Test Discussion Episode 38: Patchwork Themyscira (open world)

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by JackFrost, Jul 10, 2020.

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  1. JackFrost Developer

    Regarding the invisible planes, there is only one place they launch from, and depending on when you help launch a plane by protecting the Amazon re-supplying it, that will determine which of the feat objectives are updated, if any. For example, if Athena is up right now, and you launch the invisible plane while she's still up, the plane will go drop supplies on that fight.

    I'll see what I can do about the aggro issue near the Ares fight. Thanks!
  2. Light Xray New Player

    Was playing my daily missions in open world, when I was in the Apokoliptian area and used the teleporter to the main mission hub I fell through the map as I loaded in
  3. JackFrost Developer

    Hey again, y'all!

    I just wanted to provide an additional update. I made a mistake in describing how contribution is being granted. I had previously stated in this thread that it's a good idea to be in a group in order to earn contribution when defeating a boss. I was mistaken, as this will not guarantee contribution, even if your group-mate does enough damage to earn the top tier reward.

    I am taking a couple of steps to address ongoing concerns that healers, controllers and tanks can sometimes slip through the cracks with regard to being rewarded for World Boss fights. Specifically, I'm going to be further adjusting the back-end contribution requirements for World Boss rewards to try and ensure more folks who are participating will get rewarded.

    Also, I'm lowering the amount of damage that a player needs to do when engaging with 'ancillary' World Boss content in order to get credit. This change will mostly affect non-boss enemies that are part of the invading World Boss events. In other words, you will have to do less damage to some of the boss' minions and lieutenants in order to get back-end contribution, which will affect what tier of reward you will be granted at the end of the fight.

    We're additionally investigating ways to grant contribution and thus rewards for players playing their roles other than DPS, but that investigation is ongoing, and it's not a sure thing that we'll be able to solve that issue.

    Apologies for my misunderstanding, and thus my misleading suggestion that grouping up would be a method for helping ensure you are properly rewarded for participation in these World Boss fights.

    As we go live with this content, please know that we'll be tracking the data closely, and watching the forums and other methods of player feedback, and may make further changes to try and make sure players are properly rewarded for their effort. Thanks!
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  4. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Regarding the Olympian daily solo (I forget the exact name of the journal mission), in the area where the port of the invisible jets are:

    Is it intended to have adds spawn from Olympian cloud portals while you defend the amazons and let an invisible jet take off? Sometimes when I do this adds spawn, and other times not.

    Just wanted to clarify as this has been inconsistent during my daily runs of this particular part of the daily solo.
  5. Yvtq8k3n The 7 Well-Known Player

    Sorry for coming late to the party I want to give a few suggestions to award players and different roles.
    I think the system should be instead of straight forward focus in a variety of aspects:
    • Survivability, How much did you died? (Depending on the average of the role u were performing) (S+, A +, F-, ...)
    • Awareness, Did u done any of the mechanics ? Hit cog, block (S+, A+, F-,...)
    • Roaming, How much did u travel/move? (spamming 1,2,3,4 depending on your role should not be the way)
    • Role, How good was your heals/aggro/dps/trolling compared with the average on the room?
    • Pickups, did u tried to pick up people that died close to your range?
    • Etc.
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  6. JackFrost Developer

    Yes it is intended that there are always enemies spawning from the cloud portals if you kick off the invisible plane event. Do you happen to have any video of the abnormal behavior where they don't spawn? Or any additional information? It may help in tracking down what's happening. Thanks!
  7. Chia Death Well-Known Player

    Correct me if I'm interpreting this wrong, but are you saying that you're not sure if you're ever going to find a way to make sure players are rewarded for playing anything other than damage role when engaging the world bosses? Because personally I'd be a LOT more happy with some people who aren't contributing getting rewards than people in healer, controller and tank roles getting shorted.
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  8. Trexlight Devoted Player

    The system will still allow folks who arent contributing (AFK farmers) but the issue is the system relies on damaging the bosses OR doing the side objectives to get full credit. It may require Support roles to focus on side objectives as well. As a Tank during my testing, i focused more on side objectives than fighting the boss and I got full credit. It might be harder for Healers tbh but atm the thats just how the system is.

