Test Discussion Episode 38: Patchwork Themyscira (open world)

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by JackFrost, Jul 10, 2020.

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  1. inferno Loyal Player

    I was helping a friend through test we did the weekly bosses mission, in order, as I did yesterday. He and the group succeeded in defeating all 4 bosses as they all received 24 marks but Hydra remained asleep. It worked for me yesterday. A lot of lag in the boss fights and there weren't that many in it. Almost got removed from the game with the lag. I guess that was a bit of success as I saw a lot of testers on, never experienced it before but you may need to get ready for Monday.
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  2. Aerith Rose Committed Player

    I am concerned about how people will be getting credit. I see multiple issues where people will not get credit unless there a top dps. Support roles won't get credit. People that die wont get credit.
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  3. generalzod Committed Player

    I agree too easy with lots of ppl to last a few months maybe just maybe lock out ppl after 10 enter in. And only 6 to 10 ppl can enter ? And have it scale to that. First few days there will be 40 to 100 ppl on one boss and I said earlier 16 to 20 is quick and easy. It’s coo if it felt like a real raid that scale.
    Love the idea just need challenge like ya stated.

    I l
  4. generalzod Committed Player

    Oh hydra should feel elite / epic very hard to defeat
  5. geoforcee100 Well-Known Player

    once defeating hydra i cannot collect my rewards
  6. geoforcee100 Well-Known Player

    hopefully these bosses scale higher as more people join!! like thier cr increases or they grow larger or something to show everyone tht oh crappp the boss is about to go crazy!! because right now like you said 3 groups of 8's we can burn the boss's down quick without doing any mechanics expect the athena fight were the adds will take the stuff through teleporters and sometimes we fail :)
  7. geoforcee100 Well-Known Player

    Also this episode is suppose to be in Tier 11 not 10 according to the adpative augments?? see screenshot below:
  8. Gasthapandemic New Player

    I think atleast one of these bosses needs the monster of metal treatment. Make it unlikable unless we complete a task. The bosses are way to easy. On live we will have 50-100 people on these bosses daily. It shouldn't be all about burn. Because trust me. The game is already dps and tank heavy due to passive power regenerate making troll almost a dead roll. This dlc could make dps even more prominent. If its not changed to feature smarter ways to kill bosses over damage.
  9. Trexlight Devoted Player

    If you are contributing to the fight either Tanking, Healing, Trolling (giving power or debuffing) as well as DPS you'll get credit. You'll also get credit if you are assisting with the Objectives to defeat the encounter as well.

    If you jump into a fight and do the bare minimum and decide to leave, when the encounter is done you'll get 3 Empyrean Aether (6 on Hydra) whereas if you stay and help for the whole thing and win, you'll get 6 Empyrean Aether (12 on Hydra).
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  10. geoforcee100 Well-Known Player

    These Bosse's in the open world are too easy they need to scaled much higher when more players join to defeat them. Thier hp & damage needs to be turned up so people who dont block instantly die ,, and the people who do block take a 90% of damage so healers will need to be on thier A game to heal them up :)

    Right now on the test server with just 9 to 11 people we are easlity defeating these bosses in the open world with no problems yes we do fail few times tht is because no is killing or stoppign the adds or getting the fragments on the floor.

    The hydra fight is probably the harder fight out of them all ! i like the way that is maybe turn that up a tiny bit too! make it a challenege so people can boast about itn LFG saying i killed hydra or something ... defeating hydra will be a cool thing to say as peopel will know this particular boss is mega hard to defeat!

    Like you guys said you want this episode to be diffrent make it diffrent make these open world bosses like elite raid type please so it will reuqire some skill from not just 1 but 4 to 6 groups of 8's to defeat it..!

    Thank you for reading!
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  11. generalzod Committed Player

    My thoughts are the same well said. And beating hydra should be hard maybe not the first week or so since there one raid hydra should be the other elite boss . This give ppl something to work towards . And as I said before scare up there damage and health. And last I know I’m saying it again is it too late to cut the amount of ppl that can come in at once ? Cap it at 10 to 14 ppl ? There just no fun in 40 to 100 ppl killing the boss Off fast.
    Also with everyone saying buff the bosses then you may have to adjust the amount of time to beat them to get rewards and catalyst. Because it about 290 times to get enough cytalist for op head. You would have to adjust things with difficulty.

