Test Discussion Episode 40: The Royal War (Alert)

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Quixotic, Apr 2, 2021.

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  1. Quixotic Developer

    Welcome to Flashpoint!

    This thread is for the 4 player Operation, The Royal War. Please post feedback, comments, and any bugs you encounter and be sure to mention which version you were in at the time: Event, Normal, or Elite.

    Thanks and enjoy!
    - Quixotic

    Known Issues:
    • Feats are not in yet
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  2. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    On the Elite Aquaman fight, I feel like his Aqua Surge could use a Skull Chevron. That attack can kill you in a couple of hits and has a decent width on it.
  3. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Ran the regular version (Will run again plus elite later). Difficulty wise for regular it was good, and the bosses were interesting. I love the Zoom fight (Probably will regret saying it after trying elite) he has some crazy unique mechanics. I like that Queen Diana has some new mechanics and still kept some old ones, so It doesn't feel like the complete same fight but same character. Emperor Aquaman was great, I really have no complaints as of now but will come back to this thread after another run.
  4. StealthBlue Loyal Player

    Is the Trident Surge attack supposed to have a red skull (in Elite)? Sometimes it will KO you, sometimes it won't.
  5. Rev erse New Player

    So heres the feedback for the elite version:
    (In its current state as it is on test)

    1st boss(Aquaman):
    -Aquamans weapon attacks have to be bumped up(his abilities are deadly to the group but his weapon attacks are pretty low for the tank)
    -Health pools of the summoned adds have to be increased, so does the damage output by those

    2nd boss(Athena):
    -Ares charges should be more deadly
    -Increase the damage dealt by the curse by approx. 10-20%(or add a penalty if it isnt within a certain timelimit, doesnt seem too punishing in its current state)
    -Lower the duration of the reflection phase by Athena
    -Make the volatile add more deadly or threatening

    3rd boss(Zoom):
    -Maybe higher his health pool just a little bit since everything on live server will be a burn fest
    -Overall great fight, coordination is key during the last healing phase
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  6. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Here's the video (Mine) completing the elite alert. I agree with everything Rev wrote above^
  7. Rev erse New Player

    I meant to mean Queen Diana, not Athena ;)
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  8. Quixotic Developer

    Thank you for your feedback! The following updates are on the way:
    • Elite Queen Diana: Pets and Sidekicks will not be given Aphrodite's Full Heart.
    • Professor Zoom: Speed Force Tempests will not harm anyone stunned by Zoom's Speed-Force Inertia
    • Professor Zoom: Zoom will speedster around less often
    • Professor Zoom: Adjusted range on Speed Force Tempest damage to better match their size
    • Elite Emperor Aquaman: Added a skull icon tell to Emperor Aquaman's Trident Surge
    • Elite Professor Zoom: Add a second more to the time limit to disperse Speed Force Energy before it will heal Zoom
    • Professor Zoom: Added a slight delay before Zoom's Velocitug will do damage and added a skull icon warning for this attack
    • Professor Zoom: Adjusted the damage for Zoom interruptible aoe, Detonating Momentum
    • Professor Zoom: Zoom no longer uses two different versions of Whirling Arms and the version used can be countered
    • Professor Zoom: Renamed Zoom's pulling arm attack to Twirling Arm for better clarity and it can be countered
    • Professor Zoom: Added a slight delay before Zoom's Flash Fist Barrage does damage and blocking will reduce that damage
    • Professor Zoom: Reduced the damage from Zoom's Vortex Trap and reduce the range at which it does damage.
    • Elite: Adds have a bit more health and do a bit more damage.
    • Elite Queen Diana: Volatile Shades will do the correct damage if they explode (were using Normal version behavior instead of Elite)
    • Queen Diana: Improved appearance of Volatile Shades mechanic
    • Queen Diana: Ares' charge should do damage more consistently
    • Elite: Slight bit more health for bosses
    • Elite Emperor Aquaman: Fixed a mechanic for the Elite version of the Emperor Aquaman that wasn't happening - Atlantean troops are supposed to appear and attempt to take down The Flash. If they succeed in doing so,the full force of Geo-Pulse Eruptions is unleashed and the entire area fills with them. The Atlantean troops were not spawning, but now will.
    I think those will be in the next patch...straight out of the patch notes.
    - Quixotic
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  9. zNot Loyal Player

    Very nice summary,i really like and appreciate that you put this info and the effort to write it here hope to see that in the other threads too.

