Test Discussion Episode 36: La Mort Card - Artifact

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Batuba, Nov 15, 2019.

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  1. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    The original buff was 30% but since u buffed them to 75%. It's now 85%with the 10?
    So we have light rage with only 25% and now the 10% is 35% which just on test was 30 so lights gnna Stink lol. Increase of finisher move by 5 %. By lowering it from 30 to 10 makes basically for light nature and rage cancels out wut u just added.

    Is that what u buffed them because it's not written. Then 200 is 10% percent stronger?
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  2. lllStrichcodelll Committed Player

    just wait for it to hit test. After some testing is done Feedback will indicate if its too weak or too strong.
  3. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Ok ty for the response.

    I remember when light blast was the best finisher in the game because it had a group finisher but at that time it was ams so it only was used in pvp.
  4. spack2k Steadfast Player

    Rage Finisher gets buffed if one can melee since the combo gets most of the buff, it makes sense to buff rage abilities for meleeing since the power is constructed for melee but one cant use that benefit in content where one cant melee like elite ... again one of those buffs were elite rage dps wont benefit oh well not that elite rage players would play might spec on range anyway.
  5. L T Loyal Player

    I think, based on my testing of all the updated finishers, that Earh's Sandblast is supposed to hit 4 times, but sometimes (~50% of the time) it does 5 hits of damage.
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  6. Batuba Developer

    I'll look into it.
  7. AV Loyal Player

    Still finding this pretty lackluster with the finisher update. Switching from Solar Amp to La Mort is still a net loss throughout. The finisher update just made it better to switch to a finisher armoury at 35% while still leaving Solar Amp on. I wish this artifact buffed finishers for the last 35% of a fight instead of trying to turn finishers into something we use for an entire fight. I'd understand if armoury switching wasn't a thing but, as is, this feels like a lost opportunity to add some more fun variation to DPS build and play.
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  8. WesPypes3679 Committed Player

    I was hoping for more of a build up to a large tick of damage at the below 35% mark kind of like EoG. Making the finisher viable to have in a rotation and be worth the investment. Clearing away any thoughts of just having a 35'r armory.

    With Fire...I'm good with or without a finisher. Absorb Heat and Heat Vision with SA at 160 its coogi. Snuff Out really didnt net me any noticable gains, with and without the artifact equipped. With a lvl 200 LaMort working as it is I saw no real reason to add the Finisher.

    Electrics Ion Drain is giving Electric some ST options. Like the buff on it. Its hitting like I always thought it should since revamp. But again with Lamort equipped while parsing was 2k to 3k more on average parse compared to pre finisher update but nothing noticeable about having LaMort in or out over the course approximately 3 minutes of parsing.

    If the LaMort had large damaging tick of damage like EoG or they added a nice DoT tick on top damage being done after below 35%, I don't have any appeal to invest in this artifact.
    Having to possibly invest in another armory dedicated to pure single target for 35%...on top of leveling to useful level.....pass. The finisher ability buffs were enough for some of my builds. 5 toons all high end game characters with multiple 160 artifacts or up...sorry. I had higher hopes for it. Everyone loves a finishing move...thought it could be that.
  9. AV Loyal Player

    Issue is that if it doesn't have situational value for helping finishers below 35%, it's either better or worse than Solar Amp (currently much worse). If it's worse, it's just DOA like you said and no one should ever level it. If it's better, it's basically the devs just replacing Solar Amp with something a lot like Solar Amp and charging us for the pleasure of it. Personally, I'd rather a situational/horizontal addition to our potential toolkits than either something for the bin or a kick in the teeth.
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  10. Batuba Developer

    Updated tool-tip for La-Mort card to better identify that stacks are refreshed on consequent Finisher casts.
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  11. AV Loyal Player

    I feel like this hasn't gotten much attention lately and it's pretty lackluster. Any other changes coming before it goes live?
  12. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    Once again.. The artifact is NOT worth replacing current META DPS artifact devs.. 35% is very very situational.. Its a loss in dps damage when having a finisher in your loadout(excluding shields, breakouts, buff, SC)...


