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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Red Five, Nov 5, 2020.

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  1. Red Five Developer

    Greetings Legionnaires,

    This is the official feedback thread for Long Live the Legions items and rewards. We will be checking back and fixing things as often as possible. Thanks for playing, and have fun in 31st Century New Earth.
  2. BRITTENY Dedicated Player

    Is there supposed to be a face socket on the OP face?

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  3. Stranger Well-Known Player

    True, i was wondering too
  4. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    This was asked on test as well, no response. Maybe they are bringing it back in the next tc?
  5. Coldzoom Well-Known Player

    Can you even upgrade the OP face? I only see one catalyst on the vendor.
  6. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    There is a Spelling Error in the Feats List
    Feat says Just Coasing (Elite)

    Should say Just Coasting (Elite)
  7. Yaiba Committed Player

    Where can i buy soder colar enhancer for this episode? I checked all the vendors and haven't found one.
  8. StealthBlue Loyal Player

    The others might be hidden until you do the breakthrough with that catalyst, or at least buy that catalyst. While looking at the gear vendor I noticed that only the weapons I had skill points in showed up (at least when tabing over through the filters for the different gear sets).
  9. BRITTENY Dedicated Player

    Why are the items that cost Time Beacons dramatically increased from the previous episode?

    We're currently getting 2 more marks per rotation than WV, 48 vs 46. So, why does everything cost so much more?
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  10. Canadian Justice Committed Player

    Purchased 2 Warding Emerald Band (Elite) from vendor from ProbTek VendoBot 9000 and was not granted Sarya's Bling feat.

    Tried relogging, switching characters, taking gear on and off, getting another feat, switching armories. Nothing got the feat to trigger.
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  11. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    So... Now that we have a white mod socket, can we have mod extractors again? Mepps said in the live stream today that currently on the starro ones work, which I have a few, but the one I want is on the original OP face I had. I'd like to remove it to add to my new one.

    Thanks in advanced!
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  12. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    They should just add them to the base mod dispenser.
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  13. Red Raptor Active Player

    "For the last few episodes the xp needed to rank up the OP item was coming from daily boxes. Now it comes from that weekly and the bounties. Except the drop rate from the bounties is extremely rare. I farmed bounties for 6 hrs yesterday and received 1 drop of the xp for the OP face. This is way too rare. At this rate i'd have to farm bounties for a ridiculous amount of hours to finish the OP item. Please look into changing this drop rate. Thank you."
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  14. Stranger Well-Known Player

    Utility Belt not deleteable!!!
  15. Red Five Developer

    Oh man! I can't believe I missed this again.I had a post it note on my monitor and everything. I'm on it.
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  16. Canadian Justice Committed Player

    And if it matters at all, I purchased the rings from the sorted list that only listed the elite tank gear.
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  17. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    A note for next Episode on the free Episode Adaptive Augments:

    These lower Tier AA's should auto-level depending on your CR (for the AA's base stats). As it is no matter what CR you are (unless above that required for the new Episode) the base stats on Refurbished AA's is the same. You could be CR 309, accept the AA's from the U/I and get a DPS AA with only 33 health, 67 power, 24 might & 30 weaponization, just as if you were Level 25.
  18. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Who is this a quotation of?
  19. zNot Dedicated Player

    for the future OP pieces please make OP gear always the face like it is currently for long live the legion its less complicated and makes more sense.
    If a OP gear is lets say a head piece then there is no point in buying a head piece from the vendor you know? So pleace make the OP gear from now only the face piece thanks
  20. UVLN Level 30

    UVLN, A moment agoEditReport#20Reply
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