Test Discussion Episode 37: The Clock Tower (Raid)

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Quixotic, Mar 27, 2020.

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  1. DJ BOSS New Player

    I checked on Youtube , i think nobody finish this raid . U should decrease the difficulty level [ Regular raid ] for the last boss , theres too many pool .
  2. DJ BOSS New Player

  3. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    In hindsight it makes sense, the reason i pointed it out is more the issue, that sometimes the Trap drones dont detaunt/reset after you skipped past them.

    Happened way too often since we had to go back to repair all the way at the start. So its actually more the drones detaunt that need to be looked at.

    Quickfix: a Workaround is, to go back to the last drone between the Elevator and you and then go back to the Elevator again.
  4. codyxrhstou Well-Known Player

    The reason why the boss gets 1 shotted is because, after a wipe, 1 person will usually stand afk inside the bossfight without rallying while they still have the polarity thingy.
    Now,if someone rushes into the boss room and gets too close to the ko'ed afk player,they'll trigger the polarity explosion and since Oracle always goes back to being an ally after a wipe,she'll also get damaged.

    Maybe make allies immune to polarity explosion effects?
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  5. Quixotic Developer

    If a trap drone can't find a target, it will eventually deactivate and drop combat. It has a fairly short range - about 4m - so if you stay outside of that, the drone should deactivate after about 12 seconds. If that's not happening, let me know.

    - Quixotic
  6. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Thanks for posting my video for me I guess lol
  7. Quixotic Developer

    That's interesting. Thanks, I'll check it out.

    - Quixotic
  8. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    Sounds good Quixotic. Look forward to the changes hitting PC Test so we can take another crack at the raid and try it out.
  9. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    thats what i wanted to point out by that. If you skip ahead too fast or activate too many drones, one of them doesnt deactivate, leaving you in Combat.
  10. Danne0075 Well-Known Player

    *Feedback for Ivy fight in Elite first boss*

    As a tank the ivy fight felt very boring and nothing felt as if it could kill me. The boss(ivy) had high burst attacks but there was too long inbetween for these to feel as if she could kill me. There was no real follow up. I would take a burst hit but there was nothing afterwards that could kill me at all. She had a DOT ability which I noticed where she puts an abilitty like briar under you and does a DOT. This is very easy to move out from.

    Other than that shes just a tank and spank and her skull attack is barely noticeable. It doesnt hit hard and if it has any other effect it was not noticeable at all. Maybe make the skull attack a 90% maximum health hit that goes through shields. This way the tank is required to have full health from healers before the attack hits but also be healed afterwards so that theres no follow up that kills the tank. It also helps against players who wanna go close to the boss to dps since when I also dps'ed this raid I took a direct red skull and took no major damage as a dps. It should probably endanger the whole group aswell somehow, maybe the skull attack puts down the briar ability under every group member aswell to make the group have to move out of it. And this briar DOT that is put down on everyone should stay up slightly longer than the normal one making people have to think where they put their briar but also limiting the combat area from time to time during the boss fight.

    Ivy should also have her mind control attack. This attack should be without a red skull and should be lungeable(or blockable) to make it tanks job to lunge it or the group member getting mind controlled to block it making it more skilful but also making the fight overall harder if lets say the healer gets mind controller or a tank. This mind control mechanic should be lasting for 30 seconds and there should be no other way to get out of it making it punishing for not paying attention to the mechanic.

    This fight really needs some type of buffs to make it harder and more fun for the tank. As it is right now its just a tank and spank.

    These changes feel like they could make the fight harder for the tank but the problem still remains that the group, dps, healer and trolls have no danger of dying to either ivy or catwoman. Not even when Catwoman drops aggro and lunges a group member does she kill someone so this fight really requires more danger for the whole group aswell as some more danger for the tank tanking Ivy.

    Catwoman caltrops also need a slight buff to make it more of a danger for group members, maybe make it hit harder or give it a heal debuff. EIther both or either one of these. Will make it harder for healer and put emphasize on the player standing inside the calptrops to move out of it to not remain heal debuffed.