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  12. Eve YouTuber

    My biggest issue right now is experiencing horrible, really horrible lag at the big bosses in the new open world.
    I can't use my powers. It's a really big issue. I can't know what's going on with the boss, I see tells, 5 minutes later after the tell - my health is almost completely gone, etc.
  13. changeling1 New Player

    Cannot play any open world missions. I seem to be being targeted by something that resembles owlmans emblem which attack me every time i try any of the missions. It just seems to kill me off after 3 hits
  14. changeling1 New Player

    Open world now unplayable for me. Can no longer do any missions without being targeted by something. i get what looks like Owlmans emblem then i just see my heath reduced in about 3 hits i incapacitated
  15. Eve YouTuber

    Okay I finally been able to run the bosses properly! And I had so much fun.

    • Skull attacks should be deadlier
    • The bosses should have more health as there are more and more players joining. They are too easy and fast to take down.
    • Hydra dying in less than a few seconds. He should be the toughest, considering he's the final boss and all.
    • Why would I want to teleport outside the Hydra fight (There is a exit teleporter during the fight)? Shouldn't it appear after he's down?
    • Should rewards\headline from bosses and Hydra appear before they are completely down? It seems that the timing is off abit with that at times. Might just be lag.
  16. inferno Loyal Player

    Gating these boss fights would be a VERY BAD mistake. Do you really want to be locked out of an Ares fight wait for that group to finish and then wait for the rotation to finish until Ares activates again? There's supposed to be a 5 min window between bosses, that's at least 30 minutes of waiting, then you have to hope you get in there before another group rush in and close off the fight.

    All that waiting just so a few players can enjoy a challenge? There has to be a better way of increasing the difficulty without gating. I remember when Eclipso was in the open, it didn't matter how many there were, if the groups didn't follow the mechanics, he didn't go down.

    I will also add that if they were to add a mechanic that is not dependent on dps damage, that said mechanics cannot be abused by other players that might want to sabotage a boss fight.
    I still want to know how effective their tool is that levels up the boss, the bigger the group gets.
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  17. Proxystar #Perception

    You have to be careful when buffing open world bounties, when trying to balance around the prospect that "lots of players" might turn up because on the flip side of that coin is the very real prospect that those same players don't turn up.

    You also have to remember that as DLC's age the bounties are less and less frequented by players so where new DLC players get the nice experience of having large groups, players coming in behind us later on down the track would be getting much smaller groups.

    If it scaled up effectively when more people turned up and started damaging the boss that's fine but just ramping up a boss on the basis that lots of people may show up can detrimentally start to impact others, what if say just a group of 8 people turn up and you've scaled the boss up to suit at least 16+ players being present.
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  18. Eve YouTuber

    They don't need elite bosses that are unbeatable with 8 people, but buffing them abit should be fair and enough for the rewards we get from them. Just my opinion, though. Currently that's how I feel from playing all the bosses. Hydra is abit disappointing, that's all.
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  19. Proxystar #Perception

    I played them through several times as well, although my general feeling is the same and they could use a little buff I think that feeling stems from a few things.

    - having massive groups present is always going to make things feel a lot easier and this is always going to happen at the start of a DLC and will start to dwindle away significantly as the content ages

    - people on test can often tend to distort difficulty just a little because they go and grab max artifacts, gear etc and also tend to be slightly better players - the experience on live is naturally vastly different.

    I agree perhaps of any boss needs a bit more buffing it could be hydra as it's supposed to be the significant conclusion to the experience.
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  20. Eve YouTuber

    I see your point, didn't think of it this way :) and yes, definitely Hydra. He's like the final boss, and it should feel like WOW when we take on him. The Dev in charge did say they are going to polish the bosses so we will have to see what the changes are as testing continues!
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