Dev Discussion Episode 38: Patchwork Themyscira (open world)

Discussion in 'Concluded' started by JackFrost, Jul 30, 2020.

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  1. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    Do you really think I haven’t already tried absolutely everything? If there was any consistent counterplay I would not be here. Survival is pure RNG and it’s infuriating.
  2. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    I'm just trying to give you tips because I've never see anybody die to fireballs.
  3. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    And I appreciate the thought, but I can assure you I have tried everything. Blocking. Moving. Shielding. Having a healer. Having two healers. Having tank roleless buff. Staying close to the Hydra. Staying back from the Hydra. Staying behind the Hydra. Staying at the side of the Hydra. It all works, but not reliably. If Hydra decides I’m dying, I’m dying.
  4. MaxFaraday New Player

    I agree with others here that the tier reward system need to be fixed.

    As a healer I am only getting bottom tier rewards on the hydra fight. The group I am typically with either don't take the damage or they are spread out and heals don't reach. If I switch to dps I can't seem to do enough damage. It feels terrible that I am there for the full fight and working by rear off and getting bottom rewards, guess I am not that necessary. I get top rewards for the other fights but working harder for hydra does not get me anything extra.

    It is very aggravating and makes me some times skip the fight.
  5. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    Happened again. Hydra suddenly turned 180 degrees and I’m dead before I can even react.
  6. Vulpar Well-Known Player

    Wait. Hold on. ARE YOU SAYING THE FIRE HAS AN ANIMATION??? I thought we were supposed to be imagining it breathing a crap ton of fire across half the room. What the frick do you mean "all three"??? There's more than one of these attacks???

    Also would like to chime in that the Hydra flipping 180 degrees in an instant with no in between animations definitely happens and makes it very hard to figure out where to go next so you won't be in the half of the room that gets lit on fire. Complete BS.
  7. Vulpar Well-Known Player

    BTW if any devs want to give any confirmation that orbitals actually cause teeth to appear in the Hydra fight, that would be great. I've seen people claiming this so I tried paying attention in the fight itself and found that if it does cause it, it isn't very consistent.
  8. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    So the attack in question is actually a copy of something Tala does in Shattered Gotham. She turns suddenly towards towards a distant player (Not necessarily the most distant, I think there’s a maximum targeting range that causes her to ignore really, really far away targets) and throws three fireball projectiles that explode on contact with a player or automatically after a certain distance (that might be why she ignores really far away players, she figures they’ll explode before reaching them).

    The problem is, Tala isn’t the size of an apartment complex and her fireballs are also significantly smaller, so you’re way less likely to catch all three, especially if you’re moving around like you should always be, if possible. And then, she goes back to attacking the tank with standard HB attacks, as opposed to following with up with one of various other enormous cone AOEs
  9. KN1TE Dedicated Player

    Hydra when defeated, should drop 100 prestige. So many league members are doing the bounties, NOT enough prestige is being earned. Normally, my league has what I call diminishing returns on prestige and league hall donations an item normally counting as 3 to (1) by the end of the weekend. Very often there is above 10 players on during the weekends. However, with this bounty spam system, a lot less prestige is being earned.
  10. Vulpar Well-Known Player

    That didn't really answer the question, though. Is there supposed to be an animation that I just can't see? If there isn't an attack animation, how can you tell it's the same attack?
    I know the fight is messed up. Half the time, the red area that tells you where the huge attacks are going to hit don't show up and I just get to be surprised.
  11. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    It’s the same rearing up as a bunch of other attacks, but without the red zones that don’t render anyway half the time as you said. It’s pointless knowing that it’s coming anyway because it’s too big to avoid and too strong to block.

    And then you have to flee and risk crashing because Hydra will stop any attempt at reviving you by following up with a flame sweep in the same direction.

    You can try staying close so you’re never the target, but then you can’t get teeth (which is obviously also a problem) and have to be ready to block the ground pounds and tail whips. That would be fine but then a spartoi can block break you as the Hydra attacks, ALSO killing you.

    Just absolutely terrible design that punishes you just for participating. The only consistent winning move is not to play. So I don’t. I have all the aethers I need for feats so I’m not bothering. I have no interest in fighting a boss that can kill me no matter how well I play, just for the sake of it.
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  12. Nina Nuke New Player

    If u attack Hydra on the side u avoid 2/3 of the aoe attacks. Murk needs a fix cos he never stops Charging so its hard to do some solid dmg on him.
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