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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Red Five, Apr 16, 2020.

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  1. Red Five Developer

    Howdy BOP Fans,

    This is the official feedback thread for Birds of Prey items and rewards. We will be checking back and fixing things as often as possible. Thanks, and enjoy running wild in Metropolis!
  2. Zamara Committed Player

    I ran the open world stuff on my main who's sitting on 292 currently, my membership ran out 2 months ago, i don't own the dlc so the max item level i should be getting is 250 right?
    Well, after getting done with every mission other than the black canary one, i opened all my loot boxes and out of of them i got mostly green items, attuned everything to go scrap them for nth metal but when i was on the R&D station i noticed the stats on the blue ring i had gotten were green, checked and scrapped eeverything else then i looked to the item on the inventory menu to make sure it wasn't a bug, the ring was indeed 256 (3 levels higher than all the rings i have), i'm not sure of what box it came from, it was probably from the bounty one but i'm 99% sure it's not supposed to go that far unless i owned the dlc right?
  3. Zamara Committed Player

    I figured out where it came from after running 3 more characters, it was a reward from the mission where you go find clues for Lois Lane, on the 2nd and 3rd run i thought i had gotten it from one of the clues but i was paying attention to the loot tab of the chat and i saw it show up on the loot list as i returned the mission to Lois
  4. Enemy Ace Active Player

    In previous episodes, the feat for completing the episode's main gear/style set included a cost reduction for further additional items in that set.

    In this episode, the cost reduction is instead for the enhanced version.

    Is this intended? If so, this will dramatically change the way I play my alts.
  5. freekyjason New Player

    the OP item. i like the idea better than the collection route (cause i still havent managed to get the pieces from the solo) but with monitor energy dropping so damn low in a 2 and 4 man run, why is this lot in the 8 man runs? couldnt we at least have a chance at the essense in the solo please? even if its slow to get it, it will be slower for me personally to raid.

    i understand that people will disagree with the idea, but personally i would prefer a better option to get the essense. the catalysts from the vendor im happy to grind the coins out. but still trying to get monitor energy as well. and the price it demands on the broker is stupidly high. we arent all billionaires... :p
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  6. Brit Loyal Player

    Minor observation. I don't believe I've been seeing Furniture drop in the reward boxes as an option. In previous Episodes, I know I selected the Base Items as soon as I maxed out my gear. This time around, base items either appear to be exclusively an "extra drop" that accompanies certain box openings, or are contained within the completion chests from the end of the run.

    Maybe I'm just imagining this, but it seems like they were left off of some of the loot tables.
  7. Gundraasi Active Player

    First of all: I LOVE the cat rescuing mission and I could run and do it all day :) thank you for that.

    Speaking of rewards: personally I am verry content with what we get in this episode. Also the more optimistic, comical outlook of it.

    Paradoxically I am especially content with what we DON'T get: - senseless open world Boss spamming...I am SO glad there is NO feat for it.
    - hoarding of base items: I love decorating but I don't want to hoard items just to get a feat for it. So here I am glad too :)

    Sometimes less is more I guess so thank you.
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  8. arcfussion Well-Known Player

    The only problem that I'm personally having with the BOP dlc is the ridiculously small drop rate of the Canary Cry catalyst. I'm having to farm it on all 12 of my alts , still not getting very many , for my main .The fact that you need a total of 95 ( I believe it is ) for all three upgrades is just insane. Running all my alts and main almost every day , I've still only managed to gather up 37 total.Grant it I can't afford the time needed to run them all everyday, I have to live , eat , sleep , and work somwhere in there .:p
  9. Schimaera Devoted Player

    It's 60. 10, 20, 30.
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