Test Discussion Episode 36: Damage Control Alert

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Charon, Nov 15, 2019.

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  1. Zoe· Loyal Player

    She just nuked, no bright light in the center of the room
    It's the solo level adds, they have high HP
  2. Charon Developer

    Yes, you said in one sentence there were high HP ones (intended until further iteration) and then another line about constructs that hit too hard. You're saying the solo ones with high HP hit too hard?
  3. Zoe· Loyal Player

    yes, the solo ones with high HIP hit too hard
  4. Charon Developer

    OK I'll take a look. Thanks.
  5. Zoe· Loyal Player

    I DM you a video from today's run, hope it will help
  6. Penryn Loyal Player

    The "Bat Column" can definitely put you in some bad spots. Here is one example:

    I'm trying to secure the objective and get targeted for the column just as I start to turn the cog. You can't cancel the cog interaction to avoid the attack. So you eat a lot of damage. After I broke out of that, I was dumped right in front of a charging Beast Construct for 53k damage.

    I'm not a fan of the "Orbital Strike" sound effect being used as the "secure" effect for those Metal Lanterns. I keep thinking that Dawnbreaker is trying to do something or someone else is trying to use an Orbital.
  7. lllStrichcodelll Committed Player

    Some General Alert Feedback about recent Alerts beeing released: I personally think its "too much".

    The Alerts from Deluge were easy,quick,short missions that you wanted to rerun every day to get the marks and maybe a Collection.

    Since then the Alerts became a bit too Long for my taste and the mechanics especially in this alerts Last boss fight are something that would've been much more interesting in a raid. I can see myself already running this alert at max 10-20x on live and never touching it again unless someone needs my help for feats or something like that.

    (Splitting this alert into 2 parts might've been better in my opinion - Oa Part +50% more enemys and Atlantis part just as it is)
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  8. Chrise7 New Player

    I totally agree. Another solution would be the much requested option to turn off cutscenes in instances other than solos. Those cutscenes always last 2-4 minutes in total and they get soooooo boring after the 10th time
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  9. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    Sounds like another Charon special. When Charon is in charge of an alert, you really can feel the love and attention in every little detail. Maybe a little too much. I think he maybe overestimates the capabilities of the average pug group a little. ;)
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  10. Kestral Committed Player

    The alert was pretty simple with cr281 gear from last content only, no new generator mods, unleveled episode augments, my normal artrifacts were maxed out though to offset the lowered skill points provided on test and lack of league bonus'. Nothing really gave us trouble until our healer was sacrificed and we wiped. I'm going to assume it's random players chosen for this. If they'd had the revive artifact could they have picked themselves up or would that action be blocked?

    Final boss gave me flashback of OG Sonic. If there were bubbles coming off of those spots while the timer was active it would be even better. aesthetics thing not game play required. I assume that you need the oxygen spots when your life starts pogoing from the healer trying to keep you up...not sure most people will get that, but it does make sense if you are paying attention. I understood the concept of the mirrors but it took till the second try to figure out what is considered the 'correct' angle. Not sure if this needs a tell or if we'll figure out later you need to interact with each one x amount of times. Shields are a must in this as the ads interrupting you could be a potentially major problem.

    Still the damage overall wasn't really punishing anywhere. Yes AOE's are needed on the second boss for the safe zones to make sense. Last boss either more adds or less air bubbles it shouldn't be quite that easy for the group not to be stealing bubble spots from each other on reg.
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  11. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    Excellent work with the cinematics in this raid. I was very impressed by the post-Dawnbreaker fight cutscene. I was also impressed with the second phase of The Drowned fight, too. I wasn't aware it was going to happen and it was on point to how I feel the character would behave. Again, excellent work. Some of the best in the game, in my opinion.

    Bug Report
    Not sure if this has been reported or is known yet, but in the Event version of the Operation, if you die in the underwater phase of the Drowned fight and are not revived, you cannot re-enter the fight. You simply teleport into the now empty area in which the Drowned fight starts in.
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  12. Zoe· Loyal Player

    Ehh what happened to the alert on test? It's gone from event and alerts tabs.
  13. agent whitecell Steadfast Player

    Someone didnt read the notes I take it
  14. Zoe· Loyal Player

    The notes didn't say anything about the alert, Unless I missed it lol
  15. agent whitecell Steadfast Player

    Yes it did;)
  16. Zoe· Loyal Player

    welp, when I looked Mepps only had 1 message there, so I'll recheck it now, thanks :)
  17. Charon Developer

    It'll be back tomorrow. A last minute gate wasn't caught in time that got introduced when other changes got implemented.

