Dev Discussion Episode 36: Batscape (Duo)

Discussion in 'Concluded' started by JackFrost, Dec 5, 2019.

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  1. JackFrost Developer

    Hey all! We're excited that the next episode--Metal Part II--is being released! Part of that is the Batscape Duo.

    This is the thread I'll most closely be monitoring for feedback on this new duo. If you come across any issues, or have anything you want to discuss about the Batscape duo, please post here. Any relevant information about your experience may be helpful, so please include whether you're playing as a hero or villain, and normal or event mode.

    We hope you enjoy all of the new content, and thanks for playing DCUO!
  2. JackFrost Developer

    I just wanted to follow up and mention that we're investigating an issue that we've confirmed is happening on the PC environment. Specifically, during the 'Batcave' section of this duo, none of the Cams are properly displaying the actors. We're investigating the issue, but please let us know if you're seeing the same issue on PS4, XBox, and/or Switch as well.

    Thanks, and apologies for the inconvenience!
  3. MrMigraine Devoted Player


    Cams did indeed not display some of the actors in the Oblivion Bar part of the Duo. On Ps4.

    However, the major problem was that my partner and I were unable to advance past the Bar section. We were stuck in an endless loop of Dark Robin waves and ended up having to abandon the Duo after about 10 minutes. PS4 also. In case it helps, we were paired through Task Force X (I'm a hero, he was presumably a villain).

    Edit, for clarity: We got the cutscene, were told to Fight off Waves of Dark Robins, then were told to interact with Martian Manhunter, but we were never able to do so and Dark Robins kept spawning.
  4. NibellaRin Active Player

    When fighting to protect Batman in Crime Alley, getting too close to the wall causes the screen to go white. This is an immediate migraine trigger and interferes with our ability to actually face the adds. Please remove the white effect from Crime Alley and anywhere else you put it. Just let the barriers be barriers. Making the screen go white because I walked ONE step too far in one direction or another is neither helpful nor necessary and the fact that it stays white another second after I retreat to a safe area only adds to the problem.
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  5. War Active Player

    I totally agree with NibellaRin, the Whit borders have to go! Even for me with out migraines it really hurts the eyes and gives me a headache
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  6. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    I'd like to see this effect removed form the game entirely, it serves no purpose.
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  7. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    This occurs in the event version. Regular version works
  8. AV Loyal Player

    Four times in a row now, Martian Manhunter has placed his portal behind the back wall of the room and it's completely inaccessible. Unable to progress from Oblivion Bar. This is infuriating...
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  9. AV Loyal Player

    Also, the opening cutscene is ****** with missing actors and bad incorrect camera angles every time.
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  10. Healing Juice Active Player

    I’m not sure what’s happening in ours, but 3 times so far we’ve been unable to get past the first room. Killing over 50 dark robins and no portal or Batman anywhere.
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  11. Healing Juice Active Player

    Just got it to work. Turn manhunter around before killing adds. See if it works for you.
  12. Healing Juice Active Player

    Batman is glitched after defeating his red death and merciless images. Just the red circles keep appearing.
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  13. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    opening portal is happening in event version, regular version works. for that part
  14. Healing Juice Active Player

    Last boss is also glitched... killed 3 or 4 iconics and then it was just us standing around with Batman... nothing else happened
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  15. Hraesvelg Always Right

    Just happened to us in a regular version.

    Edit: We reloaded and with Batman and everyone visible, we could click on him.
  16. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    Same thing happened to us. We wiped, went back in together and it worked fine the second time around.
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  17. JackFrost Developer

    In this case, did you experience this in the 'Batcave' fight, where you were protecting Batman?
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  18. arcfussion Well-Known Player

    We could not get passed oblivion bar ,just wave after wave of metal Robins and no Batman or Batman who laughs appeared. We talked to everyone upon entering the bar. We left the mission and went back in and only talked to Hawkgirl and the bar fight was fine.Every stage after that has multiple glitches, from missing characters in cut scenes to invisible npcs attacking you. PS4 Arcfussion Earth Dps 289cr
  19. AV Loyal Player

    The portal bug in the bar seems tied to the issue with actors not appearing correctly in cutscene. When the cutscene is bugged, batman spawns behind the wall.
  20. JackFrost Developer


    There's a larger issue affecting a lot of 'matinees' where sometimes actors aren't being put into the cams (we're investigating whether it's just new matinees, or if old ones are also being affected). When this happens, it can create other issues, like the one you're describing here. So, we're working on 2 main fixes: 1) fix the issue where the cams aren't pulling in the actors, and 2) adding safeguards so that until issue 1 is resolved, if/when that bug occurs, it won't break the content.

    I'm currently working on safeguards for the Oblivion Bar, the Batcave boss fight, and the final boss fight. In other content (Raid1 for example), we're adding similar safeguards. These safeguards will likely be patched out Saturday morning (but that could change).

    Apologies for the issues, y'all! Thanks for the reports.
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