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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Red Five, Aug 25, 2021.

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  1. Red Five Developer

    Howdy Omnibussers,

    This is the official thread for Omnibus Rewards feedback and bugs.

    The Omnibus provides a new way to play classic DCUO content, and we have added some new rewards to go along with it.

    Players who have completed the "A.R.G.U.S On Duty" mission will receive new daily and weekly Omnibus Missions that reward extra Source Marks and Reward Boxes. These boxes offer a choice of rewards that could include scaling gear, generator mods, crafting recipes, augment supplies, and even OP item collections, catalysts, and XP items from Omnibus content! They can also reward you with Victory Tokens x100, Tokens of Prestige x100, and Compound Omegas.

    Additionally, we have removed loot locks and CR relevancy from all Omnibus content. This means any player can run the Omnibus for Source Marks, gear, and other rewards. We have also added new scaling gear drops to the choice loot for all bosses that go up to item level 280. At launch there will be gear from 19 different style sets, but we will be expanding this up to 81 style sets in the coming weeks. This will include all styles that could drop from any episode content!

    The Mechanized Tier Vendor has retired, and Tempus Fuginaut has taken its place. Characters climbing the CR ladder towards endgame can visit him in the House of Legends for a curated selection of gear to increase their Combat Rating. His selection expands as you advance through the Omnibus, offering better gear at each tier!

    Death of Superman content is now part of the Omnibus, and the items on the Death of Superman Vendors are now sold for Source Marks. They will also exchange your extra Tributes for Source Marks.

    There are so many changes in episode 41, and we are very excited for you to check them out. Thanks for playing, and see you in the Omnibus!
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  2. farm3rb0b Committed Player

    There was a lot of confusion in our group tonight about the way rewards from Omnibus should work.

    When using Omnibus for alert content - we never saw source marks. For clarity, this was definitely early content. We were in some tier 4 alerts. 1 person got 2 source marks from one, while the rest of us received 1 from the end boss. I was under the impression you should be getting full source marks for old content, not randomly from bosses. We're also now locked out from the alert bosses for that instance - we checked this in the custom On Duty menu. Not locked on all alerts, just the ones that popped through Omnibus. We did not see this issue on duos/raids ran through the Omnibus.

    Secondly, we're not sure how the gear tables are supposed to be working. I understand seeing the items from that content originally in the choice list. I also often see max 280 gear. On a rare chance, I see green/blue/purple that scale to 294/296/298. The On Duty menu insinuates we should be getting extra rewarded loot from the instance. Is that at the end? Or a random chance to have one of those 290+ pieces in the loot table?
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  3. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    From what I played today the loot tables were kind of a mess. I'm used to seeing the better loot option at the top but that wasn't the case with anything I ran specifically the gear drops. A lot of the boss fights rewarded more than just the usual two pieces of gear and the best gear would always fall somewhere in the middle of those lists.

    New reward boxes are nice but I'm not a fan of the random rewards inside. Some of it was nice, some of it was junk. Most of the rewards seemed completely unrelated to each other: an exobyte from Metal I, R&D plans from Atlantis, an OP collection from Age of Justice. It would be nice if the reward boxes were more organized and had themes, also tradable.
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  4. Time Beacon Active Player

    The mission to complete the solo/duo, alerts and raids are completing whether I do any of the other types f content
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  5. Red Five Developer

    Yep, this happened to me too. I think we have a fix for this coming soon.
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  6. Red Five Developer

    Which instance did you get different rewards from and are now loot locked?

    Also the rewards listed in the On Duty Menu are the base rewards for just playing the content, not additional rewards. Additional rewards come in the form of the Daily/Weekly Omnibus missions in your journal.
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  7. farm3rb0b Committed Player

    The one we checked back through the loot log on that we're sure was not rewarding correct source marks was the Underworld Trials alert. That one also listed us as loot-locked afterwards.

    Others that listed us as loot-locked when we checked the old On Duty UI (because we were curious at that point) - Phantom Zone and Smallville. I can't recall others off the top of my head, and those should be reset today, but we can check again tonight now that I'm thinking about it.
  8. Zoe· Content Creator

    I queue up for quick play solos to progress in A.R.G.U.S. On Duty mission and it doesn't progress further. I am stuck there.
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  9. Time Beacon Active Player

    Is this the Zoe that was in my group last night uk time
  10. Zoe· Content Creator

    Don't think so, didn't join any group on EU and on US was with friends. lol
  11. Red Five Developer

    I just got word that the fix for this should be in the next hotfix.
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  12. MchaelAceHunter Level 30

    Does this also mean collections like A simple machine or world war wanted and relics of the underworld be found here also?
  13. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    I just did a duo for the initial pointer mission, didn’t count. :(
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  14. Aetrius Well-Known Player

    When queueing up for raids as a league, even if it's done through Omnibus, only the group leader gets credit towards the weekly quest.
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  15. Time Beacon Active Player

    I'm on us pc and there was a character called zoe haha
  16. Zoe· Content Creator

    Yeah I am aware there's a Zoe on US, not me tho :)
  17. Vonsharpington New Player

    Content feels great! The objective was met! I told a few people "if you don't look at the numbers it doesn't feel like a "clamp" it just feel like regular content. I run old stuff anyway in my free time so this was amazing for me! loot tables are a little unorganized...but nothing a little reading won't solve. My only suggestion at the moment is maybe change the color of low tier drops from the standard Green, Blue and Purple to 3 other colors, or make them lighter shades of the same color. With all that said....ALL ABOARD THE OMNIBUS!
  18. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    When do you expect the Hotfix to go in? Last night I queued a duo with 2 accounts...both me. Finished it ok, and one toon (PC) did not get the tick for duo/solo...the other toon (PS4) did. Same run....alternating who was doing the 'work' was not working at 9PM or so.

    On a separate subject, is a 'custom' queue up supposed to count and isn't counting because of this issue, or is it not supposed to count by design? Reason why is there are runs I'd run every day on some toons for things like the 100 iconic count feat, faction renown or certain drops. As i'm doing them daily, it would be nice if they would count towards Omni mission, but obviously queueing via Omni will likely not land me in say The Huntress solo or Joker's funhouse vs one of the other 30 locations. While it's not the end of the world, I'm not sure why doing a solo, or doing a full group run (4 people going into an alert or 8 into a raid) needs the random factor added in.
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  19. Zamara Dedicated Player

    Just did Oan Sciencells through an omnibus queue and one person in my group got an LPVE feat out of it, guessing it's a bug? the feat was "Legends PvE: Conviction"
  20. The Dackman New Player

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned it or if this is intended (I seriously doubt it) but the Omnibus weekly quest is only awarding credit to the group leader.
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