Test Discussion Episode 37: Fire & Brimstone (Raid)

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by JackFrost, Mar 27, 2020.

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  1. JackFrost Developer

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm continuing to address bugs and difficulty. Can you elaborate as to which bugs you were still seeing on Saturday? Thanks!
  2. JackFrost Developer

    I will look at these issues you described here. Thanks for the report!
  3. JackFrost Developer

    The issue with enemies becoming active during cut-scenes should be resolved as of this past Friday evening's build. Please let me know if you continue seeing issues related to this.

    I investigated the door issue, and couldn't find a smoking gun, but I did see another player report later in this thread which may have additional information that may help me get to the bottom of this. Additional info about what happened before the door shut and didn't reopen may be helpful. I'll dig in further.

    Lex flies lower above the room now while players fight Jimmy, and Lex's rockets should do less damage to players in the turrets now. Please let me know if these things are still problematic in some way.

    Regarding his rocket attacks being hard to see, I know that this can sometimes happen if he fires them and players are point-blank in front of him. Is it causing a 1-shot KO? They should be set up so that they cause decent damage, but not be a 1-shot. I can look at it further.

    Thanks again!
  4. JackFrost Developer

    I'll take a look at Alpha Lex's attacks and verify that there's enough time to react to his chevron attack. Thanks!
  5. JackFrost Developer

    This should be fixed as of this past Friday's build. Let me know if it's still problematic. Thanks!
  6. JackFrost Developer

    I am hopeful the changes that went in last week, and in particular this past Friday, helped address this feedback. Please let me know if it still seems confusing. Thanks for the feedback!
  7. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"


    After we bring Jimmy Olsen down to bring out Lex Luthur even if I am directly under him waiting for the shield to drop so that I can taunt there have been times where Lex picks a player target and lunges him the same time it drops or if im in the middle of casting a power and kills the player. Could there be a 1-2second pause after Lex drops his shield that he hovers mid-air before he triggers an attack? It doesn't need to be long as the tank should still be aware that Lex is about to come out it's just the taunt window seems incredibly tight right now with him.
  8. JackFrost Developer

    I located the cause of the bug related to the fight(s) not resetting with players standing outside the door, and have checked in a fix. This won't go to the Test server immediately, but hopefully with the next hotfix. If you're testing before this fix goes out and run into this issue, the fight should reset if all players go back to the original spawn location (near the teleporter to exit the instance). This work-around won't be necessary after the fix goes out. Thanks again for the bug report!
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  9. JackFrost Developer

    Sure thing. There's currently a slight delay where Alpha Lex will emote before starting to attack, but I'm adding a little more time to the delay so the tank has a better chance of picking up aggro. This should go out in a future hotfix.
  10. JackFrost Developer

    Thanks for the report. I've looked at Brimstone's Hand Clap attack and am making an adjustment. It was, as you suspected, not tuned correctly. This fix should be out in a future PCTest hotfix. Cheers!
  11. Tha Wiz New Player

    Not sure if the door glitch is fixed yet. I haven't been on today, but I was on last night and it was still glitching out. The way we found that would reset it, was if the whole group goes back to the entrance of the raid, and then it fixes and resets itself..

    Again, I will be on today to run it, and see if glitches are still happening.. Glad you are tuning the difficulty as well... We don't like that easy elite content!
  12. JackFrost Developer

    Yeah, the fix for the door issue won't go out until tomorrow at the earliest. A bunch of other tuning changes should go out at the same time. Thanks!
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  13. spack2k Steadfast Player

    I feel it needs abit more adjusting, now when i zoom full out and set the camera on the ground behind my character i can see the boss on the ground and half of the other boss in the air.
  14. JackFrost Developer

    Okay, I moved things a tad more, and that change should be in the next PCTest hotfix. Let me know if it's better!
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  15. geoforcee100 Well-Known Player

    on the elite version few issues:

    The first boss he will do a skull attack which stays on the boss for 3 to 5 secs and this one shot will kill you through shield and blocking?

    Lat boss:
    On the lex luthor fight the white rings without any augment damage rediction through block and shields does one shot even trying to dodge u can get caught in the aoe explosion and die?
  16. JackFrost Developer

    Hey! Thanks for the videos. In the first video, it looks like you have the effects of the Sundering Grasping Hand on you (your material appears to have been overridden, which happens for the duration of the effect). This debuffs your defense and incoming healing. This is an Elite-mode only mechanic. If it's too brutal, I can look at tuning it, but the intent is for the group to need to swap tanks if/when the tank gets this debuff, and there's a feat for the group winning this fight without anyone being KOed while having that debuff.

    In the second video, I can't tell exactly what happened at the beginning, but around 15 seconds, when you were KOed, it looks like you had the Source Ring Contagion (that ability name wasn't in the build you were playing yet, but should be in a future build), and then Alpha Lex fired off his Source Empowered Orbital Strike, which finished you off. I can do some adjusting and spacing those abilities out is not possible to survive by moving/shielding up, but I'm going to let it be for the time being, pending any other feedback from folks.

    I will gladly tune things further before this goes live, after getting a little more feedback. Thanks again for the feedback and videos!
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  17. geoforcee100 Well-Known Player

    ok so as of right now we cannot survie that orobital strike with shields and block or moving maybe may need some tuning .

    the first boss i see so we do need 2 tanks to swap places once we get tht heart symobl intresting !
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