    Things to look out for when it's up tomorrow:

    • New feats
    • Balance adjustments for adds
      • Less hitpoints for constructs, staggered waves so they don't come out all at once, damage reduction if blocking bat attacks
    • Some client changes based on feedback here for abilities/sounds
    • Better messaging for midscreens and bulletins and VO
    • Test of Taurus has some components added to it - the room wide damage
      • Known issue - for Normal Mode the Taurus Guardians don't do damage when they charge (in Event mode they aren't supposed to, just knockback)
    • Staggered Drowned fight a bit in the last section - pools of Dead Water should go away and not respawn when the waves (staggered) of sea creatures come in
    • Event mode has an easier go of it with teleporters working properly, and air patches actually stopping drowning damage, stuff like that
    • Less patches of air in Normal mode
    • Other random adjustments
    Still plenty of time to adjust balance, pacing, messaging. No more time to adjust client FX/sounds (unless it's pre-existing - potentially).
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  18. NotObsidianChill Dedicated Player


    Having run the alert before and after the changes can now leave my feedback
    • Running without a tank completely changes the dynamic of this alert, especially the dawnbreaker fight. In that regard is there a way to break the mind-control from the living metal? without a tank he just straight follows the dps and unless you can just keep running and hitting powers you will get controlled and while I was controlled there didn't seem to be anything I or the group could do. Is it just designed to force you to play out the entire duration?
    • Honestly if there was a complaint about the duration of the entire alert the chamber leading up to Taurus the Bull could be eliminated. You are just fighting 3 groups of dead water that don't technically serve any purpose and could shave at least 1min+of completion time right there.
    • During the Taurus the Bull fight when the sigil appears that suppress abilities leaves a really awkward choice to a group member that if you want the suppression to stay there should be a detaunt effect active with it as well.
    • the healer in the above clip had the choices to 1) leave the sigil and get targeted by the Taurus Guardian 2) stay in the sigil and die from the npc attacking you while you can't heal or do anything 3) leave the sigil and get damaged from the pulses. So in each case its a Lose-Lose-Lose for the player
    • The pushbacks during the Drowned fight are quite excessive, besides just annoying players not sure what actual purpose they would serve, if you want some mass room mechanic a simple stun that players would have to breakout from would be better than massive knockbacks that push you back clear from the center
    • The Drowned's heat vision after the Light had broken the shield did zero damage
    • The swimming phase concept is completely fine, was no worries about that considering it was a limited phase anyways
    • What is not ok still :D is the pockets of air are suppressing your abilities too, so once again you can stay there and catch your breath etc but can't attack or heal so if you are a healer or a tank what purpose would they serve because while you catch your breath the rest of the group dies because there is no healing or taunts
  19. Charon Developer

    Thanks for the feedback!
    • Mind Control can be broken by DPS. If you focus fire on the mind controlled target, doing enough damage will break it. Otherwise, you ride it out - or you don't let it happen in the first place by kiting the Living Metal and DPSing it down. I just put in a change for it being lower damage to break out in Normal and lower still in Event. See if you can focus fire and break it over the next week. If it's too easy then I'll adjust again.
    • The pushbacks for the Drowned are meant to clear the center so she can have room to get there. I'll address the severity of them and likely get rid of the one that proceeds her blinking to the center. That'll reduce the frequency by half.
      • Additionally, I found an issue with a testing ability I was using for her that got put into her Call of the Deep attack instead. That ability had a pushback component so was being called in her normal rotation. This will *greatly* reduce her KB.
    • I fixed an issue where the Mirrors would block her Laser Beam. The columns still do but the Mirrors should not. Damage does happen otherwise. In cheat gear I still died when it hit me (and to that note, I fixed an issue with her Laser Beam hitting twice in a row.. ahem.)
    Now for the Suppression stuff. I'll think about adding a detaunt to the Mages for the Sigils if Suppression stays, but to go over the design for them:
    • For Sigils - the point of suppression is to force hard choices (Normal only, not Event) and to not give a spot with easy win functionality. The Sigils provide protection from Taurus detection AND room wide damage so the Suppression is to prevent people from just parking there for the duration of the fight, other than the Magus or adds knocking them off (or a stray Bull Charge if someone let's a Taurus get too close). The pulses are also timed in a very regulated way - get in the Sigil as needed then get out when it comes to the pulses.
    • For the Bubbles - this actually provides a HoT as well immunity to drowning damage. These points of conflict and friction are intended. If there's no Suppression then something else has to be there to keep you from parking your toon there, especially the Sigils. If not Suppression then we're talking a DoT and/or some debuffs. Something unpleasant, such as debuffs, plus the Taurus actually preferring people inside Sigils as a target, but you still get to avoid room wide damage, etc.
      • I won't be making changes to the current design as of yet. I'll keep an eye on feedback regarding it over the holiday and make a call early next week.
  20. NotObsidianChill Dedicated Player

    Thanks for replying.

    Could the Sigils and Bubbles have a internal cooldown where they will spawn that could be increased as a result and not suppress that much?. By that I mean you can stand in the sigil/bubble for a moment but it will disappear and reappear somewhere else or have a cooldown before it is back up again. This would serve a couple purposes
    • players could not park themselves there and take advantage of not being suppressed
    • players would have to time when they used a sigil/bubble to prevent damage as if they went in it early it would be on cooldown when they actually needed it
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