Dev Discussion Episode 41: Omnibus Rewards

Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Red Five, Aug 25, 2021.

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  1. Yvtq8k3n The 7 Well-Known Player

    OP collections feats are a luxury. No one is forced to complete them. Running 16 alts just to get a almost guarantee chance of a rare collection shouldn't be ok.I spent hours upon hours running the content in order to get the op collections.
    Account bound sure! Tradable never!
    Imagine someone doing every week 41/333 every week vs some lazy guy.
    I been farming Atlantis alert for almost a year in hopes of getting virgo and I'm still farming it.

    Also a few collections are tied to raids that most people will just ignore if they have other way to obtain them. So again, remove the op collections from the rewards boxes. Give nmetal, give source marks but don't ruin a economy or the grind.

    Exotic items like OP aren't for every single player, but for the ones that commit money, time and effort.
  2. Proxystar #Perception

    They're not a "luxury" you could argue everything in this game is a "luxury" using that logic... :rolleyes:

    The rewards provided in the omnibus boxes are there to encourage and motivate people to run omnibus, they're in there for a good reason and provide that extra incentive, not everyone runs 16 alts and nor should they.

    You don't balance a game around a person, either, that has the time to run 16 alts. If a player is only running or a few characters then they would appreciate this extra chance, just that more greatly and if more people do get the collections it will help the broker prices come down a bit so that people aren't paying hundreds of millions of dollars for a 50pt feat they missed out on 3-4 years ago.

    There's whole heap of new iconic weapon boxes, amongst other stuff to farm and sell for money. Looking at the broker as well last night, because I did get a few of these collections, they are still going for a pretty good price, despite the additional source.

    Not only because they come from there but because there's no loot locks on the actual content itself so people are running everything the can they know will give them something to sell.

    So again, I do not agree with you. This is a good addition and provides a meaningful incentive to new players and all players in fact to run omnibus every day/week.
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  3. Yvtq8k3n The 7 Well-Known Player

    Proxy :(

    Faded joker card -250 mil
    Before this was at least 1bil

    Just an example,
    The prices are dropping at a drastic rate.

    Some collections required a feat, RwC, AOJ, etc.
    1)People without thoose feats shouldnt even be able to acquire thoose collections.
    2)People will skip content if thoose collections are granted from other source(rip weeklys/raids)

    If was something like extra boss from JFAE/USE, sure. I could somehow agree. But you don't even have to run that content to get the reward. So sadly, I have to be against this.

    Regarding the prices in general as long as there is a big circulation of money prices will keep being ridiculous, only a hard reset would solve this problem, but I will let this for another topic.
  4. Proxystar #Perception

    Sorry if I'm not going to shed a tear you're only earning 250mil instead of 1bil... It's crazy for someone to have to find 1bil for a collection in the first place.

    It's funny that you talk about, even loosely a hard reset on currency, obviously because things are too expensive but then on the other hand, weirdly try to preserve your ability to extort someone out of 1bil in game for a 4 year old collection and want an alternative means for them to obtain that, shut down, so you can maintain that control over supply/demand :eek:

    I think you also need to take in to account, 4 days ago (including you I imagine, since you were always premium) were just given full access to their funds, rewards and broker, there's likely going to be an increase in supply simply from that. Supply and demand will likely be a little bit out of whack for a month or so I'd imagine as things adjust to the most significant money access change this game has ever experienced.

    I also don't agree that people will skip the content, it's simply a "chance" from the box to get what you need/want, you're acting like it's guaranteed, when it isn't.

    In any case - no need for further discussion, you've presented your case, I presented mine because it's a dev discussion and its important for them to see there's certainly not consensus on this issue - they can decide from here :)
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  5. MchaelAceHunter Level 30

    The OP items aren't exotic. No need to glorify them. They r just special gear items that r higher up.

    Also u saying Ur after the Virgo collection piece and then in another comment, Ur moaning that the prices will drop is a bit double standard when u would think u would be happy that it does. I know I would be cause I gave up going for some of them after months of trying of terrible rng and costs. I'm pretty much trying for them on the odd occasion now.

    So I am glad they r doing it through the omnibus reward boxes, I might stand a chance although saying that, I accidentally pressed wrong button and selected the wrong item earlier today.
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  6. Aetrius Well-Known Player

    The Omnibus rewards would have to be MUCH larger for it to be worth it honestly. To get quest credit, you have to queue through the Omnibus, so it goes something like this:

    1: Queue up
    2: Something pops up
    3: No way I'm suffering through that
    4: Cancel Queue
    5:Repeat until something that you can manage to live with comes up.

