Test Discussion Episode 36: Thanagar (Open World)

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Millbarge, Nov 15, 2019.

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  1. Millbarge Developer

    Thanks for playing the Episode 36: Thanagar (Open World). Please post your thoughts, feedback, and any issues you come across.


    Known Issues:
    • Feats are not yet available for Thanagar (Open World).
    • T'Larto is missing one of his quests.
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  2. Penryn Loyal Player

    The "interact" icon for Hawkgirl doesn't disappear after talking to her. Is that intended?
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  3. Penryn Loyal Player

    For the "Lower the Boom" mission, several of my powers aren't doing any damage to the Boom Tubes. I have to use my weapon and some select powers to destroy them. Is there anything that can be done about that?

    How quickly are these Boom Tubes supposed to respawn? It felt like it was happening very quickly.
  4. Penryn Loyal Player

    For the "Endangered Hawks" mission, I feel like there may not be enough Metal Thanagarians. I'm having to fly around quite a bit to find them.

    When you cure these guys, should there be any special VFX or sound effects? They just kind of change and it is rather jarring. Example:
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  5. Millbarge Developer

    I've investigating this now. Once she is fixed she will offer a weekly to assist the Daily Questgivers.

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  6. Millbarge Developer

    I just submitted a change that will increase the amount of content in the zone. We will hopefully patch this out soon™

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  7. Penryn Loyal Player

    How difficult should this Nth Metal Golem be? Just finished it in a group with only 4 people and it barely seemed to pose any danger. The general feeling of the group is that it was much easier than the Metal Titan bounty or Metal Man-bat.

    It feels like it takes a long time for the NPCs to rebuild the Nth Metal circle. That is going to prevent bounty farming on the Test Server.

    It looks like you can prevent the NPCs from completing the circle. Just have a player stand in one of the circles and the NPC won't be able to set down the Nth Metal.
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  8. an81angel Well-Known Player

    Is Thanagar supposed to look so much like Disneyland's Galaxy's Edge theme park?
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  9. ColdFuzion Well-Known Player

    I've been looking for the 5th and final briefing but i cannot find it in open world. - been looking for an hour now.

    - maces out!

    is it in an instance?
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  10. Zoe· Devoted Player

    Same. I looked everywhere. I tried duo but there's a different briefing, and in alert I got to final boss so I didn't see any briefings. I will try alert today again when it goes back up.
  11. ColdFuzion Well-Known Player

    yeah i'm waiting patiently - i found only one investigation also.
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  12. Millbarge Developer

    I'd have to check when I get into the office - but it's very likely the remaining piece(s) are in the Raids.

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  13. Zoe· Devoted Player

    By the way, It takes really long time to find the thanagrians you need to save from becoming infected with Metal. Is this on purpose?
    I had to look around the map for over 20 minutes till I found two of them, and then a long time for the rest.
  14. Millbarge Developer

    was this before or after the patch this morning? Today's patch may have resolved this issue.

  15. ColdFuzion Well-Known Player

    IS the last open world briefing in a raid afterall?
  16. pghAMMER Active Player

    Actually, I'm finding Thanagar a nice place to visit (re-skinned New Genesis; yes - I recognize it).
    Hawkgirl being a liaison between the League and Thanagar makes a ton of sense (and it's - literally - payback time for *her*, compared to her original role in the DCU - a mole for the more warlike Thanagarian faction's later invasion of Earth; this event is, basically, an attempt to head off said invasion at the pass).
    The Red Lanterns (and the Sinestro Corps) are fomenting things with the Metal faction of Thanagar; however, how is *Sinestro* taking being a pawn? (I would think that he would NOT be happy about being anybody's pawn - didn't he leave the GLC over exactly the thought of being a pawn of the Guardians? Atrocitus would like the idea of being a pawn even less than Sinestro - where is Hal Jordan (or Saint Walker) when you need him?
    Still, I can see why the more chaotic portions of the Society want to cause chaos WRT Thanagar (for the same reason they got involved with Darkseid) - their greatest fear is a Justice League with too big an advantage (basically, New Genesis all over again). Where *I* am curious is what is Lex's position. (Assuming Lex's position is with the chaos-causers is just that - an assumption; it could easily be wrong! [Where was Lex when Darkseid got the boot? Where was Lex when Earth 3 got ejected?] Chaos makes the Society - and even LexCorp - money; that's a given. However, there IS such a thing as too MUCH chaos - even for Lex - let alone the Society. (Not kidding; consider several of the Society's missions are basically sabotaging OTHER Society members. I've done some of them - on both the Live AND Test Servers; it's why I assume exactly nothing about the Society as a whole - and especially NOT Lex Luthor. "When you ASSUME, you make an *** of U and ME!" That has proven to be extremely prophetic when it comes to Lex Luthor.
  17. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bug Report
    If you have an "uncooperative" person at the bounty spawn, it is possible to prevent the "ritual" from completing. Here is a demonstration:
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  18. inferno Dedicated Player

    And that's just 1 person. Once this is live I can just see some "insert swear word here" group completely piling up on one to prevent if just for laughs.
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  19. Jay Smeezy Dedicated Player

    Too many adds..unless there is a knockout 1mill adds weekly mission...nobody wants to be in constant combat through this open world!
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  20. Proxystar 10000 Post Club


    Agreed with Penryn from earlier, powers don't work to do damage to the boom tubes, you have to use your weapon, this gets annoying for a PFtT player.

    The mission I really despised and I think will become very tedious very very quickly was the mission where you collect 15 lantern rings floating around, it just feels like it takes way longer than other missions, it's a combination of, the number being too high, so many adds are around you get clipped while hunting them, making it feel like it takes way longer than necessary.

    The reason I looked for a mission like this too is because of that "defend the police officer" mission in Metal part 1, it was despised so much I heard lots of people mention hating getting it.

    I wonder whether this couldn't be reduced to maybe 8 or 10 rings, I notice too some are attached to an NPC which you kill and others are loose, can't it be one or the other? Perhaps the number could be reduced to 8 or 10 but always attached to an NPC this will keep the player more engaged while making the number to complete each day also more tolerable.

    Other than that I didn't really experience too many issues.

    I do agree with Jay Smeezy as well, especially as a speedster it really feels like you're constantly in combat and getting tagged by every metal man and his dog ;) I'm not sure you can do anything about this though.
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