Dev Discussion Episode 40: Flashtastic Voyage (Raid)

Discussion in 'Concluded' started by JackFrost, Apr 15, 2021.

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  1. JackFrost Developer

    Hello, players! We're excited that the new episode we've been developing has been released to the live server.

    This is the thread I'll be most closely watching for the Flashtastic Voyage (Event, Normal, and Elite) Raids. Please leave any feedback or bug reports in this thread with as much relevant information as possible.

    Thanks for playing DCUO, and we hope you enjoy the new content!
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  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    This raid is disabled today while we resolve an issue.
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  3. JackFrost Developer

    This raid has been enabled since Saturday. Apologies that it wasn't activated at the same time as the rest of the new Episode 40 content. A number of fixes are in the works based on feedback and bug reports I've received in private messages, but I don't have an exact ETA on when fixes will be patched to live yet.

    I just wanted to ping this thread to make sure y'all saw that the content and thread are open. Cheers!
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  4. Yaiba Committed Player

    About first boss Gorilla Grodd (elite), after I did the "gorilla" mechanic and warped back, my camera was shaking/spinning for 2-3s, this is super annoying. Last boss had weird bug as well, you could get 2 Abra Kadabra, and every time he summoned the statues, you got 2.
  5. JackFrost Developer

    Thanks for the reports! Do you, or anyone have any information about the 2 Abra Kadabras/double-statues? Or video showing this, or the other camera shake bug? Can you describe how many times you've seen the issue with double Abras/statues? Any additional information may help me track it down. Thanks!
  6. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Thanks for opening the thread :)

    A few things:

    1. You can re-enter the boss fight on last boss. This only seems to be a thing on last boss and not second boss despite being in the same area.
    2. Everything seems a bit low on health, especially in normal version, but it is noticeable in elite as well. Nightmare Flash in particular could do with a health buff - also would it be possible for him to use his vibrato attack more frequently? It makes the fight that bit more engaging, but sometimes if he dies too fast he may not use it at all. Being at current episode he should use vibrato attack at least 1-2 times (depending on damage) before he dies, if he is focused by the DPS in the group first.
    3. I will need to follow up on this, but sometimes while fighting hallway adds the camera bugs out (on PS4) for a bit and you can't steer which direction the camera is looking for a time. It usually resolves after a bit but can be quite annoying. I may need to recreate the issue and send an unlisted video to you in private, not sure if this is console specific.

    I'll update if I find anything else.
  7. Yaiba Committed Player

    Sorry, I don't have any recorded videos :( , but I have asked my friends and they had the same experience as well, after being warped, they couldn't move the camera for few seconds.
  8. Hollow Gohan Well-Known Player

    Only real glitches I've experienced are the last boss being able to walk back in, and then subbosses resetting when they walk up on top of statue platforms chasing the tank (although this can easily be avoided).

    I must say though, I'm not a huge fan of the bosses' defense buff/close proximity mechanic returning from Clocktower Elite. I don't know what the goal in this mechanic is, but if it is to push people to two tank, it can easily be circumvented with one tank by kiting the bosses and burning the one that isn't near the group. I'd rather if groups are going to one tank that they have the ability, or even be enticed to face tank the bosses and play for counters instead of running around so that the bosses are separated. Just allows tanks to have more than one way to play this boss. It's not a major deal, but just my opinion on this mechanic.
  9. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Is there any way the second/last boss area can be reduced in size please? Having such a huge area to fight the Rogues kinda trivialises the difficulty of the raid for me personally, more so in elite.
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  10. zNot Dedicated Player

    The idea of 2 Tanks was really good and needed in Elite its just that issue that people try to always solo tank things on elite.
    This mechanic was indeed in clocktower aswell and wasnt effective because of kiting (kiting shouldnt be a thing in Elite raids to begin with)

    Also no matter how they adjust the bosses even bosses that are harmless most TANKS on elite kite even the „look at me im so good at tanking“ will kite and make it easy on himself. Also elite raid bosses are supposed to be hitting hard and be a big threat to the Tank thats the reason why a tank is so strong in dcuo some tanks think they have 300k hp for nothing i guess? Some Tanks litteraly only kite thats not tanking people made it easy on themselves. Theres a reason why 2 Tanks was the plan.

