Test Discussion Episode 38: Patchwork Themyscira (open world)

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by JackFrost, Jul 10, 2020.

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  1. JackFrost Developer

    Hey folks!

    We're really excited about our new episode, "Wonderverse!" We've been trying a bunch of new things in this episode, including adding new World Bosses.

    In this thread, I'm looking for feedback on anything that happens in Patchwork Themyscira, whether it's the daily missions, weekly missions, or the World Bosses.

    With regards to World Bosses, note that we're tracking participation and contribution in a new way behind the scenes, and granting slightly different tiers of rewards depending on whether you fully participated or participated some. Additionally, different rewards are granted based on whether players collectively succeeded in defeating the World Boss, or whether the World Boss was victorious. Finally, note that World Boss rewards take into consideration tangential activities in the area of the World Boss fight (for the most part), so even if you're not able to deal huge amounts of damage to the boss, you should hopefully be able to do enough things to earn a reward.

    Known issues:
    • Some additional polish is forthcoming related to the World Bosses
    • Additional balance and timing adjustments based on your feedback here
    • All 'Investigation' or 'gold collections' nodes are currently set to always spawn, for testing. If you see any of these that you're unable to get to, please report them here. Later, we'll adjust their spawning behaviors so they're not always up.
    Thanks for helping to test the new content on the Test server. We really appreciate it, as well as your feedback!
  2. StealthBlue Loyal Player

    The map shows two portals in this room, but I can only see one. The mini map seems to indicate the other portal is below the floor.[IMG]
  3. JackFrost Developer

    Good observation! That room becomes accessible under certain circumstances, and then closes back up. We provided an exit in case you log out in there or stay in there when it closes, though you can always use the warp menu. I may turn that teleporter off when no one's in there to avoid confusion. Thanks!
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  4. Zoe· YouTuber

    I know Donna Troy is not in the open world, but I had no idea where to put this - She is still T-posing in any content she is in. Even in Watch Tower.

    For the bosses - It becomes extremely laggy when there are many people fighting the bosses. Mostly when the fight starts, then it becomes okay after awhile.
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  5. inferno Loyal Player

    I was avoiding ads in the map by flying above as much as I could. At one point of the map, I couldn't get down although the ads were just 5 feet below me. It seemed I had flown into a pocket in the ceiling, I had to retrace my steps towards the door to get out of it. Whatever was keeping me in there was completely invisible, not as if I had gone through a wall. Sorry but i was kinda lost so I can't report exactly where it was.

    Just as the steppenwolf fight was about to start I accidentally warped to the hub. I teleported back to the apokalipton area only to discover that it had warped me into a completely different phase. A bunch of players experienced the same thing. The funny thing is, as we waited we were getting messages that steppenwolf's forces were near to victory. Basically, meant that the Hydra did not appear.
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  6. Magnificent Loyal Player

    I hope part of that is Murk becoming untargettable at times. Twice tonight I participated in fights where he was below 1/2 health then suddenly went untargettable and de-aggrod. He stayed visible with his health bar at the same point but simply didn't move or anything until he despawned.

    When this happened the Ares fight almost instantly popped. No credit (nor rewards) were given for Murk in these instances.

    In the other fights, I'm loving the balance. Currently it's a zergfest (so much so that there were at least 2 different phases of the zone up at one point) but even then there is a challenge (people aren't dying nearly like they do to Metal Man-Bat, but that's a good thing). It will be interesting to see how the fights differ with smaller groups.

    The tells to block/dodge from the bosses all seem to have just the right amount of warning.
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  7. Charlieboy Well-Known Player

    After killing the bosses in order and then the Hydra my Journal shows that i have completed the task and that I should return to Lieutenant Egeria but I am unable to interact with her as no ? appears above her. Am I doing something wrong?
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  8. KneelBeforeZodd Dedicated Player

    The Open World bosses are really cool, but they don't have the "MMO Raid boss feeling" everyone was talking about. If there are 16 players in the location the boss just gets burned down to ashes and almost nobody takes any damage. I don't know if the boss mechanic that was supposed to make it more powerful when there are many players around is working properly, but if it is, then you should consider buffing them more, at least for the duration of this episode, even for when there are just a few players (Since it is not loot locked, there will be plenty of players running the bosses all the time). With this level of difficulty, the bosses feel a lot more like the war of the light iconics that you had to kill 50 times to get a feat than bosses that are here to replace a raid.