    After looking over the footage from this fight I did notice that Ivys kiss attack(This is the attack I think did that) puts a lot of debuffs on me. I never noticed this during the fight and just noticed it after looking over the footage...
    My health did spike during this so its cool and seems nice but just wanted to add that after discussing it with other players we all agreed that these debuffs really aren't doing it and replacing these debuffs with the mind control is definitely better and more challenging than one tank getting the debuffs that he most likely is not going to die by.
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  11. Danne0075 Well-Known Player

    The changes to last boss seem nice so far but without testing it and just looking at it makes me think that the way the boss is she will die very fast. I like that there is a downtime of pool mechanics so that they don't spawn pools nonstop but with the health the boss has it feels as if she will get killed too fast.

    maybe make the boss have more health making it longer to kill her but also at the same time making these new changed pool mechanic also harder since you will go through it more times not only once or twice. Of course I am looking forward to test this fight and will give the feedback(or someone from my group will give the feedback) on the latest changes and if the boss really needs more health or not we will give you our opinion. So far the changes look nice on paper.
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  12. Danne0075 Well-Known Player

    Also first boss fight has unlimited rallies so that should be looked at before its realsed to live.

    Elite mode
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  13. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    the whole raid has Unlimited rallies. Last boss worked for us too lately.
  14. Quixotic Developer

    I saw this and thought, "Hmm...I know I hooked that up." So I checked. And yeah it was hooked up, but there was a subtle data error that was causing it to miss. I'll get that fixed.

    Thanks for the report!
    - Quixotic
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  15. DJ BOSS New Player

    This is my video of the last boss , we attempt 2 times but we failed

  16. John zero New Player

    Very important thing is we need a Dps check else this promotes to 4-5man runs for it being easier to move around with less people. If we could add a heal back if not enough damage effect, would be enough to stop the 4man raids or help it at least.
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  17. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    We just ran Regular version on test and basically had no time to get out of the pool spawn. We wiped twice. Last time, it bugged and we had no color mechanics whatsoever. Of course I didn't think to record.
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  18. Cyro Committed Player

    I would like to expand on this since i was with him. As in stands right now the pools are more so luck based, if you are lucky enough for the group to have their pools near them then you are fine but if not you are screwed. The current time means that if everything doesnt allign perfectly we are done for, there needs to be a grace period or longer time to get into position.

    I would also like to confirm that when we beat it there were no pools or colour changes whatsoever
  19. John zero New Player

    after completing the elite version on this current patch i feel this is again like the last DLC. You finish it and you feel no sense of accomplishment. I hope one day we get raids that would take weeks to figure out months to beat by everyone. Right now elite has nothing to do with elite, its content that everyone can do. Drop it like this and 2 weeks into dlc there will not be a single person that is half decent at endgame that has not fininished it. I predict its only matter of time before players again take of 100cr and only spec 100sp using 120artis to challenge themselfs cause the game clearly isnt giving them what they ask for.
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  20. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Everything is meant for the last boss in Elite


    Change the Pull attack to a scripted attack based on % of Health of the boss, that turns the attack into an inevitable pull, unless enough Damage was dealt within a certain period of time.

    This would make it much harder to finish this raid on Purpose with much less than 8 People.
    Its important that immunitys dont help against the pull then, because it would be too easy then.


    At about 35% Health the boss is doing a Lightning ball attack, that deals some crazy Damage, wich the group cant get shielded against.
    Is it intended that this ability ignores all shields?

    Since staying in the Right colored field grants immunity to Damage caused by explosions of People staying in the wrong field, is someone that stays in the Right colored field also immune to the Damage of the Lightning ball attack? (forgot to test that :rolleyes: )


    The spawn time of the pools seem good so far. When you stay in the pools to avoid Damage and the Color Change happens, you instantly trigger the Explosion. It makes sense, but it would be nice to have an indicator for when the Color Change is going to happen. Either an on screen message or a more subtle way would be a special line the boss is saying only for that. As of right now, the best way is to just ignore the fields after you spawned them. Just stay away from them and its going much smoother than if you would actually keep staying inside of them.
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