Dev Discussion Episode 38: Patchwork Themyscira (open world)

Discussion in 'Concluded' started by JackFrost, Jul 30, 2020.

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  1. The Jeff Well-Known Player

    Would it be possible to enable this zone as a sort of "suicide squad" zone so those of us on the villain side can have a better chance of groups/success by allowing cross faction grouping? It seems like every time I enter the zone, whatever phase, it's almost all heroes. While this stuff is doable solo, being able to more consistently get a group would make it more feasible to complete goals.
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  2. Stranger Well-Known Player

    Well, i was the Tank, pulled the boss, and all the sourcerers, including stunning them, to prevent buffing murk.
    All i got was sad 3 marks.
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  3. Proxystar #Perception

    Thanks Jack, yea it's probably somewhat telling actually, in my opinion too that the murk fight is probably the hardest of all the bounties.

    My feat counter for murk is about 5 fights lower than my others because that boss is failed from my experience quite a bit more than the others and i think it probably has a lot to do with the greater number of adds that are spawned and the fact that murk then becomes lost in the targets or there's significantly more split damage, lengthening the fight.

    As a tank you naturally gather up the adds to make murk more targetable and to interrupt the sorcerers.

    I'll take a look tonight and see the experience. I actually found i didn't have any issue getting top tier credit if i made sure i did enough damage on murk himself before taking the adds, so the issue only seems prevelant if you're doing the wider group a favor with the adds but ignoring murk to your own detriment.

    Thanks for your response I'll come back to you with my experience this weekend :)
  4. El El Committed Player

    So cr scale is only up to 299?
  5. Proxystar #Perception

    The tips I can offer you as a tank to get credit are to

    Use an orbital at the start of every fight on the main target
    Pull out henchman so they're attacking the target
    Pull out a damage pet so it's attacking the target
    Use mesmerizing lasso because it's also a dot
    Use your weapon as much as you can to do damage to the boss

    This generally results in maximum credit
  6. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    My experience of about three hours this afternoon is the same as yesterday's: once logged in and ready, it took about 30 seconds to be accepted by a boss bounty group.

    It then took about 20 minutes before I could finally get into the phase everyone else was in. Meanwhile, the phases I was in or could try all had only a handful of players trying and completely failing at the bosses without even coming close. Leaving bosses at 95% health.

    Then, as yesterday, once I was finally able to phase to the right phase, there were at least 30-40 players on each boss, all of whom went down in under a minute and a half, or even sooner. Hydra, maybe two or three minutes. If there was any problem, it was acting fast enough to get your damage in before the boss was done. (Not really a problem, but if you weren't paying attention while waiting....)

    So, same as yesterday: two extremes exist. Largely empty phases and some that are jam-packed. Few, if any -- I saw none -- in between.

    It's tolerable, because I kept resetting the solo group missions while I waited, but still suboptimal. Not everyone will wait 20 or so minutes to finally be able to do the bosses.
  7. UnbreakableII Well-Known Player

    Hello JackFrost !!!

    I would talk about how these bosses need to be remade so that groups of 8-10 players can do them with some difficulty and larger groups, maybe 12-20 can finish them without a problem, I always thought that open world bosses are one problem for new players in the long run, because there will be no groups for them (Age of Justice?).
    Open world bosses have always been a problem to lag in this game, ALWAYS, every time, Deluge, Age of Justice, Justce League Dark, Metal Part I, Thanagar. The problems are the same, so this is my opinion, the smaller groups MUST get it, the idea of ​​100 players together against a super enemy is beautiful, but it doesn't work, it never worked.

    But at the moment I come here more to thank you and everyone on the team who are following the conversations here.
    It is the first time that I see so much dialogue and so many responses, many positive and in such a short time.
    Even though I know that the answers may not be what I hope they will be, even if I don't agree with some things, I have to say that you are on the right track, this is how you get a good result in the end.
    Congratulations to you all for this feedback.
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  8. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Changes made are welcome & appreciated, thanks for that. However, cannons are still not spawning in Kalibak/Steppenwolf fight. Also, just did Murk & he reset to 100% health when we had him down to about 10%.

    Bottom line on the open world; it just takes too long to go around to all of the bounties, which you have to do in order to get the Hydra to spawn.

    Recommendations for next Episode:

    1. First & most importantly; never tie one bounty to doing other bounties. In this case, if any one boss is failed in the phase, then Hydra doesn’t spawn, which means trying to find an open phase (difficult), or waiting another 30-45 minutes to go all the way around again. Because of this, reducing the Conqueror Counterstrike mission to only one boss didn’t help at all.

    2. Timed bounties are no good. All of these bosses would be no problem to beat if they weren’t timed.

    3. Phases are still too big. When at or near max players we’re still getting screen flickering / lag that interferes with fighting / healing / trolling / tanking. On PS4 or if using a controller it’s very difficult to use your utility belt items. But, if you’re not at max then you probably won’t beat bosses within time limits. So all-in-all some more consideration needs to be taken to all these factors in combination.

