Test Discussion Episode 41: Pet Vendor and Iconic Weapon Styles

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Charon, Aug 6, 2021.

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  1. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    It would be double awesome if it could use the shield weapon blocking stance, but that might be too much of a headache to program.
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  2. Robster4949 Well-Known Player

    Agree totally but at this stage just the style would be fine for me.
  3. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    I've actually noticed my green crystal turret not providing a beam on several occasions on live server. I hadn't yet gotten around to any actual testing of whether or not it was a just a visual bug, whether or not damage was registered, if range factored, etc. But it's been a fairly frequent occurrence. But for now I can say I definitely have several experiences of it coming out and just sitting there while in red range of my target.

    Sorry Charon, I know this is not a test server finding nor is it currently anything remotely resembling a testing procedure. Just thought if my observation thus far was at all useful I should share it. :)
  4. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    Damn, I probably got too old ... I forgot that for this reason in the last season of SM I changed it first to the turret from the Legion, and then to the second turret (the one with lightning) from the second season ... from the beginning I wrote off it was on a dying computer (it completely burned out a week before the end of the season), but other turrets worked fine ...
  5. Zoe· Content Creator

    Question: How do we get Aqualad's Waterblades?
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  6. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    You don't have to play the game on PC to use the test server. All you need is a PC, period.
  7. Pinky Well-Known Player

    With reference to Zoe's video earlier in this thread:

    At 2:58, when holding Mr Freeze's Rifle, the character's left hand is in the wrong placement (her left hand is not gripping the rifle properly).

    Also noticed a few other issues:

    1:07 Damian Wayne's Katana 2H weapon stance - left hand not gripping weapon properly
    1:10 Godkiller Sword 2H weapon stance - left hand not gripping weapon properly
    1:18 Hawkman's Nth Metal Mace 2H weapon stance - left hand clipping into weapon slightly
    1:20 Starheart Sword 2H weapon stance - left hand not gripping weapon properly
    1:37 Riddler's Staff - left hand initially not gripping weapon properly
    1:45 Zeus' Lightning Bolt Scepter - left hand initially not gripping weapon properly
    3:02 Penguin's Umbrella (closed) - left hand not gripping weapon properly
  8. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    Drops question, in faction-specific instances will there be cross-faction drop chances? Example, at the end of the Villain version of Themyscira Divided, we fight Wonder Woman. Will heroes be able to get Wonder Woman related iconic drops in this instance, or will it be villain only, in this particular case? Heroes fight against Circe in this boss battle.
  9. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    Silent School and Atlantis: The Throne, both feature him. Great question though, and I'm just guessing :D
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  10. Zoe· Content Creator

    Makes sense, need Charon to confirm :D
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  11. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    MY ONLY GRIPE with our ALLIES is that they dont stay out a bit LONGER..
  12. Trexlight Devoted Player

    Wrong thread bud. This is about Pet Vendor and Iconic Weapons.
  13. BloodIust Active Player

    Ok so for the new pets if i buy the t1 mother box right now and i have both headlines will it be bumped up to t3 when ep 41 drops or will i still have to buy it? Cuz i dont wanna buy it for 500 aether just to have to buy it for 700 source marks right after
  14. Charon Lead Content Designer

    Nothing automatically updates. Everything you bought or got before, if it was Tier 1, it'll stay Tier 1. Aether versions are T1.

    The pets found on other stores will be removed from those vendors and placed on Chang Tzu under the new pricing structure. Father and Mother Boxes for example will leave Wonderverse and go to Chang Tzu and cost 100 source marks since those are Tier 1 pets.

    If you have all the headlines for Normal and Elite mode, you can immediately buy a Tier 2 or Tier 3 version of the pet on Chang Tzu. You don't have to go do the content again in most cases. Only exceptions were some elite pieces of content prior to Earth 3 that didn't have headlines. They will have headlines in EP41.
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  15. Charon Lead Content Designer

    Most are these due to Female animations never being properly made. We have our new animator tasked with fixing animations for Female characters starting very soon. None of these specific issues will be addressed before launch as the resources were grabbed as is so we can do this for you guys now as opposed to waiting much longer to address any potential tint, hand held node, or animation issues. We'll note these however for future addressing.
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  16. Charon Lead Content Designer

    For launch you can get them off of Flashpoint Aquaman in Flashpoint Gotham.

    Silent School drops the Dead King's Sword.
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  17. Charon Lead Content Designer

    There are cases for both Villains and Heroes where you have more choices to get certain styles due to early content being so limited. Joker weapons are more easily gained by Heroes. Wonder Woman, more easily gained by Villains. They should be unlockable if you get it on a villain character by your hero character. They can also be gained and placed on the broker for obtaining.

    With that said, when I can find spots to make it more accessible, I do. I may miss some and may add more later but for now: Wonder Woman, when she gets controlled by Giant Starro in Deluge Central City - she has a chance to drop her weapons (same with Aquaman). Joker has Man-Bat Joker in the Zoo raid, he and Riddler as well. Their weapons can be obtained there too by both factions.

    I have not added versions of these weapons being granted by cooperative means (helping out Wonder Woman or Aqualad for example) due to time constraints. Exceptions: Sunblade after you defeat Metal 1 Raid 2 since that's the last time you see the Sunblade. Indigo Staff, when you help Munk defeat Corrupted Hal Jordan or when you help Indigo defeat Corrupted Hawkgirl.
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  18. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    Is this issue related to something that happens on live where in some situations a female’s left hand ends up holding the air to the right of the rifle instead of the rifle itself? You see it all the time in cutscenes and also at the tail end of some munitions tray animations.
  19. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    Awesome, thank you so much for all the information!
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  20. Charon Lead Content Designer

    Yep. 2h and staffs are the worst IMO but rifles too.
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