Dev Discussion Episode 38: Patchwork Themyscira (open world)

Discussion in 'Concluded' started by JackFrost, Jul 30, 2020.

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  1. spack2k Steadfast Player

    yeah well why adding such bosses in a zone with a low limit of players? everytime one calls out for Hydra and u want to phase with it says zone is full and despite zone being full the ppl in that zone cant even kill the boss.
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  2. Wowlock1903 New Player

    The timers are a terrible addition. You either have to be lucky enough to get into the Zerg phase where the people are, or you ain't defeating ANY of the World bosses. And there is little room for error in a fight that expects more than 15-20 players who are not in the same group to not die to ******** one shot skills. Yes the 'warnings' tell you 'block or get away' but sometimes, that warning does not show up or the way the Boss fights happen basically means you will have TERRIBLE lag because you are forcing more than 20+ people to fight the bosses since a single 8 man group can barely do 50% damage if even that.

    I really don't think this system is a good idea. Either reduce their HP or give people more time. 4 minutes is not enough ESPECIALLY when the timer starts randomly and people only arrive like 2 minutes or so left.
    I can see nobody being able to do this other than hardcore groups while the rest of us casual players or alt players will never be able to do the weekly quests.
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  3. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    Hydra’s an unavoidable death machine. No matter how much I block and roll, I die over and over and over and it’s not fun, it’s frustrating. I still can’t kill it. This sucks. :(
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  4. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    For this type of open-world content, I feel like DCUO's phasing technology needs a serious re-evaluation. The limitations of the phasing technology were on full display yesterday. Most of the time, I was getting placed in low-population instances. Even if you have a full raid group of 8 players, you generally didn't have a chance of beating any of the bosses within the allotted time span in those low-population phases. So it ended up becoming a frustrating competition trying to get into a higher population phase. You would see people shouting in LFG saying "Hydra up!", but the phase was always full. The only way to get into a high population phase was to get a group invite. I saw people abusing the invite system to pull in people from low-population phases, disband those groups, and invite even more people into a single overloaded phase. Those overloaded phases were the best bets for defeating the bosses.

    In other games I've played with this type of content, the player has the option to select which phase they want to play in. So if a world bounty is about to start, you could list all of the available phases and swap to a higher population one that had an opening. The trade-off is that all of the phases had a very hard population limit. You couldn't work around the cap system like what you can on DCUO. The cap systems in those games tended to lead to teams being formed more organically on the fly. My experience yesterday was that you didn't know what kind of phase you were going to get into when responding to a LFG invite. Often times it was just a low-population phase with a few AFK people.

    With the way DCUO phasing works, you have to be careful about queuing for instance content. It was almost guaranteed you were going to get placed in a low-population phase on exiting an instance. On top of that, my teams were getting spread out over several low population phases. So no one was really sure who they needed to phase to in those situations. So then the group would have to deal with the hassle of finding some way to get back into a higher population phase.

    Outside of the phasing, the open world content was very frustrating to play. There were several times where the open world bosses would glitch and no one would get credit. That always translated into Hydra being unable to spawn for that particular time interval. If you phased into a zone in the middle of an invasion cycle, it was impossible to know if you were in a zone where all the bosses had been defeated for that zone during that cycle. Sometimes it was a guessing game as to whether you were in a large zone that was going to spawn Hydra or not. For the Hydra fight, you had to pray you weren't in a zone full of uncooperative chaotic vigilantes. It is one thing to give instructions to your raid team to turn cogs, it was quite another trying to get a full zone to do it on the Hydra fight.

    The scaling on the Hydra seemed weird too. Sometimes the Hydra would just melt with a lot of players around. Sometimes a zone would be lucky to get the Hydra down to 60% health with the same number of players.

    All of this lead to a very frustrating and irritating gameplay experience yesterday.
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  5. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    I actually think the other bosses aren’t much worse than the war-torn village was. Hydra needs some serious tweaking though in my opinion. Not only is it ridiculously difficult to beat, but it’s a slog that can easily fail in itself just trying to get another go. I think the summoning requirement should be eased, the fight toned down or the weekly mission removed and replaced with something else so we can at least get our primary episode marks without too much trouble.
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  6. lulukachina New Player

    So I played on test for the past few weeks and spent most of the day when it went live running on the USPS4 servers. Here's what I got from it:

    I love the open world concept of the boss fights and even the timers. No issues with the timing of the first 4 zones. However, the Hydra might have been buffed just a tad bit too high from test to live. Ran with a little over 2 raid groups in our phase yesterday afternoon and we were barely pecking at his health. Now I am taking into consideration that the content just went live so players were likely still under-geared. But by the end of the night it took what appeared to be about 50 players in our phase to do substantial damage. And that many people in one small space is going to cause tremendous issues with framework.