    4. I guess the concept was to start the Episode with two bounties so you would only need one Raid (or maybe I don’t understand your thinking). However, the Conqueror Counterstrike mission only takes the place of the weekly missions, like Black Canary’s mission in BoP. So there should have been a second Raid. Now, I actually do prefer having something quick that & can do with multiple toons in one day instead of having go for several days for a weekly mission, so in that sense the 1 boss Conqueror Counterstrike mission is preferable. But as stated in #1, it’s not really quick because you have to do them all to get to the actual bounty (Hydra). So, I recommend a 2nd raid & either go back to a weekly that you have to do over several days (like BoP), or preferably one that’s quick like Conqueror Counterstrike, but isn’t tied to another bounty mission.

    This post is written as recommendations for the next Episode because I doubt more changes will be made to this one. But you probably should due to the fact that when the next Episode is released, very few people will be doing these Wonderverse bounties anymore. And by the Episode after that, Patchwork Themyscira will be a ghost town. Most important change: remove the connection between the Hydra & completing all the other bounties. Make the Hydra spawn every rotation, even if none of the other bosses are beaten.
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  9. Control Creed Well-Known Player


    Thank you for taking a look at it.

    Appreciate it!
  10. MiLady Well-Known Player

    As a troll, during the Murk fight, I was stunning and CC'ing the adds so that they wont buff Murk. I spent most of the time doing that to help out the group. I only got 3 marks for defeating Murk for my effort. The credit system for who gets what tier should still be evaluated. Until it is fixed for tanks/healers/controllers, I will just play dps. Please make it fair for the support roles.
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  11. Minotaur38 Active Player

    Water puddles on 4-player Poseidon are bugged. I used to walk right out of them. Now they just toss me in the air, and I get stuck.
    Also, the HUD goes in and out on this operation. $15 a month for a game that doesn't work, is just not worth it to me any more.
  12. JackFrost Developer

    The fix for the Apokoliptian Cannons appears to have made it to Live today. Note that they do take a little time to respawn if they're being blown up by players working on the feat. But please let me know if you continue to see any issues involving them. Thanks!
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  13. August Moon Well-Known Player

    was it intended to spawn out 4 ?
  14. JackFrost Developer

    It's within the realm of possibility... it's 3 by default but can spawn another under certain circumstances.
  15. Zamara Dedicated Player

    3 times now i've crashed while going from one area to the next one, first time it happened when trying to go from the atlantean zone to the ares zone (wasn't such a big deal bc that phase was empty, i just logged in and lost nothing) but the next 2 crashes happened when rallying, once it was during stephenwolf and kalibak fight (almost lost the hydra encounter but i was able to get back into that phase, not into the group i was in cause they quicly put someone else in) and the other was when fighting murk, and the weirdest thing is when i logged back in i was in the area i was going to... in the mission hub when it crashed while rallying and in the ares zone the first time, it seems to be exactly what happened when you'd crash when trying to enter a base that had a shared entrance, you'd interact with the portal and the game would crash and close itself but when you'd get back in you'd be inside the base.
  16. Charlieboy Well-Known Player

    Well I have been running the bounties for nearly 10 hours now and I have to say that its not the bounty fights that are that bad but the mind numbingly annoying waiting around for the next to spawn. Why such a gap, you only need to repair and come back so make it 2 minutes and get some sense of urgency behind it. You want us to farm stupidly high amount of marks so why make it so laborious.

    For the first time in god knows how many years I wont be getting the op gear cos its just simply too much. I have an alt I have to level up as well and unless I want to drop that toon I have no choice but to give up the op gear.

    Please do something about the waiting around time cos its killing me. I have gotten through 30 broker bots just to try and alleviate the boredom.

    Besides that, the raid is good and so is the alert, so I have no complaints there.!

  17. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    Hydra having an orbital punishment mechanic is a low blow considering it’s the only reliable way for most supports to get full credit. Maybe once you’re finished tuning your little contribution system we can go there, but screwing us over just for trying to get full credit is not cool.
  18. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    I played on an alt as healer over the weekend and I got full credit on all the bounties for, honestly, doing barely anything. It shouldn't be too difficult now if my experience over the weekend was anything to go by.
  19. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    If you’re sure then obviously that’s ok. I’m not against Hydra having the mechanic per say, it’s just that historically it’s been difficult to get credit without using an orbital. If that’s changed then fine.
  20. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    I mean look, I still used an orbital lol, but I also made sure I turned the cog on the teeth as much as I could. Make sure you do side mechanics as much as you can because they count towards contribution as well. In terms of damage I did barely any attacks.
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