    So instead of just checking what I'd be willing to do and going about my dailies until something pops, now I have to nursemaid the Omnibus until I can find something I don't mind doing just to get credit. We need the option of choosing our reward specifically - pick styles you're missing, pick collection pieces you're missing - something like that, just to make it worth the hassle.
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  7. FlimJam New Player

    Prestige rewards

    Since the on duty solo, duo, alert, raid debuffs everyone based on tier, shouldn't the prestige reward for completing it be higher? I played a tier one omnibus solo and it only rewarded 1 prestige for the whole thing. Under the pre episode 41 system, it made sense to give low prestige rewards if playing below your tier since it was much faster and easier to complete, but with this new system (which I like overall, BTW) it seems like getting a low tier random one is just bad luck. It would be great if the prestige reward matched the cr level you're playing at the time instead of the cr level you're actually at.
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  8. MchaelAceHunter Level 30

    If they did that I'd just get bored. They should have 4 missions. The raids one should be a weekly one. They should do one each for alerts duos and solos seperate. Also they should award all the rewards of the omnibus box.
  9. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    I think having an omnibus mission dedicated to raids is a mistake. Raids were as far as I can tell, never designed to be blind queued. As long as you tweak people’s arms into playing them that way, they will hate the clamp.
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  10. Darth Piper Loyal Player

    I started a thread in the General Discussion area regarding the Adaptive Augments. Given how they may come back to a somewhat greater prominence through the Omnibus Queue, we may need to have a fast reminder that we have them upon arrival... or that we can somehow have them auto-equipped should we enter an instance that uses them. There are multiple options of what can be done, and I don't expect these things to happen right away.

    Basically three options, probably listed in order of most difficult to do to easiest:
    1. A "gestalt" type of adaptive augment that absorbs the properties of any adaptive augment added to it, allowing the players to level up the different parts either with different types of manna or by specifying which facet to update, and automatically applying appropriate bonuses upon arrival
    2. Automatically switch the augments if we own them doing a like-for-like swap... meaning if you equip a "Mighty Speed Force Augment" in your current build/armory imprint, it will be "replaced" while in the content with a "Mighty Cybernetic Core" should you enter Teen Titans, "Mighty Enchanted Coral" should you enter Atlantis, etc.
    3. A popup upon arrival in the instance that says something like, "You have adaptive augments for this content. Do you wish to equip them now?" and upon an affirmative response it would take you to the augment placement tab of the Inventory menu item.
    Original thread here:
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  11. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    So... I think I got this mission that was supposed to be removed on my villain character. I also saw that it's on my switch character too.

    I didn't notice that I had it until I was turning in the daily Omnibus solo/duo quest and I got a box with Paramilitary gear and weapons that were for level 25 item level 30.

    I can't complete it, since Quick Play doesn't exist anymore. [IMG]
  12. Ultmate Hybrid New Player

    I noticed that there are a lot of styles out with the new House of Legends. One of them however isn't and that is the Ultra-Kryptonian Cape you get in the Earth-3 time capsule
  13. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I think 'quick play' solo is just Omnibus solo. I completed this mission on an alt yesterday and omni solo got it done.
  14. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Don't forget that some of these are being farmed at faster rates now too. If you don't mind re-running the solo, the Speedster solo has 2 of the expensive collections and instead of running on 5 of my alts a day...some of them which are ill-equiped to finish or would finish slower...I can re-run it 20x on my main who can finish in 5 min. Now I won't do this...I hate spamming except where I need something thats a drop (like Canary Crys or whatever), but many will and I'd guess ROTB is in that rotation as it's still a 10 min run and can be run infinately till you get the drop if you want. Can't remember if Faded Joker comes from there, or just Complex Crime scene, but there is a rare drop on manbat.
  15. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Hmm... I tried this and still have it. So dunno. Maybe I did something different/wrong. I'll try again later today when home.
  16. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    There might still be an issue with credit for Omnis. if the 'Omnibus solo or duo' doesn't complete, that might be it. If it does...welp, ticket I guess.
  17. Magnificent Loyal Player

    I'm not sure if this is the right place or not but I queued for an Omnibus solo tonight and was given the Meta Research Wing. At the entrance (of at least the Hero version) is Doctor Hope. She tried to give this mission:


    The problem is that even though you click Accept and the UI goes away as if you have been granted the mission but the mission never goes into your Journal (also, the NPC continues to have the same graphic which shows she has an available mission and you can just keep clicking to try and get it, it seems to accept, rinse and repeat as long as you want).
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  18. VariableFire Loyal Player

    There's a npc in Lair of the Spectre who also gives a mission that can't be completed (the victim doesn't pop a cog).
  19. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Same experience, but the next time you go into the mission, they will no longer be lit up.
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  20. MchaelAceHunter Level 30

    Erm I believe ultramans cape was never in a time capsule. Although I like to know what capsule Ur thinking of. Ultramans cape is a rare drop in the earth 3 raid the panoptican.
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