    I was imagining something like the bosses Mepps used to spawn, that would literaly kill 30 people/second, but ofc a little bit more balanced.
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  9. KlarkKent Well-Known Player

    Agreed and in addition; IMO the real test for these bosses will actually start in Live servers when those bosses scaled up with high volume of players around them. Surviving to their skull attacks are depending on timely blocking and if not, it takes big chunk of HP percentage. I can see with high scaled up bosses will 1 shot the players who miss those mechanics
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  10. Stranger Well-Known Player

    The aggro-range is a bit wide.
    When you only do your dailys, boss already aggro you, even if you stay at the other side of the room
  11. Stranger Well-Known Player

    The boss fights are a bit confusing. We've been trying this as 10man, but every time we failed at like 5% health left.
    We also killed the adds and prevented them from carrying the cubes/source items.
    Maybe add an info, what the aim of the invasion is? Like 0/20 cubes.
    Also, only 3 marks for failing when almost defeated? I could just attack once, wait until fight lost, and get the same amount. A bit sad.
    And possible bug: I can carry the cubes miles away, so adds will never reach them (when super strengh active)
  12. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    is it so intended that any single Weapon Combos from World bosses (Murk, Ares, etc.)i is unblocable ?
  13. generalzod Committed Player

    This is very true just seem all you have to do is get 20 players or more and burn them down fast no challenge just fast spamming in big groups

  14. L T Devoted Player

    for the Ares fight I was in, a bunch of random, ungrouped players beat him reasonably quickly with no one doing the mechanics, no apparent healer, and one tank.

    I concur-- it didn't really feel like fighting a raid boss.
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  15. Magnificent Loyal Player

    This. What I'm seeing is a lot of posts wanting the bosses tuned a bit harder but it seems to me the idea for these bosses is more long-term than the zerg-fests we've gotten with Brine Hulk, Metal Man-Bat, Meta. Calc-bot, etc. Once the "new" wears off of those zones/fights and many of the higher-end players have the feats for them, those fights are rarely attempted any longer. Due to the effort needed in fighting those fights I can't see even their own loot tables (outside of maybe super-omnipotent items) being enough to draw players to them well after succeeding DLCs have come and gone.

    Having these fights scale to number of combatants is a grand endeavor and having their own loot and currency gives them an aspect of replay-ability missing from the aforementioned line of fights. While they could possibly use some tweaking at the high-end of the player participation, I wouldn't want that done if it over-compensates when there are fewer players (because having that 4 or 6-man group being able to complete the fights is, I believe, the long-term goal and the best option for the content to have higher activity for longer).
  16. inferno Loyal Player

    Maybe. I'm not sure I agree yet with this assessment. The groups I saw had plenty of players dying in various boss fights. I ran it as a tank and when I ignored the 1-shot mechanic it can definitely kill me. I think one of the reasons not many players died is that they began to learn to message mechanic. I also need to inject that that message is great. Perfect timing. It is fairly easy to successfully defeat a boss by interfering with their objectives.

    The fights are not overly difficult, 8 players will have a challenge to succeed I think. More than will guarantee success. I think that's a fair fight considering there's four to finish the weekly mission and to obtain the complete OP catalysts require almost 60 rounds of successful boss fights (including the Hydra) totalling 30 marks per round.
  17. Zoe· YouTuber

    When I attempt to take on Hydra, few things happened:
    • A crazy lag that only stopped when I left the group I was in.
    • I couldn't talk to Lieutenant Egeria to complete my mission. BUT I talked to Princess Diana and received my rewards.
    • Everyone was dying instantly and I couldn't help and pick people up due to the massive lag.
    • What's the point in exiting the battle-field while everyone still taking on Hydra? (There's a exit teleporter)
    • The timer to enter the fight is so fast, I was so confused on how to get in till I found the teleporter far behind me.
    • Are we supposed to get the headline before Hydra is even down?
    The lag was impossible. Here's what happened, luckily I was recording:
  18. inferno Loyal Player

    Also, I know there is a world message on when bosses are about to spawn or win but can we have in the large map an indicator that there is a current boss out and which area? Similar to Cerebrus?
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  19. Telnano Active Player

    Bug/wrong Text:

    After Bounties we have go back to Egeria, but its Princess Diana.
  20. KobeEl Well-Known Player

    About the daily missions:
    Need to see if it's the same every day, but they are a bit boring :(

    About the bosses:
    When we try with 8 people or less, group or not, it's impossible to complete it in the time required.
    So that's ok, that seems intended.

    But when we reach 16 - 20 people, low CR (304 - 308), the bosses die like flies, no mechanics to do, just burning them.
    And it takes less than 2 mins to kill!
    So doesn't feel like a "old MMO's Raid Boss fight", but the usual bounty boss fight.
    Plus, when killing it in less than 2mins, the wait between them feels too long.

    The only really interesting mechanic of the whole thing is the fact that we need to win all 4 boss fights to get Hydra.

    About the map:
    It's bigger than most, only the 2 original City, Gotham Wastelands and Atlantis could match size.
    A bit disappointed it's 75% made of old content maps of AF DLCs, but the new creation are really nice.
    The color changes between each area are a bit too much i think, it's a bit disturbing.
    Except that, it's good to navigate in this open world assembled, nice job.
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