Test Discussion Episode 39: Legion HQ Orientation (Alert)

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by TLantern, Oct 23, 2020.

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  1. Charon Lead Content Designer

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  2. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Only with the last boss/alert completion, first boss you get no renown

    ps. didn't see the response above before I responded :p
  3. TLantern Developer

    At the moment, many of the bosses special attacks are targeting players. Basic combos on the other hand should not be, I can look at each of these.
  4. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Thank you. That would be great.

    It is always inconvenient when Decoy can't fulfill its intended role. If you're in a no-healer or all-dps run, having Decoy work properly really helps.
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  5. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    I don’t do elites so I don’t remember it, to be honest. I’m not really in this game to be challenged a whole lot. I want to have to put a little effort in but when you’re still dying in Crypt 4 months later because people still don’t know how to deal with Queen Diana’s archers, it’s just kinda bleh to me personally.
  6. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    The subtitle notes Cosmic Boy's name as Rokk Krin but the surname is Krinn.
  7. AZPrime Level 30

    As far the renown for the elite version of the alert is concerned, I feel that it should be split between the two bosses and increased overall to match the amount of renown you get from a single boss from the elite raid. So for example, if each boss from the raid gives you 150 renown, the two bosses from the elite should give you 150 renown total, say 50 for the first and 100 for the second. Since the alert costs 29 marks to reset and the raid costs 87, proportioning the renown this way would make resetting the elite alert an equally viable option for those who may struggle to complete the elite raid.
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  8. zNot Well-Known Player

    I dont agree with this. If you struggle with the Elite Raid (which most should and have to otherwise it will be the quickest elite raid we seen and nobody wants that) i think 50 renown is absolutly okay for a elite alert if you do lets say 1-2 elite raid bosses(if you are skilled enough) each week on top of that you will be able to get elite gear very quick dont forget elite alerts reset daily? Raids only once a week! Elite alerts are quicker and easyier on top of that so even lower skilled players can get renown,dont make the game easyier and faster then it already is people like you make the game boring and easy.

    Please devs dont change the renown for elite alert if they want renown they should use resets and not expect to get full elite gear in 2 weeks without using resets and then do elite raids and make the whole dlc a cake walk.

    For someone like you who isnt skilled enough i think you should be thankfull to get the chance to get renown without doing the elite raid (if they hopefully make it super difficult) ,stop complaining people will just farm elite alert and go to the elite raid with full elite gear lets see if it wil make the elite raid a quick run if so then i can see many people quitting this DLC so quick.
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  9. arielflores New Player

    I agree with you! Tired of those who get full renown resetting first bosses with simple mechanics on first boss. I think the alert shouldn't give any renown. Missing the times when you play the entire raid with minimum CR.
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  10. zNot Well-Known Player

    Yes exactly,this game used to be so fun and exciting when the raids were difficult and were not being beaten first day it was on live servers or speedruned (with only 1 tank 1 heal 1 troll solo support run) in less then a week of its realease which is the case for all DLC“s for years in a row currently.

    The Old raids didnt even have many mechanics like the raids currently have but they were hitting harder and quicker (this mainly will effect the Tank and will put more pressure on heal and troll to keep the tank alive which is how it should be and used to be in old difficult (expert/Elite) Raid content its very simple to fix and support rolls currently with the 3 artifacts at 200 we have are super super powerfull)i think this is something the devs are not adjusting correctly for Elite raids.

    This explains why alot of people left as the Endgame Raid (elite) content got easyier,I hope they will actually properly adjust the difficulty level of the one and only elite raid we have this dlc especially given the fact that people will get elite gear without going into the elite raid, so when adjusting difficulty they should excpect people to be max cr on elite gear or close to it.
  11. Yass Queen Hyppolyta Well-Known Player

    What exactly are these players taking away from you?
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  12. Stanktonia Committed Player

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  13. Stanktonia Committed Player

    The majority of the playerbase can’t even complete endgame elite content, let alone beating it on the first day. This game won’t, and should not, cater to you and the small percentage of players who find elite to be easy
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  14. zNot Well-Known Player

    Disclaimer: this is elite alert feedback thread dont reply send me a private message i dont want to interrupt this thread any further.

