Dev Discussion Episode 41: Introducing the Allies System

Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Falagon, Aug 25, 2021.

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  1. Falagon Developer

    This is the official thread for the new Allies System!

    Sometimes it’s good to have friends in high places. In your case, these friends will be in very high places as you will be able to call on some of the most iconic DC characters to come to your assistance during combat.

    Access to Allies
    You will receive your first ally when you complete the allies’ introductory mission. After your House of Legends tour, you will be directed to talk to Cyborg. Once you have completed his mission and received your first ally, he will have other allies available for you to purchase.
    All players can use all allies. They are not limited by your character's Hero or Villain alignment. That’s right, you can be a firm follower of the Justice League and members of their rogues gallery alike.

    Allies will have at least two abilities. One is a direct combat ability and the other is a passive ability. The combat abilities are ready to use as soon as you receive your ally. The passive abilities will unlock as you level up your affinity with that ally.

    You can have one combat ability and two passive abilities in play at any one time, but they cannot be from the same ally. You can choose which three allies you want to be active, one for a combat ability and one for each passive ability.
    Who are your allies?
    To begin with you will receive either Oracle-bot or Calculator-Bot. Once you have completed the introductory mission from Cyborg, the following will all be available from him:
    • Oracle-Bot
    • Calculator-Bot
    • House of Legends-Bot
    • The Flash
    • Professor Zoom
    • Cyborg
    Look for Flashpoint Batman, Queen Diana, and Emperor Aquaman allies in the near future!
    Specific Ally Information

    Wrist Rocket
    Cool down: 90 sec
    Three-pronged rocket barrage at a single target that damages on impact. Damage scales with level

    Repairs an amount of durability every five seconds. The amount of durability repaired every five seconds will go up with level.

    Assertion Assault
    Cool down: 90 sec
    AoE sphere. NPCs in sphere take damage for 5 secs. Damage scales with level

    Stack Overflow
    Cool down decreases with level.
    Heals small amount on any damage. Heal based on restoration percentage. Percentage increases with level.

    House of Legends-Bot

    Shock Jock
    Cool down: 90 sec
    Channels single target ray for 6 secs. Stuns non-bosses. Damage scales with level

    Power Thief
    Restores power based on enemy stun. Power restoration scales with level.


    Power Chord
    Cool down: 90 sec
    Fires projectile in line at single target. Projectile may pass through one target and split damage on multiple targets in line of fire. Damage scales with level

    All Your Base
    Increase power regeneration when at least one base generator cell is above 50%
    Power Regen rate scales with level

    The Flash

    Tilt a Whirl
    Cool down: 90 sec
    Cone deals damage and has chance to knock down NPCs.
    Damage and knock down chance scale with level

    Walk it Off
    Increases the rate at which you exit combat. Rate at which you leave combat increases with level.

    Professor Zoom

    Whirly Gig
    Cool down: 90 sec
    AoE sphere that pulls targets in and damages them.
    Damage scales with level.

    Hot Foot
    Increases movement speed when not in combat.
    Speed increases scale with level
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  2. Zamara Dedicated Player

    Does anyone else keep opening the ally menu when trying to open the journal through the quick menu? it's going to take a while to get used to the new positions
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  3. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    I saw the catalysts but will Ally experience be added to the marketplace in the near future?
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  4. TheSapphire Active Player

    Please add keybind option to open/access the ally menu on PC.
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  5. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Created a new toon to see the effects of Ep 41's changes. Players get access to the House of Legends at Level 10ish, do the tour, see Cyborg & get an Ally. The Allies mission is brief and does a poor job explaining how Allies work, how to use them, how to fortify them. And this happens long before the Artifacts mission, which does a better job walking players through (a very similar) process. Allies should definitely be introduced later in the levelling process, somewhere after Artifacts. Obviously this is something we could not determine on Test.

    Second, there's no point in visiting the House of Legends this early. You only get the tour without the Save the Universe part, which you can't do till Level 30 anyway. So maybe that's when players should first get the House of Legends mission, to include Allies (which you don't even need for Levels 1-30).

  6. Yvtq8k3n The 7 Well-Known Player

    Could we have abit more clarity of the scalling, just like we currently have with artifacts?