    Hearing feedback once it goes live and seeing the data on their end, they'll see if they can adjust where they can but it might not be until the next time they utilize this system that they'll be able to polish it more so Support Roles can get full credit where due.
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  9. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Not sure if I'll have time now to get on Test and send you link at this range (I'm in UK so time difference). If it happens again after this goes live I will of course send you a link.

    All I did was talk to the Amazon with the speech bubble (I forget her name), and then the NPCs bring boxes back and forth before the invisible jet takes off. (Of course I am waiting in the middle of the room expecting adds to spawn)

    I'll follow up on this probably when it is live if this crops up again.
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  10. JackFrost Developer

    I just don't want to make promises that I'm not 100% sure I can deliver on. We're working on solving this issue, but I can't promise we'll solve it. I'm hopeful though!
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  11. JWellens Level 30

    Sounds like you guys put the cart before the horse then. Probably should have solved that little problem before over-committing to a DLC with such a heavy focus on open-world bosses. This game already doesn’t put emphasis on support roles, it’s not encouraging to hear you didn’t have that as a focus for these bounties.
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  12. Chia Death Well-Known Player

    So if what you're saying is accurate I guess I'm confused how the system will give rewards to "AFK farmers" as you put it but not to support roles?
  13. Chia Death Well-Known Player

    I can certainly understand not wanting to make promises that might not be feasible, I'm just having difficulty understanding the rationale behind deciding it's better to have people in support roles who do contribute possibly not get rewards rather than allowing some people who don't contribute get rewards. One way you might allow a few to ride the coattails of those who put in the work but the other you run the risk of not giving rewards to the players who are putting forth the effort and even go a step further by taking a support role.

    If this is an issue I anticipate there not being many people willing to take support roles for the open world bosses- why run the risk of not getting rewards when I can just put a shield on my loadout and keep a soder ready- and if need be just sandbag my damage to keep me low on the aggro table.
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  14. JackFrost Developer

    We're trying to reward participants, whatever roles they choose to play in. But ideally, we don't want to reward AFK farmers/non-participants. Those are a couple of our goals, and we've tried to build things in a way that accomplishes those goals. We'll continue to work on refining how things work to do so, among others (such as providing a fun and rewarding experience). I anticipate some amount of support role-playing will be beneficial to surviving and defeating the World Bosses. And that said, playing in a support role doesn't preclude a player from occasionally doing ancillary objectives (transporting barrels, teleporting crates, helping to damage non-boss enemies, or even occasionally plinking the boss for damage). I appreciate your concerns! I feel like we want a lot of the same things for these new world bosses, and we're going to continue to work to get it right.
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  15. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    FWIW, I have several times in the past two weeks been in a crowd of people starting Metahuman Experiment, without being in a group, and although I pounded away as a dps for most or all of the fight, wound up with no credit and having to do the fight a second time to get credit.

    I realize it's unlikely that Metahuman will be adjusted to be more inclusive of people who contribute, even if they wind up being a small percentage of the total damage, but I note this to point out that this issue is already an existing bounty-sensitivity problem that has not been addressed; the idea of it being made even worse with the new bounties is discouraging.

    Maybe it's just me that has had this experience with Meta.
  16. Zamara Dedicated Player

    I was in a group earlier, we all knew we failed murk so we moved on to the mission hub once orion was out but when we were waiting for the next cycle to start the message saying hydra was waking up popped up, i checked the chat and the message saying we failed him was there, so it seemed like we ended on a phase that had succeeded on all bosses somehow, like we just got lucky and ended on a new phase while going through the portals, it happened to a few of us in the test server too except we ended on an almost empty phase, i just phased back with someone i remembered was in the other phase and didn't think much about it, but it seems like you can get lucky and end on a "better" phase by accident? even after the fight someone else asked if we beat murk cause they thought we failed, and i knew we failed cause i was tanking him and his health had about 20% left when the Ares warning popped up.
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