Test Discussion Episode 38: Patchwork Themyscira (open world)

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by JackFrost, Jul 10, 2020.

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  1. JackFrost Developer

    Thanks everyone for playtesting, and for the feedback! I've read all of the notes in this thread, and am starting to work on some tuning changes, as well as some fixes. I'm not sure when the fixes and tuning changes will make it onto the Test server yet, but I'll follow up with more details later. Again, your feedback is really appreciated!
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  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Specifically, assisting in other ways besides DPS counts towards contribution. Dying and not returning, or dying a lot, will prevent you from being there to contribute.
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  3. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    You should see this in the full map window, a highlighted area w/ boss marker.
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  4. Light Bender92 Well-Known Player

    1. I LOVE how massive the open world is. It really gives it that “MMO” feel lol. Also, even though it’s recycled assets, I love the way you guys added a twist to the locations, and I actually like how the colors change depending on what area you go to.
    2. The solo missions are, well, solos lol. They’re pretty cool. Obviously over time they’ll become mundane but they serve their purpose well.
    3a. Let’s talk about the bosses though. You guys NEED to find a way to scale these bosses based on the number of people around. When playing on test with only like 10 people max, we were killing each boss relatively quickly. On live there’s going to be upwards of 50 people fighting these bosses at a time.... they severely need to be adjusted. The reason I say based on the number of players near tho is because this way when the CR is out of relevancy, it isn’t too difficult for newer players.
    3b. Mechanics. When you guys talked about these bosses on the stream, it was obvious that this was made the focus of the dlc. You guys made an emphasis on unique mechanics, and raid like bosses but honestly they just feel like regular bounties. People will get bored of these relatively early on unless the bosses are not only buffed, but adjusted mechanic wise. For example, the 1st boss of the alert is very, very fun due to all the mechanics present and the feeling of real difficulty. We need something like this for these bosses otherwise it’ll get stale very quickly.

    Overall I’m liking the dlc so far. My main concern is just that in its current state it’s too easy. I did all my testing as CR 304 (lower than I am on live) and the content wasn’t really challenging. The maps are stunning and the content is enjoyable, but it’s missing that wow factor. I know difficulty is a tough thing to discuss, but these are gods we’re talking about, they should be able to slap us around a bit lol. Especially the Hydra, I honestly think people shouldn’t be beating the hydra consistently for at least a week or 2, and yet it’s one of the easiest bosses.
  5. inferno Loyal Player

    Yup I see it now. Thank you. One other thing, am I right to assume that only one boss will spawn at a time per phase and they spawn in order?
  6. inferno Loyal Player

  7. Zamara Dedicated Player

    The first day i wasn't grouped, i was in tank role and we got to the 5th boss fight, boss went down and all i got was a message saying i failed to receive rewards? i didn't die, i was there the whole fight taking hits from the boss, pulling ads, the only thing besides not being grouped that could've caused me to not get rewards was that i had to get in through the portal as the hole closed before i could get in, but it didn't take me mote than 10s to get in, could that be why i didn't get the rewards? i got a feat and a headline from beating it but no rewards, next time we got to that boss i was grouped and i did get the rewards, that time i did go in through the hole so not sure which of the 2 could've been the cause.
  8. Yvtq8k3n The 7 Well-Known Player

    Sorry didnt had the opportunity to properly test it, but for the videos i watch I can seen that world bosses still need some tuning.
    I think the doors of each room should close when a boss event starts and prob be limited to 3 groups of 8 = 24 players, if not less.
    This way people that died without being picked up will not be able to rejoin a world boss.

    In regards of each boss:

    Pretty disapointing he needs a companion maybe a doggie(FIe) and some bloodlust, otherwise I dont see this becoming interesting. (Forces to have 2 tanks if not 3 and group coordination with Cerberus charges)

    Im abit disapointed, I think the adds should be more threating, we need some archers, punishers and totem masters.

    SteppenWolf and Kali
    I can see potencial in SteppenWolf(merc) attack, it could be an one shot to all players even if they block except for the tanks that must block in order to survive with 10% hp. This way it requires position from the tank. (But i need to test it myself)

    Disappointing, murk charge needs to kill all it passes through and if you want to survive you better Get Out of his away.

    I can see potencial in this boss. I love the entrance ;) however Hydra could have twice the size.
    With this increase in size i could see the possibility of people being eaten by Hydra if they are to close, but this time three fold not just one forcing tanks to stay middle/max range.

    Each red area attack should be an one shot even if you block, forcing players to roll away. Aditionaly i think this boss needs scorpio phase from Fos SM where you have to block for quite some time untill the map stops shaking or you die.
  9. TheSapphire Active Player

    There is no reward for defeating Orion? I know there is a counter feat for beating him 25x, but once we get that feat why stick around to fight?
  10. JackFrost Developer

    Hey again!