    • Display stack meter somewhere on screen.
    • Increase the stacks CAP too about 150-200. 70x stacks isnt enough.. Again the trade off is important because even if ICONIC drain(7hits) 10x (70stacks) Impending doom hits for about a LACKLUSTER of 55k-60k(281cr GEAR 48k might FULL 200 LA MORT) ONCE and only ONCE.. which is horrid..
    • Allow LA MORT to make finishers become AOE which will also helps with the QUICK STACKING EFFECT(quicker stacking + recycling LA MORT) vs stacking slowly with SINGLE TARGET..
    • Allow finishers to work as an AOE at rank 80.. 2 ads (nearby enemies with the lowest health)
    • Allow finisher to hit up to 4 ads(nearby enemies with the lowest health) at maybe rank 120. This will drastically improve the recyclability of finishers being apart of an ACTUAL loadout rotation. This will increase the amount of times stacking and impending doom will be used which is good..
    The above damage wouldnt really matter too much if the finishers have a HIGH PAYOFF.. thats the only way this will work... Solar Amplified made HEAT VISION have AOE Dots which was great!!!.. vs LA MORT should make AOE finishers.. These artifacts should be modeled closely after each other

    SOLAR AMPLIFIED and LA MORT AOE FINISHER SETUP would be a nice combination of twins EQUAL value different in functions.. WOULD Be PRETTY UNIQUE OP DPS BUILD that way too!


    IF all fails.. INSERT the 4th ARTIFACT slot to DCUO! :p
  13. Batuba Developer

    Just to clarify...
    You do NOT get a stack per tick of damage from finisher... Its 1 stack per cast. If at 48k Might you did around 55-60k damage... means you only applied 6-7 stacks. At 70 stacks with that amount of might, you are looking at 202k damage... which can crit for 415k.
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  14. lllStrichcodelll Committed Player

    tbh, i'm really not a big fan of this effect being able to crit. The build up is simply too Long and important to either get 202k or 415k dmg.
    Would rather like to see it similar to the EoG Damage that can't crit - but make it the golden middle. Its simply because you get to have the effect 3x on max stacks in an average Raid and being able to miss out on so much Damage just for being unlucky seems kind of unfair compared to other artifacts.
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  15. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    I totally get what youre saying.. It makes sense the way you see it..

    But 70 cast Batuba? Thats a bit unreasonable.. It has to be based off the combo meter IMO..

    That is making this artifact SUPER SUPER SITUATIONAL.. Think about it....

    How often does 1 go thru 70 cast(same tray power) per ads and boss? Its pretty useless outside of boss fights then.. Especially if you have a team with good burn.. Thats bit of a reach...

    ITS MAIN EFFECTIVENESS happens PRACTICALLY ONCE, so that ONCE should REALLY COUNT and make up for the DAMAGE LOSS, which you guys tried to compensate for the ABOVE damage.. But the problem with that is that its still a weak SINGLE TARGET hurt by VULNERABLE TO INTERRUPT.... La MORT has to be on par with HEAT VISION SOLAR AMP'd.. They are Single target twins

    35% finishers have been at the bottom of the DPS hierarchy for the longest.. This still needs to be reworked.. We lose out on damage running a finisher in our loadout vs a 200-300 cost power.

    DPS have NET loss(entire RAID) if Adding a FINISHER(3-4 sec VULNERABLE 2 INTERRUPT,weak SINGLE TARGET) to our loadout even with this artifact at 200.. GIve this artifact some flexibility so it can be considered as a VIABLE OPTION vs an ARMORY SWITCH.. just for the sake of DPS variety. OR make it an AOE FINISHER.
  16. Batuba Developer

    The max damage is at 70 stacks... but about 80% of the damage of the ability comes in by stack 35-40 as the damage is curved so gains in damage at higher stacks are smaller and while at lower stacks, the jump in damage is greater from 1 stack to the next. Think of 70 stacks as... it would be at its very max potential from the artifact.

    If you break down how much damage you did in that time to reach your target's health to 35% and compared it to the damage of the proc (also calculate you did 10% extra damage with finisher while target was above 35% health) you'll see that Impending Doom infact does a good portion of your damage. This is assuming you cast your finisher on CD within your rotation.
  17. NotObsidianChill Dedicated Player

    I know impending doom just saw a change but as an example doing Phoenix Cannon Elite last night I was running the la-mort on the final bosses. It seems when you separate the bosses they have lower health increments from when they are defeated to the next one but using Ionic Drain every 4 seconds cooldown wise the entire rotation and the 1st boss (Drowned) which would be the weakest I would see the stack proc at 70-90k. The 2nd boss which was Merciless in that instance I would see 170k to some crits of 224k

    The highest crit I saw was 284k
  18. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

    This is very interesting actually... What if I chose to tap or block cancel a channelled 35% I’m using, would I still get a full stack of impending despite cancelling that 35% ability early. Or for instance or let’s say there’s a raid mechanic or npc that interrupted you while you were casting it.
  19. Batuba Developer

    Stack is applied on first tick of damage. So yes, you could cancel cast after first tick of damage (or be interrupted) and still apply a stack.
  20. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

    Wowza. If it is the case, it’s a game changer... In fact, I think it might just be a bit overpowered because I can see people cancelling their channeled 35% with hold range all while getting some damage out of them/building a stack.
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