    I previously mentioned this on test, but could we get an increase in the Oracle passive?
    If someone decides to fully invest in raising oracle, I think it should feel more rewarding.
    I think it should take about 1-2 mins for a max level oracle to repair a full broken gear.
  7. Canadian Justice Committed Player

    Today I came across a repeat issue with Flash. When summoned near a wall or something else that blocks his path (NPC etc...), he has a tendency to just stand there.
  8. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    A couple of grumbles:

    1) I wish we could slot in passive allies we haven’t levelled yet, for easier fortification access. Having to fumble with the sub-tabs every time is a nuisance.

    2) Ally Favour drops are all over the place. I was on 4 characters for roughly two hours each yesterday. One got over 1000 favour, another got like 180. Any chance this could be more consistent, like Nth metal is?
  9. farm3rb0b Committed Player

    I leveled up my Oracle friend to level 3 today so she could do the gear heal. When you open a menu, every time she repairs gear, you can hear that confirm/spent money type sound that denotes a piece of gear got a slight repair. That's all well and good, unless you're trying to do something in a menu on a controller. Every time that sound goes off, it jumps your controller focus back to the start of the menu you're in. most UI menu lists are broke on controller anyway and you can't always scroll consistently makes using Oracle bot's support passive with a controller super annoying.
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  10. Canadian Justice Committed Player

    Any chance the call out times could get looked at?

    Right now it feels like a rotary phone. Something more like speed dial would be nice.
  11. Mikeyb2001 Well-Known Player

    would be cool to be able to get Superman,Batman,wonder woman,Aquaman,green lantern or Martian Manhunter as Allies
  12. Mikeyb2001 Well-Known Player

    or change the Free one From Oracle to The Player's Mentor at the beginning make that decision actually matter all it really effects is the Level 30 mission and places you can go into by yourself
  13. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Devs, it seems that as new Allies are introduced, some may have buffs/ bonuses that are more beneficial to one role over another. In other words one might want Allies 1, 2 & 3 when Tanking, but Allies 4,5 % 6 while DPSing.

    So why aren't Allies part of Armory loadouts?
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  14. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Gotta say, Allies are pretty meh. Ranked Zoom up to 8, tested on sparring targets. He did less than half as much damage as a Snake Turret. So not particularly impressive.
  15. Realist617 Active Player

    i just bought all 3 legendary allies and not knowing the cost of leveling them. they cost about 150% more to level than a 200 artifact. you devs make me want to puke with all these money grabs. see, if you put out 3 new artifacts we as players could choose to stick with the arts we have and not spend any money but the ally system was something new you came up with to connive more money from us. this game used to be great but over time it has shown me the true meaning of the word hate.
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  16. RTX Well-Known Player

    First of all you can´t buy any legendary allies yet. Second you bought all 3 epic allies, which you can buy for 100 source marks each in House of Legends. 100 Source Marks you´re getting pretty quick since every Episode is free now and you´re not getting loot/mark locked. (Basicly within 1 hour)

    Ally favour however you not getting that quick, it´s meant to grow them over time, if we look at the actual drop rate of ally favour you will have one on max level within 1-2 months, depending on how much you play.

    You´re also not forced to need them in any content, its your choice if you buy them in marketplace + ally favour if you´re wanna have them max level within 1 week.

    Yes it is another feature for making money, but on the other hand they removed some,
    1. not having to buy episodes.
    2. not having to use replay badges.
    3. additional rewards daily for free.
    4. more inventory slots.
    5. more cash for free/premium players.
    6. free access to the lair system.
    7. not needing to buy catalyst for artefacts. (not having to buy source marks)

  17. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    I just wanted to note that you can buy Flashpoint Batman, Emperor Aquaman, and Queen Diana on the Marketplace as of today.
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  18. RTX Well-Known Player

    Didnt checked, ty for clarify!
  19. Jcal Dedicated Player

    Question regarding the House of Legends Bot's passive ability - would a Chronometric Emitter (and other consumables that stun) trigger the power back proc?

    I'm thinking about leveling this bot up for my earth tank who can stun with both Earthen Grip and Pheromone Bloom. I guess I'm also wondering if weapon attacks that stun also trigger the proc? Jeez these Ally descriptions are the worst and you can't even look at this stuff in-game until after you buy the Ally.
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  20. Time Beacon Active Player

    If you remortgage your house you can
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