Dev Discussion Episode 37: Fire & Brimstone (Raid)

Discussion in 'Concluded' started by JackFrost, Apr 16, 2020.

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  1. JackFrost Developer

    Hello! We've been hard at work on the new "Birds of Prey" episode, including the Fire & Brimstone 8-Player Raid. There are 3 modes of this raid: Normal, Elite, and a limited-time Event mode.

    Please use this thread to discuss this new Raid, including reporting any issues you come across. If you have any feedback, please give as much detailed information as possible, including whether you're playing Event, Normal, or Elite, and Hero or Villain, as well as the CR of the gear you're wearing (if not in event mode).

    Shout out to the folks that helped test on the PCTest server! Thanks again to everyone for playing DCUO, and I hope you enjoy all of the new content!
  2. MrDevilz Well-Known Player

    This elite raid and other elite raid + alert also have big delays and lag for whole group. I think this is a server issue,needs restart.
  3. JackFrost Developer

    Sorry that you were experiencing lag yesterday. We're hopeful that some additional hardware and tweaks on the back-end will make a smoother experience moving forward. Please let me know if you continue seeing any issues like this in this content.
  4. Elusian Crowd Control

    Rockets from Lex + charges and even Brimstone attacks can hit ppl in turrets and kill them. These turrets should pop a shield when in use that mitigates at least half the dmg so its not a complete immunity pass.
  5. Tangent Line Level 30

    Is the ebb & flow animation from Brimstone in Elite intended to serve as a CR check along with his hand clap skull attack?
  6. JackFrost Developer

    Hey! Most Brimstone and Lex attacks have been set up specifically to do less damage to players in turrets, but I may have missed some, and there may be room for more tuning (event, normal, and elite are treated differently). I had one report of Jimmy Olsen's Rocket Barrage doing this, and I'm going to take a look at that. Are there other attacks that are also doing so that you can recall? Thanks!
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  7. Maxwill Committed Player

    During Lex Luthor's fight we were getting invidible 1shots, no tell, no skull, delayed damage , we didn't have enough time to break out and block from his blue aura/shield attack and from his buster bunker. Please check it , we need at least 2 or 3 seconds to avoid the damage of those attacks.
    Also when Lex Luthor is about 20% health , the arachnobot spawns and it's supposed to 1shot people without a tell, nor with any skull? something to let us know we have to avoid it...
  8. JackFrost Developer

    Hey! Just want to make sure I'm looking in the right place(s). Were you playing Event, Normal, or Elite?

    Some of what you're describing sounds like it could have been related to server lag. Did you notice any lag while playing? We're working on fixes to address lag in this raid.

    Thanks again for the report, and sorry if it's been frustrating.
  9. Maxwill Committed Player

    Hi. Elite of course.
    And yes I have been noticing lag , with the stun of the attack that happens after we get a blue aura/shield around us and we get damage from Lex's rocket.We didn't have enough time to breakout of it and stay in block, it happened too fast. Same happened with his Buster Bunker attack.
  10. Maxwill Committed Player

    And I noticed more lag during Amazo's fight in alert, a bit at last boss too ,but during Amazo the lag is a nightmare !
  11. StephDaw New Player

    FB - Several league mates were K.O'd in the turrets when the tank had to momentarily face the boss in that direction during repositioning. Obviously, it can be avoided with a skilled tank who anticipates the boss attacks, but I'm not sure if it's intended.

    SB - In the moment my league mate was being ejected from the turret, Lex's bunker buster targeted him and killed him. He had no time to react. Also not sure if that's intended.

    Other than that, I enjoy the raid. I like the ease of completion. I like how short and to-the-point it is. I think Jimmy and Lex's health should be buffed so the fight is longer, but I'm pleased with all of the mechanics.

    Thank you
  12. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Something i noticed for the elite Version.

    The Arachnobot mk2 that spawns in the end one hits People with the headbutt ability.

    On day 1 of this dlc, the spider looked at you, so that you could block in time (no skull or other tell - wich is fine)

    Yesterday we got headbutted without the bot looking at the person before, making it just a random 1 hit.

    (We had no delay in that instance)

    After some wipes we ended up killing the spider to avoid that, but that wasnt neccesary before and is kind of a bummer.
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  13. VNP New Player

    Why is FBn so easy, lava does little damage and there's no punishment for missing mechanic. Did you guys accidentally put the event version into the normal?
  14. Maxwill Committed Player

    We need some seconds to cancel weapon combos or powers before blocking or rolling away...
  15. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    There’s a lot of invisible one shots in brimstone elite, but I’m assuming it’s just related to the abnormal lag that’s occurring right now
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  16. Stranger Well-Known Player

    Bug Report
    - I'm still getting dmg dots, if i stand in the "holes" which are in the lava field.
    - Door Bug after 1st boss (group used warp rally, because we got one new player)
  17. MrDevilz Well-Known Player

    There is still alot of lag in this raid for both regular and elite version,even when there were some adjustments.This is on the US server only and EU server doesn't have any lag at all.
  18. JackFrost Developer

    Thanks for the report and video!

    I located the source of the bug where one of the safe spots isn't working correctly, and submitted a fix internally. I'm hoping this goes it with the next hotfix, but it may be the following hotfix. Same with the other issue you described here.

    Other tuning changes and fixes are also forthcoming!
  19. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Three main issues with elite:

    1. When Jimmy is out and Alpha Lex is in his bubble in the center, the Rocket Barrage doesn’t have a skull yet other less deadly attacks do. It would be so bad if there was some kind of highly visible animation just before but there isn’t. There’s just tiny little dim colored rockets barely detectable to the naked eye that slyly sneak out of his suit. I personally just always stay to Lex’s backside at all times even if it means I’m tumbling 4,5,6,7 times. But that seems like overkill unless that is the intention.

    2. When Alpha Lex is out, people get randomly one-shotted by rocket barrages even when Lex is facing directly in the opposite direction. There doesn’t seem to be a specific tell for this.

    3. When Jimmy is freed it forces us out of the turret. Sometimes that happens right as Lex is looking at you and firing his (again) rocket barrages. I know the damage was reduced for those in turrets but when you’re forced out of the turret that doesn’t help. Either give us the option to remove ourselves from the turret or make people in turrets immune to being targeted by Lex.
  20. JackFrost Developer

    Thanks for the additional feedback.

    Regarding your 3rd point, when you're in the turret, you should have an ability on your hotbar (3rd ability from the left), to get out of the turret. Let me know if you're not seeing that.
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