Dev Discussion Episode 38: Fractured God Sphere (Raid)

Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Charon, Jul 30, 2020.

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  1. Charon Lead Content Designer

    Welcome to the official feedback thread for the Fractured God Sphere Raid! Here you confront the gods themselves for the Source Fragments, right in their own domains.

    Please feel free to leave your comments, questions, bug finds, or any general feedback here!

    Fixed tomorrow:
    • Grail can do fake out Omega Execute phases
    • Stone Breaker feat isn't working properly
    • Fire Pit room needs investigation into possible targeting issues
    • It's possible for players to enter, start the Zeus fight, then walk out before the door shuts - effectively gating the content
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  2. Zoe· YouTuber

    In the Zeus boss fight, it says to lunge him when he does his attack but lunging does nothing and he still hits us hard. That's on normal, EUPCPS. Other than that, the raid was fantastic.
  3. Yvtq8k3n The 7 Well-Known Player

    Solid Elite Raid, didnt beat 1st boss but had alot of fun tried too:)
    I gave it abit of test in regards of the omega and the target gets hard stunned before the ray hits the player.
    I tried a few combinations:
    1) Group breakout into amazonian - > i got hard stun and DEAD
    2) Clowbox - > not today Darks... DEAD
    3) Dodge - > the duration of the beam exceeds the roll time and so there I was DEAD.
    Aditionally I noticed tge corners gave enough room to tank adds in a 2 tank set up :)
  4. Zoe· YouTuber

    There's a issue with the loot timer - I ran the raid yesterday with league mates and today we all can run it again - not loot locked. Isn't raids supposed to be a weekly thing?
  5. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    That is intended, look at the Rank 21 I believe of your augments and that is the only way not to 100% die on a failed damage check phase. Clownbox, hiding behind the pillars, LOS, shields etc were all made to be useless as it's an intended one shot at any level
  6. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Please can the God-Of-Death Defying feat get a title? There's a lot of feats this episode that don't have titles and this one I'd love to see get a title.
  7. TheSapphire Well-Known Player

    Kudos to Charon and team for the look of this raid. I love this room - very cool!

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  8. NibellaRin Active Player

    Every time I've gone into this raid, at the end, I've turned off my HUD and just taken pictures. I LOVE THIS RAID!!!! Gorgeous! Please do more like this! Can't get enough of this raid!
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  9. Maxwill Committed Player

    Hi there.
    I have a question, is it true that people loose their supercharges while mind controlled? For example let's say you're a dps and you get mind controlled, and while mind controlled you use the supercharge ,boom, gone, no more supercharge for dps check phase??
    I hope that's a bug that has been fixed or will get fixed.
    Also as nature could you make it so the players don't go back to normal while mind controlled? it's really annoying for nature dps to waste sc while mind controlled. You don't want to force people to change powers ,right?
    Also can an ice tank solo tank? I heard the adds and the boss hit very hard and it's only rage who can solo tank ...
    I am talking about elite btw.
  10. Hollow Gohan Well-Known Player

    The last few times we've attempted last boss it's been extremely choppy. I'm assuming it's due to length of time in the raid, but it's 150 minutes in and it's already beginning (which I don't consider too long for this raid for people new to it). We've all felt it w/ the different mechanics and what not, and it feels like the open world at times tbh.

    Really good raid otherwise.
  11. MrDevilz Well-Known Player

    Is the stone breaker feat getting a fix tomorrow?
  12. Charon Lead Content Designer

    Yes. Along with some other stuff.

    Random Answers:

    • We'll also look at monitoring the last leg of the raid but all of that will take time to assess and dig down into.
    • Mind Control does not clear Super Charge - please report bugs and feedback, not theoreticals, rumors or what ifs. If you see it clearing SC, get us video evidence or a number of people reporting the issue.
    • No more titles in the raid - there are three.
  13. Sir Freeze Active Player

    i got the same issue as well
  14. Charon Lead Content Designer

    With the changes today - you'll need to lunge him 6 times to stop his attack in Normal Mode and 10 times in Elite. His Knock Back has been reduced so it should be easier to achieve. People need to lunge (and land that lunge on him - i.e. hit him) for it to qualify. The numbers used to be 8 and 12 respectively. When his message comes up - the group needs to lunge together.
  15. AV Loyal Player

    Is the frequency of the new final phase elite mechanics linked to player FPS in any way or does its behaviour have something to do with why the raid was taken down? Final phase had my processor wanting to melt for some reason.
  16. Charon Lead Content Designer

    Two parter - Grail had issues and Zeus had issues. Grail was too easy, Zeus was too hard (that last phase was over the top). Tomorrow it'll be back up and those issues adjusted.
  17. AV Loyal Player

    Ok cool. Last phase was fun, as it felt like oldschool pre-death limit "hold my beer" boss shenanigans but yeh... lil bit extreme with the death limit fixed. We were getting four ppl caged every few seconds on top of breaking out the Dianas (which also kinda sucked since they can't be directly targeted).
  18. KobeEl Well-Known Player

    is it intended to have the cut scene once again in the middle of the boss fight (Zeus's) not preventing Rage Crash ?
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  19. Iconic Simulation Loyal Player

    Hi, I ran the first boss of the elite raid and loved it, but I couldnt help but feel like a pinball trying to tank it. Is there anyway we could tone down how much you get tossed/knocked back between the pools and axes? I understand they gotta have high dmg ( it's elite ofc), but it was crazy trying to stay on my feet to deal with everything I was tanking.
  20. AV Loyal Player

    We finished elite last night on US PS/PC. Few issues we encountered:

    - On US PC/PS, every time we tried to kite around the storms and tank in the center in the final phase, there would either be invisible or the server was guessing our position and treating us as though we were in storms when we weren't, applying both the damage and the knockback (first phase did not have this issue and storms "collision" detection was spot on). This ultimately forced us to workaround the issue entirely, as it was quickly apparent we wouldn't be able to stay in the center without an invisible storm juggling the tank over such a long period.

    - We encountered one bizarre instance in previous runs where we had several rounds of fewer-than-normal people being caged followed by a round of six people being cage, as though they'd been queued up. This only happened once.

    - On the same run as the above, we got fewer-than-normal adds followed by a very large group that seemed to contain all the adds that didn't spawn in the earlier phases. This also only happened once.

    - A few instances of Arc Lightning seeming to violate its distance rules. This was pretty rare and couldn't catch it on tape.

    We'd love if you could keep making cranked up versions of raids like this, but have them as an additional challenge tier, ie so there'd be Regular, Elite, and then Extreme/Survival and with the Extreme/Survival version only having a single title-only feat associated with it. Loved this despite hating SM since this feels more appropriate to the story and the difficulty enhanced the narrative, as opposed to standalone SM where it's kinda arbitrary (and also very long). This was a great way to have challenging content.

    That generally only happens when people roll out of them. If we breakout then jump/walk out, they tend not to bounce us around the room. It's similar to how the pools "punish" us for overreacting to them.
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