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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by TLantern, Aug 6, 2021.

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  1. Zoe· YouTuber

    It didn't happen today at all, so good job on fixing that :)
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  2. Rip Kurrent Well-Known Player

    Haven't had a chance to get on yet, but I believe Zoe and will say no lol. If I encounter something different, I will let you know.
  3. RTX Well-Known Player

    Well the animations are fixed. Teleporter Training Room to Archive of Victory needs to be looked at, it might will affect all PS players if its due to slower loading times.
    Try to replicate this issue without movement mode activated. And if possible limited hardware ressources, which i think is causing this for some. Since that part of the map basicly isn´t loaded all the time, as you know.
    Try to teleport a few times from Training Room to Archive of Victory and back.

    (Players will fall thru the ground, to be more specific)
  4. TLantern Developer

    I've got a fix for this, thanks for the report!
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  5. Zoe· YouTuber

    Question. In Watch Tower and Hall of Doom there are special vendors you hear about as part of the tour, where you earn renown with early factions and they have exclusive gear. Is this gear added in House of Legends? I don't recall seeing anything about it in the HoL Tour. Just curious as it was like an early introduction to renown in general.
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  6. RTX Well-Known Player

    Is there maybe a NPC, which should be inside the House of legends and is outside? Dont wanna teaser if its not within the superman drop.:cool:
  7. TLantern Developer

    We have not added the gear from those renown vendors. It's worth a discussion though if they are really important to have.
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  8. StealthBlue Loyal Player

    I think those were on the level 30 tour. What we've seen is more like the level 10/15 tour. My guess is that those are in the room with the mentors (if they exist), since that's where Zatanna is with the one mission you get at level 30 (by the statues in the watchtower for heroes). Though maybe early game renown (or at least requirements for buying those styles) has been removed.

    On that note, are the other level 30 things in HoL somewhere? Daily acts of heroism/villainy console, toyman mission console/portal, last laugh into console, lady Shiva, and anything else I'm forgetting.
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  9. Zoe· YouTuber

    They felt like an introduction to how the renown system works, it will be a shame to not add it in my eyes.

    I think Lady Shiva is but not other stuff, no.
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  10. StealthBlue Loyal Player

    There are feats associated with the styles from those faction vendors. If the goal is to eliminate the "need" to visit the watchtower/hall of doom then they should be in the hall of legends somewhere.

    When I get home, I'll check on the other things I mentioned above, but the same goes for those. If they aren't in the HoL, then people will have to go out of the way to find those to progress the associated missions/work on the related feats.
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  11. stärnbock Devoted Player

    can you please give us supermans original skin back?
    this new model looks realy generic at best. why wool?
    why are his clothes looking like they are hand-knitted?
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  12. StealthBlue Loyal Player

    the consoles for the toyman and daily acts missions still exist in the watchtower and can be interacted with there, but I didn't see anything for them in the HoL. I checked the teleport pads in HoL to see if they would take you to the toyman strikers island, but didn't see it there. So you would have to visit the old HQs to work on the feats related to those two missions.

    The notes say Lady Shiva is now a vendor, but sometime after you got to level 30 you had to talk to her before doing the league of assassins stronghold alert. If there was any more to it (like checking in after finishing the first time to get another reward) it may not be worth adding.

    The intro screen for Last Laugh wasn't accessable to my new character in the Watchtower, so I didn't have anyway to easily identify it in the hall of legends if it was there. I thought this gave something at the end, possibly just some marks of legend. So it might not be a big deal, but that intro cutscene is now gone.

    I also couldn't talk to Zatanna for the daily mission to save citizens from cultists (which I can do on a character I've had for a while) so it may just be a bug with certain things not clearing requirements for new characters.

    The faction gear and emblems (requiring renown) could probably be added to either the magic, meta, and tech vendors for heroes and villains or to the unique hero/villain vendors. Though those may still end up being locked between hero and villain since the renown is specific to heroes and villains.

    This may have been reported already, but the teleporter from the training room to the archive of legends puts you below the map.
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  13. KneelBeforeZodd Dedicated Player

    Oh, then it wasnt just me. All Sons of Trigon dailies and FOS teleporters seem to be bugged for characters that reached Tier 1 after the update, I guess we got to add the last laugh to the list now.
  14. Curse Bringer Most Wanted


    This is a nice touch. All for captain carrot :D
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  15. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

    Hey TLantern! Long time no see, my feedback directly with the layout is the place where you're first teleported is not intuitive, in general you want to go towards the Orrery teleportation part (Main observation deck I believe is called) where you have all of the big vendors.
    However it teleports you in the room looking towards the training hall. So you run a few doors to see you had a mistake and then go back to the main hall! That's all :)
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  16. XxtugaPCxX New Player

    In Inner Sanctum the npc batman vanished, preventing us from starting Brother Eye boss.
  17. Curse Bringer Most Wanted

    I will be forever grateful for being able to complete the expert marksman set without having to deal with another match of PVP. Thank you x1,000,000
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  18. Charon Lead Content Designer

    Expect this one to go up in price most likely as it's the only remaining set that is PvP exclusive and while this may seem to be the final nail in the PvP coffin - I have other ideas for reward systems that are PvP exclusive (much like SM have their exclusive stuff). You know, if we ever get a chance to revisit and fix it and reengergize it with new goodies. The ship has sailed with the styles though, since before my time, it was decided to put these into PvE avenues of obtainment. Might as well remove the painful RNG but still create a premium price point to pay for the removal of PvP needs to obtain and the cruel RNJesus means to obtain.

    It won't be popular with everyone, even on both sides of the fence (selling them to begin with or selling them for those price points) but hopefully it appeals enough to most people.
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  19. Zoe· YouTuber

    Has any other Iconics got refreshed that we don't see in the House of Legends right now? Or this was it for EP 41?
    Also is Steve Trevor there for any reason? because I can't interact with him at all, same for John Stewart who stands next to the League Hall thing.
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  20. Charon Lead Content Designer

    Steve will be the weekly mission giver for using the Omnibus. That should be online this week at some point.
    John Stewart will be the new face of League Hall stuff, instead of the monitor behind him but we'll be waiting for some VO lines from him first. He'll be making an appearance in the next episode so we'll grab lines then.

    Majority, if not all, of the updates for 41 are shown. We've already started with refreshes for next episode though. We're going ape with it, across all 5 dimensions so far. Two others are out of this word, but not out of the solar system - one of these is a brand new iconic to our game that's been requested for some time.
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