Test Discussion Episode 41: House of Legends

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by TLantern, Aug 6, 2021.

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  1. Curse Bringer Most Wanted

    Any chance of seeing the old Black alice and vicki vale NPCs make it in?
  2. Charon Lead Content Designer

    I don't see any traces of Vicki sadly. Black Alice looks... not bad for her age. She could definitely get a texture pass but I wouldn't feel bad having her show up before then. She even has some VO we could use. A lot of flavor NPCs will be in the House of Legends. I'll see about her stomping around the halls, yelling and griping about various supers. She may even could be used as a vendor or quest turn in with the VO we have but would need some noodling to see if we can do anything in time for 41 or just use her later.

    At the very least I'd like to see her the next time we do a JLD episode - or one day, dare to dream, Shadowpact.
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  3. Zoe· Content Creator

    Charon I just ran the 8th percent solo and Possessed Donna is still using her old model. Is it going to change or stay like that?
    Same for Black Canary still having her old model as illusion in the Gotham Sewers.
  4. Charon Lead Content Designer

    Some may change sooner than others. Canary I can probably update in the near future (post 41), others are actual art changes like applying more eyes or horns, etc on a model. Those are basically an expensive task for Art for one off situations and likely fall short on the to do list while other NPCs get a refresh on their main look. Where applicable, like where it's just an illusion texture being used, I can do stuff like that in my half an artist sort of way.

    Again, another example - making a new Blue Canary would be a brand new Art ask due to a new mesh. They would save time in doing in versus making a brand new assets since they can use parts of the new models, but they do tend to fall to the bottom of the ladder for refreshes. Eventually! Maybe! Hopefully... lol

    Again, I'll note illusion Canary. I can do that on my own so will get that done.
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  5. Charon Lead Content Designer

    I'm a dirty liar. Looks like I already made that but forgot to hook it up for Canary. Now it's just a data change, not client. It'll update with EP41.
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  6. Zoe· Content Creator

    Hahaha It's all good, can't wait :)
  7. Curse Bringer Most Wanted

    Awesome to hear for BA!!
    The Other model apparently wasn't Vicki Vale but rather Dr. Serling from cadmus/superboy
  8. Charon Lead Content Designer

    We ALMOST used her in the House of Legends for a role. She needed some refreshing and another NPC won out over her but she's on our radar again now.
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  9. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    I like her glasses, ;) ;) nudge nudge :D
  10. RTX Well-Known Player

    You playing DCUO yourself? How it come you working/answering on sundayo_O
  11. Zoe· Content Creator

    Why is it so surprising that the Devs play the game?... I don't think it should be questioned at all.
  12. RTX Well-Known Player

    We might would have gotten more detail...be on my side next time:mad::D
  13. Zoe· Content Creator

    I remember that you said that a female style is planned soon. Can you say if It's a Time Capsule style? just curious :)
  14. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    There is the Robotic Arm..... but it does come from Time Capsules. :oops:
  15. SilkyPawz Bunny

    Speaking of Meow, can we please get Cat Ears :D:rolleyes:
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  16. Proxystar #Perception

    And not attached to goggles or helmets either, just cat ears :D :D

    oh and bunny ears.
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  17. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Sigh, even if it’s a testing feedback forum, it still finds a way to devolves into style requests
  18. SilkyPawz Bunny

    Charon said Meow...lol I thought would be a great time to ask, since I know several years back Megzilla said it would make it to the marketplace but never did, I mean we have catwomen... :D
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  19. Music Mechanicz New Player


    One thing has been a bit of an annoyance, at least in my opinion, is the fact that the sparring targets are getting controlled while testing my DPS even though I have less than the 1500 dominance needed to control the ones in the watchtower and my league hall. And yes, I do have a league hall so I am aware I can avoid this. Is it possible for the dominance threshold to be increased on the dummies in the house of legends?

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  20. Zoe· Content Creator

    Question. The Appearance Vendor (Gentleman Ghost) only has hairstyles and skins from character creation. Can you guys add all the styles so we don't have to go back to HOD or WT to get them? Like the Chest styles, head styles etc.
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