    Here are some things being addressed, tuned or added in the next PCTest patch:
    • A timer will appear in the top right corner of the screen while in the area of a World Boss, indicating how long until they achieve their objective. A future patch will include a text blurb above the timer to improve messaging.
    • Tuning to all of the bosses, including some adjustments to the amounts of targets hit by certain attacks as well as some tuning to the damage they do, adjustments to their baseline health, and adjustments to their defense based on the number of players present in the fight.
    • Adjustments to the Hydra doors / teleporters -- both timing and location.
    • Fix for the bug where players couldn't complete the "Hydra Havok" mission by returning to Egeria. Speaking to Princess Diana will no longer incorrectly complete this mission.
    • Fix for issue where sometimes Amazon allies with helmets would sometimes have hair peeking through.
    More fixes and tuning changes are forthcoming, but these are the changes that will be coming first.
    Thanks again for the feedback. I'm continuing to monitor it, and will continue adjusting things based in part on that feedback.
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  11. KobeEl Well-Known Player

    Thx! Looking forward to give it a try again on World Bosses with those first changes. The timer will be much appreciated, better option than looking at the clock ;)
  12. Zoe· YouTuber

    Bug: Some atlanteans soldiers you take out won't count for Measure for Measure mission. The Counter would not update.
  13. JackFrost Developer

    I've been looking at the data and haven't yet located a spot where it's not set up to grant contribution. Not doubting you, but do you happen to recall what types of activities they were doing? It may help me figure out where the problem is. Thanks!
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  14. Zoe· YouTuber

    They are usually guarding the tied Amazons that you need to release. When I take them out, they do not update the counter.
    I will try look again to see if it happens with other activities.
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  15. Templeton Active Player

    Assuming that this is gonna be very grindy and take a lot of time, there should be way less wait time between last boss and first boss. Aka between Apokoliptian Gods and Atlantean ones, it's taking like 15 minutes, way too long, they should be 5 min, it should all go back to back since people are gonna spam it.

    Also, bosses barely hit, they should hit as if we're in elite, there is hardly need for even a tank, these bosses should be on Thanagar level of difficulty, not BOP. They hardly have any mechanics, anything to worry about, as a tank it's the most relaxing thing to do, it shouldn't. When we're gonna have like 5-10 tanks in open world, piling on a boss, that boss should hit hard.

    I'm not sure about the immunity on counters for bosses, I'll assume it's because they're gods and that's how they usually are, a bit boring that we can't counter them but in this case, we should have at least a need to kite or something, they should feel like Hawkman from Dark Multiverse Elite. They should hit for like 80k on each hit, make us work a bit, not eat those 30k hits and be able to face tank.

    Right now there are literally moments when people run without a tank actually. The boss would just fight some npc like Athena did, while people just dps her, we should tremble at the mere sight of them, they are gods not Metahuman Experiment. Onimar Synn was a far more threat than these.
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  16. Zoe· YouTuber

    I disagree. Yes maybe they should hit harder, but in no way they should be "Elite" bosses. This will make it so 50% of the player base won't be able to complete it. There's a lot like me who play casually and forcing this on us will be unfair. You have Elite for that. Open world bosses sure can hit harder, but be completely elite will ruin the fun and the grind for many of us.
  17. Light Bender92 Well-Known Player

    I agree, obviously not necessarily “Elite” level otherwise most players probably wouldn’t even be able to do them day one and that wpuldnt be fair, but they could at least hit as hard as Syn (as you stated). I also agree that the mechanics are very lackluster, and considering these were supposed to be “raid like bosses” they shouldn’t be a walk in the park. Then you have to factor in the fact that probably 50+ people will be on a boss on live servers and.... yeah, these bosses need major tuning.
  18. generalzod Committed Player

    I agree, except the elite thing should hit hard this is what makes you feel like let me run solo and dailies to get better gear to make it all the way around remember where half the players we are on live most of us???? but i do feel like hydra should be elite or a tad under elite ! This is replacing our second raid !

  19. MrDevilz Well-Known Player

    So this open world area,if this is considered relaxing spot,why not add Broker / Mail / Bank etc there? :D
    Perhaps add those vendors under the dome between each 2 pillars.
    U know the area i am talking about that is empty and surrounded with water :eek:

    https://twitter.com/DCUO/status/1284247592138932233 <-- that one.
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  20. KneelBeforeZodd Dedicated Player

    I mean, content is open world and everyone is buffed to the minimum episode gear. It's not like you'll be locked from beating the bosses if they are "elite", you'll just need to get in there when people are farming them and watch out to not keep dying (or just get a group of 3-4 people to pick up eachother). Ofc when the episode gets older they should consider a nerf (And this should be a thing for all episodes in my opnion), because there won't be near as many people farming in the area, but that's something for 5-6 months from now.
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