    Do you know when these changes will be on Test?
  10. Quixotic Developer

    If everything goes well, I believe an update for PC Test is planned for tonight. I wouldn't count on that until it happens though - it's always possible for something to come up that delays things.

    - Quixotic
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  11. Quixotic Developer

    I made a change to the Elite version of Queen Diana's Ancient Curse - the one that puts a Greek Symbol on everyone.

    It will start with a bit more damage than before and less damage will drop off with each symbol that is cleared. Previously the drop in damage was around 34% per ally who no longer has a symbol (and remains like that in Normal and Event versions of the Alert). Now for Elite it drops by ~8-10% progressively and is equal for everyone.

    That change is currently expected to be pushed to PC Test some time today. If you get a chance to try this out, let me know if the damage feels good or is too high or too low.

    Note that Ancient Curse damage will not bypass shields, so I'm expecting those to be used to help absorb some of the damage.


    - Quixotic
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  12. Maxwill Dedicated Player

    Lag... it started during Aquaman fight , elite version , I and my team were lagging too much at last boss.
  13. Maxwill Dedicated Player

    Also will there be a rare item at last boss? Legion Flight ring was a good thing in previous elite alert.
  14. HEALB4 Level 30

    Feedback for the latest patch of the Elite Version of the Alert :
    Aqualad is more deadly now - good, can stay like this.

    Same for Diana.

    Zoom: Basically way too easy now, just undo all of the changes that Zoom got and you got the Perfect Boss fight.
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  15. Rev erse New Player

    I have to agree, these changes should be reverted. I was able to get 3 healing portals once. This shouldnt be possible at all for an elite version. The previous Zoom was justified in terms of difficulty. We are still talking about an elite version. Not every player constellation should be able to pass this boss.

    The 1st boss fight was nicely adjusted tho I think that the adds can deal slightly more(not much more, just a little bit, maybe like overall 5% more) damage to The Flash while hes trying to take down the Geopulse.
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  16. Quixotic Developer

    I've made some adjustments to Elite Zoom that should be in the next update to PC Test:
    • Reduced the timer on the Healing Rifts back closer to what they were originally and increased the interact time on them from instant to one second. Goal for these two changes is to reduce the chance that one person can close more than one healing rift and increase the chance that all 4 of you need to help with this mechanic.
    • Also increased the damage from the Speed Force Tempests. The reduced damage radius from an earlier change should make them easier to avoid, so the Tempests need to hit a good bit harder.
    • Professor Zoom will use his stun/nuke (Speed-Forced Inertia) mechanic twice more in Elite.
    I think the baseline for Zoom is pretty solid, so going forward I'll mostly be looking to get the challenge in Elite back to where it needs to be.

    - Quixotic
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  17. Scytthe Well-Known Player

    Thanks for the update, I wish devs and Daybreak would listen care and communicate about pvp as much as you guys do for this dlc.
    Will never happen I guess, atleast you seem to care about this episode wich is good.
  18. zNot Loyal Player

    Thats exactly what i was thinking he implements things quickly and listens to feedback Quixotic is really a amazing developer and this Elite Alert has very good difficulty across the board for all rolls and the mechanics and everything are actually things what i would have expected in a Elite raid thats how good this is.

    i hope flashtastic voyage Elite will get big and major adjustments like this Elite alert there isnt much time left maybe Quixotic could help out with that? I remember that he helped Millbarge in Episode 39 with the Elite raid,as of now this Elite alert is harder then flastastic voyage Elite from my experience/viewpoint as a Tank in general and especially the mechanics etc.
  19. Scytthe Well-Known Player

    I haven’t tried it I hope there is some big difficulty spikes,do you have any idea about that?

    What you said sounds exciting, I just wish the raids are hard....
  20. zNot Loyal Player

    Jackfrost had things to deal with in private life and couldnt do much/or do anything at all in the beginning to adjust things early on which basically explains for the most part why flashtastic voyage elite is behind the other content and thats why I hope that he gets help from another dev ideally Quitoxic since i think hes very good at focusing on Tanking difficulty/mechanics and overall difficulty.

    Thats just my viewpoint,and sorry for being out of topic @devs.
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