    First of all I didnt complain about the mechanics they do a fantastic job with that i said that old content which was difficult didnt even have that many mechanics like the current ones do learn to read before you are trying to act like you could argue about this topic with me you were one of those who said dual wield furry shot shouldnt get nerfed that already explains alot about your skill level.Someone like you shouldnt tell how they should tune elite raids this is for endgame players if you are a normal raid player stick to that feedback.

    You are saying the game shouldnt care about people like me? Well you then who barely understands the game shouldnt even give feedback for elite raid content,there should be a balance of players and alot of people can do the first boss of FGS e you dont need to be a very good player to defeat the first boss if you have the artifacts and gear aswell as 2 tanks 2 heals some people just dont get better at a game that is normal and has nothing to do with DC. Also the augments have to be level 23 this is why only a small amount of players can even try it! without this much more people would finish the first boss. And i also think they should remove such augments that have to be 23 to defeat a elite boss.
  15. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

  16. zNot Well-Known Player

    One quick thing

    What i meant with the whole difficulty elite issue is that for support rolls it is too easy (the elite raids) but i do think being a dps is MUCH Harder in elite raids currently then it used to be it should be the other way around so my primary issue is with the support rolls that are super powerfull and arent adjusted correctly they should expect that support rolls who do elite raids have atleast 1 rank 200 artifact.
  17. AZPrime Level 30

    First off, thanks for assuming I was talking about myself, and not the thousands of players who don't test or otherwise strive to be among the self-centered few who think the game revolves around them. It shows how an elitist mindset can cloud ones' perception in giving compelling feedback.

    Secondly, what I said has nothing to do with skill, but common sense; if a raid costs 87 marks to reset and offers renown for each boss, then equally so should an elite alert that costs 29 marks to reset - which is exactly 1/3rd the cost of resetting that raid - offer around 1/3rd of the amount of renown and split it between both bosses.

    And lastly, the argument that anyone can run the elite alert to get some of the gear before doing the elite raid is actually kind of the point - the game should have a realistic roadmap to earning some elite gear before being able to complete an elite raid, and this is the way to do just that. A scuba diver doesn't go diving without a suit first in order to get enough treasure to buy a suit, after all.

    That argument only holds water if you view it from the perspective of the elitist players who reset the first boss of an elite raid over and over to get renown. But that's the problem here; those players are the absolute minority of the thousands who play the game. Yes, elite content should be catered to those who want a challenge, and rightfully so, but not at the expense of the majority who have their entry to that content hampered by either a lack of time, bad RNG drops, etc.

    Don't twist my words, this isn't about making elite content easier, it's about making the content accessible faster to everyone who wants to experience it; otherwise you have players that aren't properly geared up simply randomly queueing into the content at entry level, and pretty much everyone can agree that is a problem. Giving those players options can and will lead to a better endgame experience.

    And yes, the elite alert resets daily. But if elite content is supposed to be hard, and completing it is akin to running part of an elite raid, the difficulty should factor in to completing it much less often than the regular version of the alert, so obviously it's going to take more time and effort.

    Again, that's looking at this from a hardcore perspective, rather than that of the majority of the playerbase. The uber-elite will have the elite gear done in two weeks regardless, whether they reset the elite raid or alert repeatedly for one boss or doing it the whole way through. The more important aspect would be making the content fun to play and entertaining to experience, but that's a topic far beyond the boundaries of this thread.
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  18. SilkyPawz Bunny

    This Yes ^^^ there should be more reknown rewarded for the Elite Alert then just 50 for the whole alert to make it viable.
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  19. KidSuperBoy Well-Known Player

    I queued for the operation but did not get in.
  20. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    Easier to chat in server chat channel and ask people to join you. Just queuing in usually doesn't work.
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