Test Discussion Episode 40: Artifacts - Pied Piper's Flute

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Ranmaru, Apr 2, 2021.

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  1. Ranmaru Developer

    Sadly the way it functions, its listening for damage from the super charge itself. Since buff SC's don't 'technically' do any damage it can't amplify it. Its the same issue with the Sorc SC since it spawns pets & the pets do damage.
  2. Yaiba Committed Player

    You have EoG for that
  3. Nautical enthusiast Well-Known Player

    So 20% of for 6 seconds or 45%of my entire sc?

    What if it’s a fight like Zeus where u can’t leech damage?

    Yeah, exactly the same thing.

    Thank you for you well thought out constructive reply.
  4. AquamantheKing Level 30

    As Ranmaru stated, this art will only apply to SC that do damage so buff sc and summoning sc won't proc it. So you're left with EoG in order to get a buff off of a SC like Circuit Breaker/Berserk/Neo Venom etc.

    Not every artifact is made for every power or every playstyle. I'm all for this artifact being what it's intended to be which is a close range SC amplifier. It's intended for a playstyle and focuses more on quick SC usage. Simple as that.

    Once we get bugs out of the way then maybe we will be able to test it further.
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  5. Ranmaru Developer

    I have made some changes, that will eventually permeate to PC Test.

    Increased range of Cone from 10 meters to 25 Meters
    The intent: I had not intended for the artifact to be usable only in close range scenarios. As such I've more than Doubled the range of the cone, this should allow more Supercharges to be viable to cast from a reasonable range.
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  6. AquamantheKing Level 30

    Really appreciate the update and clarification. Hope to stay updated so we know what to watch out for. When will this update be on test?
  7. Nautical enthusiast Well-Known Player

    Thank you for the explanation. I’m glad your all for an artifact that is already outshined by those over a year old.

    Doesn’t matter, you have another omegahedron here, just keeping the meta the same. Yeah, you can fire out those pheromone blooms and speed drains out all you want. That speed drain that hit for 50k will hit 57.5k. If you bother to get it to 200, 1 out of 10 will hit for 72.5k. Never mind that there,s a chance to miss if not 200.

    Why exclude the most widely used sc from a sc artifact?

    This should be rethought to allow it to be viable for more power sets.
  8. AquamantheKing Level 30

    So I take it you want this artifact to instead just buff your damage output once you hit a super charge? So if I were to hit circuit breaker which buffs my damage output have the artifact give me another buff? Based off of what by the way? Will that be more of what you're talking about?

    Or you could just suggest to increase the chances of the buffs to hopefully have it proc more often, or slightly higher increase in order to appeal to better options.
  9. Nautical enthusiast Well-Known Player

    The only viable use I can see for this is a swap in for 100% then swap it back out.
    As I mentioned before an extra 7.5k on a 25% sc is outclassed no matter what your power set. powers differ but what would you take out for this art?Some need the grim for pi. The suicide blows this out of the water. Almost every power uses the trans. 1 tic of the strat crits for 20k. You can leech 20% of everyone dmg with eog. Not to mention you would have to pair it with the scrap for full benefit.

    I sure you can point out 1 power that could benefit from this, but creating an art for 1 power? Perfectly logical.

    As for how I would fix this? Maybe lower the percentage of damage thrown back when using neo, circuit, ice elemental, wolf, gorilla... but do it after the sc expires. Also add prec onto the art and maybe you can change that trans strat grim meta.

    But as it is right now, the meta stays the same.
  10. Mr.W Well-Known Player

    I want to start by saying I do see some uses with this for lower dot based supercharges (when your probability is higher)

    I paired this with a 200 scrap to speed things up. Volcanic calamity was the supercharge of choice.

    I tested this for several hours & im not sure if my RNG was out right garbage today lol or if something a little wonky is going on.

    Rank 80 (no proc)

    Rank 80 (with proc)

    Rank 120 (no proc)
    389,612 (I watched closely here & there was no swarm)

    Rank 120 (with proc) this was a 2hr struggle i only got it once a little before test server shutdown.


    Rank 160 (no proc)


    Rank 160 (with proc)

    I'm not sure why I got a rank 80 proc that was comparable to my highest rank 160 proc. I'm also a little confused as to why the rank 120 & 160 both had procs lower than all of my non-proc values.

    When test server is back up I'll try it without any crit chance or magnitude & see if that may be the abnormality.
  11. AquamantheKing Level 30

    Be sure that when you test it you are close enough to the target. Simply because the animation shows doesn't always mean it's actually hitting the sparring target.
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  12. Mr.W Well-Known Player

    I thought I was pretty close lol, but thank you :) I'll try again at a closer range. Its always good to try again with big abnormalities. Hopefully this one was user error XD
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