    But other than that I love this DLC.
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  7. Control Creed Well-Known Player

    Exactly, well put.
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  8. Xritox New Player

    I love DC been playing since 2012 on PlayStation and to be honest this dlc needs E.T. treatment bury it in the desert concrete over top an pretend it never existed
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  9. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    My issue not a fan of open world bosses, but despite that the other issue I have is the full participation vs partial participation. With 20-30 players there, or more, can't tell if I am getting full or partial despite being in a group myself. I am more worried about not getting an reward at all. So that needs to change completely.
  10. Mr. Ninjafeet Active Player

    I agree with a lot of what's been said. Either the boss timers need to be increased or phases need to be consolidated or bosses need to be toned down. I finally managed to gather enough nth metal to make a dent in my two alts artifacts and now I feel like I can't and won't play them again... that was my favorite part about old DCUO. I hate having to grind all my time on one character, and frankly only one role for that character. I was really excited going into this DLC and now I'm feeling like taking a break from the game and it's only been one day.
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  11. MrStoob Well-Known Player

    Bit disappointed with the dailies after the variety of missions and methods in BoP. 4 x kill/activate 30 things is somewhat uninspired.
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  12. Control Creed Well-Known Player

    LOL, wow... I'm usually the most critical guy on here but I wouldn't go that far....

    The Solo is fine, the Alert is fun, the Raid might have a little too many spread out clumps of Adds but the Boss fights are kinda unique and fun.

    The Open World is pretty much my only issue... in particular the Open World Bosses. Not a fan of waiting around and phasing to people AFK, but again, it's really pretty, interesting maps, cool storylines.... there's elements I'd like to see incorporated and perfected in future DLCs.

    In my opinion Thanagar or JLD are the best Open Worlds and they were kinda different from previous stuff in some significant ways... gotta take chances.

    I like the developers taking a swing at something new, when you do that some elements may not be popular but how do they know without trying?
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  13. generalzod Committed Player

    1000% correct and I’m on pc and have a good pc. The lag is horrible with 50 ppl around. Everyone on in my league had it going on pc and console ! This need to be cut down to smalller groups maybe 16 people Give it take a few, max in those rooms . Great idea just wasn’t fun!
    Everything else is great alert and raid.

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  14. Reverse~Reverse Flash Active Player

    1. Why are there 2 Phases Half of the Time the Map is Barren other times its too Full to even Participate
    2. The Diffrence in Population is starting to rear its ugly head Once you get Knocked down Good Luck getting a Pickup
    Unite the Factions Already..this would have been the DLC to do that
    3. Phase Jumping has to go
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  15. NeoRay New Player

    When the team announced the "news" about the Wonderverse, I expected something really new about boss fights: one boss, one room, one phase.
    I explain how it works: at the moment of the fight, all players enter the same room, after a short wait in the queue that "closes the room" when it reaches a certain capacity. Dozens of players at the same time, without the need for groups, make everything more fun and, in the end, everyone leaves the fight room and needs to "get in line" for a new fight.
    Other games have this fighting mechanism and players form small groups to fight together, but all groups always fight against the same boss, in the same phase, which appears at regular intervals.
    I think the system can be adapted to the DCUO queuing mechanic without major changes, and the "fight rooms" are almost ready at the episodes, they just need to be closed.
    Ahh, the trumpets and the scenery are really cool, but ...
    - The phases where the bosses are, are always full and it is only possible to reach by invitation to group, which are almost always full too. This system is unfair because many times the invitation doesn't come, or the fight is over, or you didn't participate enough to win the prize.
    - Raids with a fixed number of players suffer from the same problem, as there are often not enough players to start. You must have an option (F1) to start with the incomplete team. This would also make it possible to run old content and help friends get feats.
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  16. Xritox New Player

    Lol ya solo is good I like the raid the alert is broken on console and the open world is game breaking I ran 8 world bosses being kicked after Hydra both times to log back in an not have any of the loot I then just gave up
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  17. Xritox New Player

    Try? Lol they have never successfully released a solo world boss that was able to run smooth... baby steps
  18. Xritox New Player

    The open world bosses sounds good but have been broken since it doesn't help that when severs are full you group invite to override the full servers making it much worse but it is the only way to accomplish anything
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  19. Sir Freeze Active Player

    Where are the apokoliptian cannons in the over world area? I didnt find any
  20. Charon Lead Content Designer

    These guys got some jet boots in the next update. They will fly back out if they get knocked in or chase a player that got knocked in.
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