    I like the attempt that was made to try and get people to use 2 tanks but i think we need bigger guns to force groups to use 2 Tanks :) i also said it before people always try to use as many DPS as possible to make it as easy as possible and as quick as possible and then cry „the raid is so easy and short“ while using multiple gadget prec DWFS players.

    on the last boss you can have like 10-15 enemys on you as a solo tank and still be fine due to kiting as someone else said the map is massive which makes kiting even easyier.

    But im not sure if its too late to adjust anything higher.
  11. JackFrost Developer

    No worries. I'll try to add some failsafes to prevent any double-spawns in that fight. And if anyone happens to catch video of any wonky camera issues, it may help us to investigate what's going on. Thanks!
  12. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    I can also confirm that during the normal version of Flashtastic Voyage I also had 2 Abra Kadabra spawn in a run I did earlier. The other one disappeared once we got loot.
  13. Hollow Gohan Well-Known Player

    Concisely put, if things hit harder and there is a smaller room, 2 tanks will be required. Bosses that are close together getting massive defense buffs literally promotes kiting, so all in all, it's just not a good mechanic in my opinion. It's not like the bosses are hitting harder or anything, it's just that when they are grouped up they can't really be burned. It does not make much sense, and makes the fight boring to me. If I want to stand there and block or lunge multiple bosses (which can be quite fun), the bosses all get buffed and the group says to move them lol. The obvious response I expect here would be, "just two tank it then if you want to play like that." However, that is not efficient considering the fight easily solo-able. All I'm saying is that if the fight is going to be easily solo tanked regardless by tanks that are kiting for instance as you said, might as well let the players who want to face tank the bosses as a change of pace... face tank the bosses. The defense buff thus becomes an odd obstacle to that end. The best way to promote 2 tanking is through heavy damage, not through separation mechanics that pose no threat.

    Edit: With all that said, after thinking about this for a while, the only thing I could think of as a reason behind the mechanic is so that groups don't just aoe all 5 bosses to death right away. This, in my opinion, could easily be circumvented just like in PC E by the bosses healing a portion of their health when one dies. However, the specific feats tied to this raid now would be impossible then. I just hope moving forward this type of mechanic does not return.
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  14. zNot Dedicated Player

    Yea i agree there needs to be mechanics and heavy damage in a small room at the same time but something similar was actually the case in clocktower first boss and people still solo tanked it but with severe kiting but it was possible.

    i do remember one elite raid where all bosses needed 2 Tanks and that was Darksides war factory elite there kiting wasnt possible,small room,adds,always grounded,bosses and adds were hiting super hard and had very high hp.

    This raid is still super fun and i like what jackfrost did to it the changes he did were massive difference compared to the early stages of flashtastic seriously thumbs up!
  15. JackFrost Developer

    Understood. Some failsafes have been added to prevent that from happening should be going out with the next patch (if the patch hasn't already gone out). Thanks for confirming!
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  16. TheNumber 2 Well-Known Player

    Unrelated to the raid, but in the penitentiary duo, plastic man can spawn twice. Easy to dodge if you’re paying attention, easy to die if they catch you slipping.
  17. JackFrost Developer

    I spoke with the designer in charge of that content and a fix has been submitted, and I believe it should have gone out with the latest hotfix. Thanks!
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  18. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Have seen Gorilla Commanders that would not take damage, would not respond to tank taunts/pulls (tank at max dominance).
  19. JackFrost Developer

    Interesting. Is is just the commanders specifically that have exhibited this bug? I'll look into that first. It was in the crawl before the Gorilla Grodd boss fight?
  20. Yaiba Committed Player

    Sometimes you can't see the indicator (red area) for Grodd's special attack, I think it's called Earth Wave.
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