix.
    4. You will want to pick up the vendor gear. ^
    5. Elite raids are meant to be pretty hard, especially in the latest episodes. Most players use premade groups to complete these when they are the latest. Less experienced players, players hoping to fill a vacated slot, or those willing to trial and error through with a not-perfect group are likely what you will find queueing elites.
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  13. Apollo Starr Active Player

    As a player from the beginning, I thank the dev team for listening to our feedback and making changes. I believe if we all work together to find that sweet spot we can maintain our player base and help the new players. Which I think is what everyone wanted all along, regardless of their opinion. Hopefully, now as a community we can move forward to a more promising future. Look forward to the next ten years.
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  14. timetrapper52 Well-Known Player

    Awesome thanks for the update. Bringing back source marks to latest content good move

    The Stat Clamp is going to be better for everyone it just needs some fine tuning that's all
    Most of the players are just plain overreacting because they cant one shot things which is not good gameplay for everyone participating

    I don't wanna see the game get caught up in another stats fiasco. There's more things players want to see in the game and hopefully you guys can get to that
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  15. Yvtq8k3n The 7 Well-Known Player

    Well if you want Elite players to join you, there are a few options:
    1) Join a LG, I can recommend you one in private that would be a good fit for you if they accept you.
    2) Join a dcuo discord community, alot of vet players can be found in this kind of social chats.
    3) Offer to pay for someone to carry you like a tank (You can pme me for that too;9)
    4) Get good :) I defend you only need 4 friends to carry a raid(Ideally you would want most of support roles covered, specially tank and heal)
  16. IonHero Committed Player

    Speaking of which.... Any chance the Maximum placement of SP in stats could be raised by 5? as there was no increase this DLC.

    Augments got a boost to 302, (+5 from Episode 40's 297) and match the elite vendor item level.
    the Max SP allotment didn't get boost as it is still 295, (it used to match the non-elite vendor item (level 295 episode 40)(now 300 episode 41))

    (Additionally, it might be nice to give all the random gear a small boost from 280 to 285, so as with previous DLC a full set would just allow placement into the current DLC)
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  17. RTX Well-Known Player

    Well, Mepps...I think Panderus is right there, it makes sense in a way of having the people running the endgame instances more, which means they learn to complete them quicker, which will likely make some people use replay badges to get both at the same time.

    Even if not, at the actual state people would farm fos3 or doomsday raid more often. Which means, having endgame instances not source mark locked is a benefit in them not getting source marks as fast as in other instances by keeping the chance to make them use replay badges.

    "No" is not business, ask jeff bezos! Always say "Yes" to customers (dont make the "jeff who?" joke) :D
  18. SilkyPawz Bunny

    Mepps, I know you saying we getting 50% more but we are not if the min is 510 then I should be getting 800 from the Nth Metal Caches, the max I have gotten is 710 max, out of 50 Nth Metal Caches now I'm mostly getting 620-650 and I 'm Lifetime.

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  19. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Though I do think that's a good idea, it's still just a bandaid to the problems many people are experiencing with extremely long completion times. What really needs to happen in order to address the root cause is requiring simple role tutorial missions for players to complete once they reach level 30 with ability to replay any time. It could be extremely simple, even simpler than the ally mission. Maybe we're assisting an iconic in fighting batman who laughs or something in a single room environment that already exists. They could have simple but contextual instructional dialogue.

    For example, they could have dialogue like:

    Nightwing: "his attacks are too strong, quick, find a power with the "attack debuff label, insert it in to your power tray and blast him with it. I don't know how much more of this I can take!"


    BMwL: "Just a few more minutes and I'll be unstoppable!"

    Nightwing: Quick, switch your stance to DPS by pressing up or activating a DPS armory! Then hit him with everything you've got before it's too late!"

    (player does it)

    BMwL: "Haha, I tricked you! Now you can't debuff me and your puny DPS dominance is just too low to stun, pull or knock me down! This inferior batman sidekick has-been is now a lamb to my slaughter! hahaha!

    Nightwing: "Uh oh, he's about to try and finish us off with his signature skull attack! But I've got a plan he won't see coming. quick! put a damaging power with the "supercharge" label in your power tray. Then wait until you see the skull for his attack and make sure to use the R1 button to block it! As soon as he's done, activate that supercharge power and blast him to kingdom come!! He'll never expect such power from a new hero like you. When the time is right, show em what you're made of!"

    So yeah, stuff like that. THIS would be addressing the root cause of most of the problems experienced players are having in omnibus instances. Too many players have too little idea of what they're doing. Trolls aren't debuffing, healers aren't healing, neither are shielding, and I wouldn't know how to begin to describe the odd, erratic and non-sensical play I've seen from players in tank role. Maybe they are foreign and in their language, "tank" and "caboose" are used interchangeably or something. I dunno.

    I'm not saying those things to be insulting or condescending. You can't blame someone for not knowing what they don't know. Devs, you gotta do something to help coach em up!

    I've very curious to know how the stat piercing effects the flat number stats vs how it effects the % modifier stats, even if just in a general sense.

    ^^^. That's what it looks like when someone "gets it".
  20. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    As was I. And even though the lack of source marks in endgame content did/would negatively affect me, I fully supported the intended mission to rejuvenate the 38 episode vault of non-endgame content this game has to offer.