Dev Discussion Episode 41: Save the Universe Rewards

Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Red Five, Aug 25, 2021.

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  1. Red Five Developer

    Greetings Universe Savers,

    This is the official thread for Save the Universe Rewards feedback and bugs.

    Rip Hunter needs your help to stabilize the timeline, and is offering some new gear to help you out. Play Save the Universe content to collect Grains of Time, and exchange them with Rip to get new gear suits!

    All players can purchase the Fuginaut scaling gearboxes inspired by Tempus Fuginaut, and players with CR 327 can purchase level 300 Orrery gear inspired by The Monitor. Or play Elite Mode Save the Universe missions to collect Renown with the Time Masters, which will enable you to purchase Elite Gear at level 302!

    Players with CR 327 can also purchase and improve Decrepit Time Hunter Gloves from Rip Hunter. These can be ranked up from level 292 to 317 by collecting Dark Matter and Bleed Energy from endgame level Save the Universe On Duty Missions, and with Entangled Pairs purchased from Rip Hunter. Leveling these to max rank will also grant players the Enhanced Time Hunter Gloves Style!

    Thanks for helping Rip Save the Universe, and see you in game!
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  2. Darth_Andrea Well-Known Player

    Simply No. I'm personally sick of these OP gear items that only level up with RNG item drops from content that I very often don't want to play because I don't like it, or it's content enough of the community has abandoned so you can't get the items needed for upgrades. I have I don't know how many characters with items to upgrade Op gear items but haven't gotten a single other drop needed to get through the 1st level break through.

    Honestly I would rather get a RNG blueprint drop and rely on crafting mats dropping for that item or having them removed completely. I have enough headaches trying to keep up with Artifact Upgrades to bother with worrying about Breakthroughs on OP Gear or Allies.

    And in case you're wondering check my account, my spending on it has dropped to $0 because I just can't justify the cash sink for the sake of DPS anymore.
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  3. Zamara Dedicated Player

    Just giving 2 cents here, the recent OP items have a 100% success rate on every level so it's just a matter of getting the required catalysts. From flashpoint they drop from the open world stuff too. So we have 5 weekly chances at getting them and at least 6 or 7 dailies for the xp items.
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  4. Sir Freeze Active Player

    the loot rewards shares event gear and with gear from normal and elite stuff, 280 gear with 296,294 and 298 gear
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  5. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    At first I was a bit miffed at the halved CR/items levels. But then I realized it means I'm stronger in elite content with 342CR from Flashpoint and I can pretty much skip the green/blue/purple gearing up step and retain all my affinity mod bonuses the entire time.
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  6. Time Beacon Active Player

    I thought that endgame instances were stopping giving SM now. I got some in the new content
  7. Dev72 Committed Player

    Any chance of having more than just one raid, alert, and solo in save the universe? Would like to have more daily content added.
  8. MYTHLORD Active Player

    agreed. Same for Legends maps. Just not enough of the content to do per day.
  9. kingmonkey Active Player

    Now that loot from instances often includes gear from across all of DCUO, can we please rename the gear boxes to match the style of the item? It's rough when a subboss pops, you get a loot box, and you have less than 90 seconds to find out what style the Forlorn Mittens Box drops to see if you need that to complete a set. Either have the name of the box be the same as the style, or a "Style: Disco Caterpiller" underneath so we can tell at a glance if we need it or not.
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