Dev Discussion Episode 36: Batscape (Duo)

Discussion in 'Concluded' started by JackFrost, Dec 5, 2019.

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  1. AV Loyal Player

    Awesome, much less frustrating after understanding what's going on. And for anyone trying to get the duo to work before the fix, if batman isn't visible after the cs you gotta restart in the meantime.
  2. GoldenDodge Dedicated Player

    Yes, this is pretty much a crap shoot. No guarantee it will work. Have tried several times now to no avail.
  3. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    No, this was the last boss in the alleyway. The previous part of the mission worked fine except not seeing the characters in the cutscenes which you already addressed.
  4. JackFrost Developer

    Thank you for the additional information. I'm working on safeguards for all of the Duo boss-fights.
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  5. GoldenDodge Dedicated Player

    When I ran the duo earlier on my other account I got through the duo but the only cinematic that played correctly was in the Oblivion Bar.
    Invisible villains (cut scenes) in the Batcave and Crime Alley. But we finished it and I didn't think anything of it. Trying to run it on my main account and I have yet to get it to work at all. Can't get past the horde of Robins.
  6. ClumsyNinja New Player

    There is something else going on earlier in this duo. My partner and I just got stuck in the very first room for over 20 minutes before we gave up. Dark Robins just kept coming and we were never able to move on.
  7. ClumsyNinja New Player

    Update: I sat around for over 30 minutes killing dark robins and looked around several times to make sure we didn't miss any triggers. No luck. Stuck fighting dark robin for all eternity...just as Batman who laughs hoped I would...
  8. BSEison Well-Known Player

    Tried the event version of this duo 4 times and was never able to get out of the Oblivion Bar area. Batman's body never appears and just left fighting infinite Dark Robins.

    Also as others have mentioned, the camera angles on the opening cut scene are not working properly. They end up focusing on walls of the bar or hands and legs of Hawkgirl.

    EDiT - I'm on PS4 US server if that matters.
  9. OVERCAP Level 30

    i might have found a fix, i talked to all the NPC starting from closest and it worked.,
  10. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    It actually occurred in the Regular Version. I probably should have put that in my original post too. Thanks for the reminder!
  11. BSEison Well-Known Player

    I tried this and it still didn't work for me.
  12. JackFrost Developer

    Once the servers come back up from being bounced, we believe that the issue with the missing characters in matinee cams should be resolved.

    Additionally, tomorrow, a number of failsafe patches to make sure things behave as intended should patch out to Live.

    Please let me know if you see any continued problems moving forward. Again, sorry that these issues arose in the first place!
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  13. Zoe· YouTuber

    I had no issues at all, had a clean run with my first duo run. But glad to see these issues being addressed so fast. Thanks!
  14. GoldenDodge Dedicated Player

    Don't know if this happened before, but I was just in the duo and all the cinematics ran fine.
    At the battle in the Batcave part, right after the Barbatos intro none of the adds spawned.
    We let the aoe's ko us and it reset.
    The rest of the duo ran smoothly.
    Ran on a few alts earlier and had no issues.
  15. BSEison Well-Known Player

    I ran this successfully twice today ( the event version) and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. Might be my favorite duo mission in the game.

    However on one of the runs, the cinematic still had issues with the BMWL never appearing on screen, but the instance still progressed as intended.
  16. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Duo seems to work fine now. One note about the end fight in Crime Alley; If you get somewhat close to the wall next to the lamp post the screen whites out (standard world border white out), making it very difficult to see. Since the fight starts at that end of the alley you get whited out a lot, making it difficult to see to fight. Any way that border warning could be extended past the wall?
  17. JackFrost Developer

    Thanks for the feedback. Yes, that is a fix that we're hoping to get out, but it's unclear right now when that fix will make it out to the Live server. I'm hopeful that it's soon, but there are complications that make it something that we can't get out immediately. Apologies.
  18. spack2k Steadfast Player

    The consoles for deactivating the cutscene work in oblivian bar but in the crime alley zone they dont work.
  19. JackFrost Developer

    The patch to fix this should have gone out last night. Please let me know if this continues to be an issue. Thanks!
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  20. Arkenra Well-Known Player

    Just ran the duo and the consoles are working in both parts of the instance.
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